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Since 1994, over 22,000 volunteers have joined us in our vision of providing children with a life of choice. Drawing strength from the experience, diversity, talents and resources of our volunteers, we promote innovative education as a solution to the challenges of poverty and as a sustainable path to a life of choice. College Teams, High School Teams, Middle School Teams, Church Teams, Families and Individuals from all over the world have all made an incredible difference in our program, and each volunteer has been forever impacted as well!

High School Teams

Over 150 High School Teams have joined us for an international service-learning experience like no other. Learn how you can get your High School involved!

College Teams

College alternative breaks teams from around North America are participating in high quality sustainable development. Learn how you can get your College involved!

Middle School Teams

Past Middle School teams have proven this experience to be high impact for middle schoolers and the students they serve.. Learn how you can get your school involved!


Nothing brings families closer together like a international volunteer vacation. Learn how you and your family will make a tremendous difference together!

Church Teams

Churches looking to make a difference through powerful service abroad – look no further. Learn how you can get your Church Team transforming the world today!


It only takes one, to making a difference. This experience will be life-changing for you and for all the students you will work with. Learn how to get started!

Our Programs & Causes

English Education

Our English program focuses less on the traditional classroom model and seeks to promote the unique global exchange between our students and our volunteers that truly makes the language come alive.

Construction | Building Futures

Volunteers joining our construction program should be prepared to be involved in a variety of projects, including manual work involving digging foundations, cement mixing and block laying, installing fencing, constructing running trails, and more. Construction volunteers are building the future for our students!

Sustainable Agriculture

The Outreach360 Agriculture Program will provide an opportunity for our students to serve and learn. The food production will provide food to the Outreach360 volunteer program, to the on-site student program, and could be used to generate income for the local program!

Touch the Future Student Sponsorships #FuelTheirFuture

The mission of Outreach360 is to provide opportunities for children to live a life of choice – to stay in school and graduate high school qualified to attend university or to obtain gainful employment. The children enrolled in our Learning Center Programs are currently receiving English classes throughout the week. The children also receive additional educational opportunities during holiday weeks and the summer in the form of learning camps and field trips.

The Outreach360 Education Fund provides the resources for these programs – curriculum, supplies, teaching staff, facilities, and field trips, as well as funds needed for our Dare to Dream Immersion Learning Camps, and our Adelánte Work-Study program. Please become a Touch the Future Student Scholarship Sponsor today!

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Latest news from our blog

Our international volunteer program is active year-round and volunteers and donors are supporting our vision of a transformed world in which every child grows up living a life of choice. Read some of our blog stories to learn about the impact we are having.