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Jinotega: The City of Mists

In Nicaragua, Outreach360 focuses its development efforts in the rural, central highland town of Jinotega. Although Nicaragua is considered the poorest country in Central America, it is also the safest. This couldn’t be more true in this mountain town known locally as the City of Mists, where the country’s rich coffee growing industry is contrasted by the poverty of its outlying communities. While tourism is slowly developing in Nicaragua, Jinotega’s cobbled streets and surrounding cloud forest remain nearly untouched by foreign travelers. In a word, Jinotega is authentic, and the charming local community and delightful culture only add to its allure.

“The highlight was just being able to really be thrown into the culture. We got to learn about the history and culture of Nicaragua, we even got to learn Latin dance! The most amazing thing though was being able to see how excited all of the children were to see you, and their desire for learning was evident.”                        -Victoria Lott, First Church of Nashua

Service Program

Outreach360’s Service Program in Jinotega focuses on educational programs for local children, offered at our Learning Center. Through these programs, we aim at providing children with functional skills, competencies, and abilities that allow them to overcome the challenges of poverty and achieve a greater standard of living for themselves and their families. Volunteers in Jinotega play an important role as educators in these programs, primarily teaching English to elementary school children at the Learning Center or providing engaging and meaningful Learning Camps in the community. The powerful impact of service-learning, coupled with authentic cultural interaction, not only transforms the lives of the children we serve, but also the lives of volunteers.

Cultural Immersion

When not teaching or supporting Outreach360 programs, volunteers learn about Nicaragua’s charming culture through activities and excursions organized by Outreach360. A critical component of gaining global awareness and understanding effective development, is learning about both the beauty and complexity of the country where you are serving. That’s why we plan activities to enable volunteers to experience authentic culture and real-world immersion. Whether you are learning about traditional indigenous pottery, or indulging in some of Nicaragua’s sensational coffee, Outreach360 cultural activities offer you a deeper understanding of the community you are serving.