A Turn-Key Approach

Outreach360 is both a volunteer and fundraising organization.  Our volunteers commit to helping raise funds for the programs we sponsor based on the length of their stay. We encourage volunteers not to pay any of their program donations but instead raise funds through the sponsorship of family and friends. When you sign up, you will receive an online fundraising page that will allow you to easily send out informative emails to family and friends, inviting them to sponsor you through donations online or checks sent through the mail.

This table shows the minimum program donation per person for one to four weeks:

Dominican Republic

  • One Week: $900
  • Two Weeks: $1,400
  • Three Weeks: $1,700
  • Four Weeks: $2,000


  • One Week: $1,000
  • Two Weeks: $1,500
  • Three Weeks: $1,800
  • Four Weeks: $2,100

The Outreach360 minimum program donation includes all meals, housing, ground transportation, insurance, and professional team leadership. There may be additional hotel and ground transportation charges for volunteers arriving and departing outside our requested arrival and departure windows; please review the Travel Details in the Volunteer Information Guide. The minimum program donation does not include airfare, a $10 fee to enter the country, or personal snacks and shopping.

Construction/Agriculture Volunteers in Nicaragua

During June, July, and August, each construction and agriculture volunteer is requested to raise $100 in project funds above the minimum program donation to be used for material costs for each week volunteering.

During the winter, spring, and fall, each construction and agriculture volunteer is expected to raise $300 in project funds above the minimum program donation. Also, a minimum team size of 10 is needed to be involved in the construction program. Exceptions can be made for smaller teams who raise a minimum of $3000 for project funds.

Significant credits are available to teams of 10 or more, for volunteers who sign up prior to the early sign-up deadline, and for children under age 18 traveling with parents.  See below for more details. 

Outreach360 is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  All donations from U.S. taxpayers are eligible for a U.S. tax deduction.  The Outreach360 501-C-3 tax identification number is 58-2197227. 

*Note: Donations made to Outreach360 are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers and are thus non-refundable. Funds raised above the minimum program donation are credited toward Outreach360 programs.

Caminos Program Internships

The minimum program donation for the 8-week summer Caminos internship program is $2800.

Scholarships and Other Credit

Outreach360 offers several scholarships or program donation credits for those individuals and teams that meet certain criteria.

Early Sign-Up Scholarships

We encourage you to sign up for the trip as soon as you can. It enables us to do better planning for your experience, helps to ensure you are well prepared for the trip, and improves your fundraising effectiveness. If you sign-up and have your $100 deposit donation into our office by the early sign-up deadline, you will be credited an additional $100 toward your program donation. The following is a chart of the early sign-up deadlines:

Volunteer Period      Program Start Dates     Early Sign-up Deadline
Summer  Jun 1 – Aug 31 Apr 1
Fall Sept 1 – Nov 30 Jul 1
Winter  Dec 1 – Jan 31 Oct 1
Spring Feb 1 – May 31 Dec 1

Group Scholarships

We encourage groups to join us.  The more volunteers we have, the more children we can work with. There are also economies of scale in serving a group, and we pass those savings on. A group of 10 or more will be credited $100/person.  For example, a one-week program donation for a group of 10 or more who sign up by the early sign-up deadline for a trip to the Dominican Republic is $700/person ($900 Program Fee – $100 Group Scholarship – $100 Early Sign-up Scholarship = $700). Children receiving a child scholarship do not count toward the minimum group size of 10.

Team Leader Scholarships

For every 10 non-child program donations paid, the 11th program donation is waived as a team leader scholarship. In return, the team leader is expected to manage his/her team’s finances, send the team member’s flight information to volunteer@outreach360.org, and keep the team roster up to date.

Child Scholarships

Outreach360 is a great experience to share with family. This scholarship is meant to reduce the fundraising requirements for any individual family. Each child under the age of 18 traveling with his or her parent will be responsible for a minimum program donation of $400/week. Note: this scholarship cannot be combined with other scholarships.