Our #1 Priority

We know that health and safety can be primary concerns for volunteers who are traveling abroad to developing countries and, at Outreach360, your health and safety is our top priority as well!  Since 1994, our more than 22,000 volunteers have enjoyed a safe volunteer experience with Outreach360.  Our professional and reliable program has always ensured volunteer security, allowing volunteers to focus on serving.

When volunteering with Outreach360, our professional American and Canadian leaders that live on-site provide volunteers with a complete orientation regarding our common sense guidelines and our specific safety and health measures that ensure everyone’s wellbeing.  We provide excellent traveler’s medical insurance for every individual and are one of the few international service-learning organizations to carry a $1,000,000 foreign general liability insurance policy.  Our facilities are nearby excellent medical clinics and on-site leaders support volunteers for the duration of their time with any health or safety needs.


The following practices ensure your volunteer experience with Outreach360 is a safe one.

Full-Time Staff

We have a full time international and local staff leading your team in each country.  They live and work full-time in-country, and facilitate the volunteer experience.  Working with people who live in the country where you are serving is key to ensuring your safety – they know the country, the community, and the neighborhood where you will be volunteering. Their first priority is your safety.

Safe Countries

Outreach360 works in two of the safest developing countries in the Western Hemisphere.  In the Dominican Republic, many of the locals have relatives in North America and the cultural influences from baseball and tourism have created a positive American image that is reflected in how well our volunteers are received.  Although Nicaragua is considered the poorest country in Central America, it is also considered one of the safest.  Friendly locals kindly greet volunteers.

Safe Locations

Outreach360 focuses its development efforts in rural areas far removed from the large cities and tourist areas where crime is more common.  We intentionally work in small towns where we can meet the needs of underdeveloped and under-resourced communities while benefiting from the security of rural areas.

Local Relationships

Outreach360 focuses on developing strong relationships and healthy partnerships in the local areas we serve. Furthermore, this allows us to become respected members of the community.   We have worked in Monte Cristi in the Dominican Republic since 1994. Because of this, many members, business, and organizations of the local community have benefited from our efforts and are aware of our work.  The community knows us well, and we know the community. Most notably, Outreach360’s Executive Director, Tom Eklund, was recognized by the mayor of Monte Cristi as an honorary son of the city.

Our more recent work in Nicaragua has already made a positive impact on the local community. The residents of Jinotega know we are making a lasting investment in the community.  Alma Fletes is a professional Nicaraguan social worker who grew up in Jinotega. She is also a full-time leader with us in Nicaragua and makes sure operations run smoothly with our local relationships. Outreach360’s strong, long-term relationships in the communities where we serve are important contributing factors to the high level of safety our programs maintain.

Outreach360 Facilities

Outreach360 intentionally houses volunteers in our facilities where we are able to maintain safe and secure accommodations during your time volunteering.  When necessary to accommodate busier weeks with multiple teams, Outreach360 occasionally houses volunteers in well-respected local hotels.

Emergency Preparedness

Our trained leaders always carry cell phones and are in communication with in-country staff and our U.S. office.  In addition, we take further emergency precautions including having a satellite phone in each country. Outreach360 in-country staff maintains communication with our U.S. headquarters via our satellite phones in the event that local cell networks are down or temporarily cut off.

Common Sense Guidelines

Common sense in a developing country may be different than common sense at home. We educate our volunteers on safe conduct in-country, to avoid unexpected consequences.


Helping our volunteers stay healthy is a top priority of Outreach360.  Volunteers rarely get sick or injured.  Below are some ways we keep our volunteers healthy:

Full-Time Staff

We have a full time international and local staff leading your team in each country. They live and work full-time in-country, and facilitate the volunteer experience. Being with people who live in the country you are serving is key to ensuring your personal health. You will be living in the same facilities and will be eating the same food as our leaders who live there year-round.

Outreach360 Trained Cooks

Cooks prepare meals that are served at the Outreach360 facilities.  If you do choose to eat at a local restaurant, it will be at a location approved by Outreach360 staff.

Bottled Water

Bottled water is available 24/7 for our volunteers to help keep everyone well hydrated.  In addition, we use purified bottled water for cooking.

Mosquito Protection

We encourage our volunteers to use mosquito repellent, especially in the morning and evening. Mosquito nets or screened rooms are provided for all volunteers.  With over 22,000 volunteers joining us since 1994, we are not aware of a confirmed case of a volunteer contracting a mosquito-borne illness.

Professional Nearby Clinics

Although very uncommon, if a volunteer gets sick to the point of needing medical attention, or receives an injury, there are good private medical clinics near our facilities in both the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.  Outreach360 leaders facilitate the clinic process and assure appropriate translation for receiving treatment.

Common Sense Guidelines

Our leaders keep our volunteers aware of ways to stay healthy. They inform volunteers to drink sufficient amounts of water and to be aware of when to wear mosquito and bug repellent. We provide guidelines on how to avoid accidents in the area, and appropriate precautions when eating in local restaurants. This includes general common sense guidelines to keep everyone healthy.

Vaccination Requirements

There are no required vaccinations in either the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua; however, a more extensive discussion of medical preparation, including links to the CDC website, is available in the Outreach360 Country Volunteer Guide.


Outreach360 provides personal medical/travel insurance for each volunteer, along with industry leading foreign liability insurance.  Enrollment is automatic; we will use the information you provide on your registration form to purchase your insurance. Outreach360 purchases your insurance from IMG (www.imglobal.com). In summary, the plan provides up to $1,000,000 in medical benefits. The deductible is $100, and is the responsibility of each volunteer. In addition to medical benefits, the coverage also includes Emergency Evacuation, Emergency Reunion, Return of Mortal Remains, Political Evacuation, Common Carrier Accidental Death, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Identity Theft Assistance, Trip Interruption, and Lost Luggage.  A key feature of this insurance is a six month benefit period. If something happens to you in the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua and you receive treatment there, you are eligible for up to six months of follow-up treatment when you get back home.