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Outreach360 Volunteering Overview

Building Futures. Transforming Lives.

Outreach360 is a grass-roots volunteer organization where international volunteers and donors work to transform the lives of children living in economically disadvantaged areas by providing them with critical educational opportunities. Since 1994, over 20,000 volunteers have joined us and our vision of providing children with a life of choice. Drawing strength from the experience, diversity, talents and resources of our volunteers we promote innovative education as a solution to the challenges of poverty and as a sustainable path to a life of choice.

“The children in Monte Cristi are truly remarkable. They have such great potential, so it was amazing to see how positively Outreach360 impacts the community. I feel blessed to be a part of it! I learned more about myself in one week than I have in 18 years.” – Brooke Foster, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Our Locations

Dominican Republic – Monte Cristi is a small town on the northwest coast of the Dominican Republic.  Agriculture, fishing, and some manufacturing are the main industries. Far from the tourists and big cities, Monte Cristi is a beautiful town rich in culture and history. The beach and ocean are a part of daily life; Monte Cristi is home to the spectacular El Morro National Park. Outreach360 has been working in Monte Cristi since 1994.  More info.

Nicaragua – Jinotega is a small town high in the mountains of Nicaragua. Called “The City of Mists’ for the mist that hangs off the mountain surrounding the town, it is at the center of the Nicaraguan coffee industry.  Also far from the tourists and big cities, Jinotega enjoys a temperate climate year round including an average high temperature in the summer of 70 degrees.  Outreach360 has been working in Jinotega since 2010.  More info.

Our Volunteers

Volunteers of all backgrounds and ages join us: individuals, families, middle and high school teams, university teams, and churches.  Whether it’s in our education, construction, or agriculture program, volunteers of all ages can make a real difference.  The level of Spanish our volunteers know is not important – non Spanish speakers will do great in any of our programs, and Spanish speakers will have plenty of opportunities to use their Spanish throughout their volunteer time with us.

Our Programs

Education – Volunteers joining our education program are primarily involved in teaching English.  English is a highly sought after skill in both the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, as it provides educational and work opportunities. But there are few English teachers, especially in the rural areas where we work. Our volunteers fill the gap. Volunteers in our English program might be teaching in our Learning Center, teaching in a local school, or creating an English immersion camp. Education volunteers can expect to work with a professional curriculum, and will receive extensive support from the full-time Outreach360 staff.  More info.

Construction/Sustainability – In Nicaragua, Outreach360 is beginning an active campaign to develop two properties. Our 2 acre “cabbage patch” property near the German Pomares neighborhood will be home to a Learning Center with a number of classrooms. Our 17 acre property in the Linda Vista neighborhood on the opposite side of Jinotega will become home to an additional Learning Center, a location to house volunteers and students attending overnight camps, and recreational facilities. Sustainable construction techniques will be embraced, including building the facility such that it can be off the electrical grid.  Volunteers joining our construction program should be prepared to be involved in a variety of projects, including manual work involving digging foundations, cement mixing and block laying, installing fencing, constructing running trails, and more. Occasionally construction volunteers will be asked to be involved in our sustainable agriculture program as well. Flexibility is key. Each construction volunteer is expected to raise $300 in project funds above the minimum program donation. In 2017, a minimum team size of 10 is needed to be involved in the construction program. Exceptions can be made for smaller teams who raise a minimum of $3000 for project funds. More info.

Agriculture/Sustainability – At the two properties in Nicaragua, we will be implementing projects involving sustainable agriculture.  Examples will include planting mango, banana, orange, and avocado trees, and implementing raised bed gardens for vegetables and herbs. The agriculture program will provide an opportunity for our students to serve and learn. The food production will provide food to the Outreach 360 volunteer program, to the on-site student program, and may be used to generate income for the local program.  Sustainable agriculture methodologies will be implemented. Agriculture/Sustainability volunteers should be prepared  to be involved in planting, pruning, harvesting, installing irrigation and water storage systems, and more. Occasionally agriculture/sustainability volunteers will be asked to be involved in our construction program as well.  Flexibility is key. Each agriculture/sustainability volunteer is expected to raise $300 in project funds above the minimum program donation. In 2017, a minimum team size of 10 is needed to be involved in the agriculture/sustainability program.Exceptions can be made for smaller teams who raise a minimum of $3000 for project funds.  More info.

Leading the Industry

As an industry leading volunteer organization we provide a world class service-learning experience for our volunteers that immerses them in the culture and connects them to real needs. We believe in promoting global awareness, and while working with Outreach360, volunteers learn about the history and culture of the area they are serving as well as gain understanding of the challenges and limitations of poverty in the developing world. With our unique turn-key approach, we take care of the logistics while individuals, teams, and families are able to easily plug directly into meaningful service programs in the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua. We are proud to offer volunteer programs that transform lives and inspire our volunteers to return to their home communities as leaders for change and global citizens eager to make the world a better place for all.

As an educational institution we aim to improve basic education and strengthen the capacity for self-transformation in the children we serve. Placing special focus on working with disadvantaged children, we believe that if equipped with the proper education and resources they will become the generation of change in their own communities. Children have the power to help whole families and communities escape poverty, and they are at the heart of Outreach360’s capacity building, community based efforts to improve basic education and provide opportunities to live a life of choice.

Guided by the enormous potential we see in both the children we serve and in our volunteers, we pursue our mission and vision with excellence and compassion because we truly believe in transforming lives.