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"Outreach360 is the best organization to help out as they don't give hand outs but instead give "hand ups." The whole experience was amazing, the highlight of the trip was teaching the children and immersing myself into Nicaraguan culture."
Tyler Salive, Algonquin College
"Interacting with the kids at the school was definitely the biggest highlight of my experience but I also was allowed to become immersed in a culture so different from mine which was very enlightening and rewarding."
Sarah Parkerson, Heritage High School
"I would completely and utterly one hundred percent recommend going. The Dominican trip had a good balance of school, working, and fun. The culture day was amazing and I found all of it super interesting. "Jump right in". This is such a special program with amazing people which allows you to really immerse yourself in culture and understand the day to day ongoings of people in the Dominican. "
Alli Permann, Heritage High School
"It's a life changing event and an opportunity to be close with the people you experience the trip with. It will benefit the students and yourself."
Eliezer John Resus, Heritage High School
"The whole trip is worth it!"
Mykalia Whitener, Heritage High School
"Do it! Working with the kids is so rewarding. "
Sofia Ziani, Heritage High School
"Go for it! I had an amazing experience with very few complaints. Outreach360 is a safe, fun, and educational organization. It was great laying with local kids in the park, working with kids in class, watching their quick progress and being immersed into the culture (walking around town during siesta)."
Natasha Bereczky, Brock University
"I would say go for it & jump right in!! :) "
Chelsea Fields, Brock University
"It was an amazing, eye opening experience, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would recommend it to anyone. "
Hailey Kirkpatrick, Brock University
"This unique opportunity is an eye-opening and thrilling experience. You can truly experience the culture and confidentially say that you visited the Dominican Republic. The kids touch your heart and the program is wonderfully structured. "
Diana Zheng, Brock University
"It is rewarding to know that even a small acts can have a huge impact. During our week with Outreach360 we were able to help the students learn English in a way that engaged them and made the learning fun. The students were sponges - excited to have us in the class room and eager to learn. I was rewarded with the knowledge that our team was able to make a difference - another step to helping the students learn English."
Ingrid Johnston, University of Western Ontario
"I'd definitely recommend an Outreach360 trip, as it changed my life within a short 4 days. You'll be able to learn so much about yourself and bring that change back with you to wherever you're from. "
Carmen Leung, University of Western Ontario
"Teaching in Monte Cristi was definitely the highlight of my trip. Getting to know the kids and seeing them progress in their English throughout the week put a smile on our entire teams faces. I also enjoyed going to the market in Dajabon on our cultural day. I would highly recommend this trip!"
Mercedes Miller, University of Western Ontario
"The highlights were interacting with the kids and visiting the market at Dajabon. "
Iman Musani, University of Western Ontario
"Teaching the children and seeing them retain information we were teaching them were highlights. Also making so many new friends who have similar values."
Michelle Reynolds, University of Western Ontario
"Join! The highlights are The interaction with the children and the learning about the community. It is a life altering experience!"
Christiaan Sonke, University of Western Ontario
"Be prepared for your expectations to be altered. It is an amazing experience, The Outreach360 principle of poco a poco and jump right in are extremely significant. Don't expect to change the world, but don't allow your fears or hesitations to stop you from truly being in the experience. You'll probably end up learning more about yourself than you will teach the kids. "
Mackenzie Williams-White, University of Western Ontario
"it's a great opportunity to experience a different culture."
Qingxuan Zhang, University of Western Ontario
"It was great connecting with students and other volunteers, experiencing culture of another country, trip to Dajabon, salt flats tour, being there for Carnaval, being pushed out of comfort zones, and sharing experience with my son!"
Constance A Collins
"Come with an open mind...learning about the culture helps the volunteer understand the full situation of the students - not just at school."
Patricia Rockett
"It was an absolutely amazing experience - not to be missed - life changing and awe-inspiring - do it!"
Maura Abate
"I have already told my friends and family that they should go. Don't even think about it just do it. I'm already planning to come back some day."
Sarah Baxter, University of Western Ontario
"It truly is a life-changing experience. You can't return home and not feel different. You learn so much about yourself and about the world you live in. It opens your eyes to the global community, it opens your eyes to the truths about poverty. I don't think you can leave without being inspired by how amazing & hard working humans, especially children can be, despite the poverty they may face. "
Danielle Fitzpatrick, University of Western Ontario
"This experience will change your life! You learn things about yourself, the world and others that you never would have learned before and feel emotions so incredible and deep! No matter the time you choose to go for, it does make a difference little by little! The appreciation for your service by the community and the difference it makes in their lives is astounding. This organization truly teaches you the meaning of finding the inner potential in yourself and within the kids and others in the community. This experience will inspire you in so many ways changing your outlook on the future. The loving connections formed with the kids, the culture, the community and organization will resinate within you forever! The beauty of Jinotega is extraordinary. With Outreach360, you can make a positive difference and it can make a positive difference in you by "Releasing the Hero Within.""
Haley Gallant, University of Western Ontario
"I think that traveling to another country to view poverty is a really powerful and growth-worthy event. The highlights for me were the teaching time with the children, free time (siesta) and getting to know the locals. "
Stephanie Hosang, University of Western Ontario
"This is a unique experience unparalleled by any other that I have been on. The trip description on the webpage only gives a glimpse of what one can expect in Nicaragua. You have to be there to really open up your perception of the world that we live in."
Yue Zhou (Joe) Huang, University of Western Ontario
"You should 100% go and volunteer with Outreach360. The staff and students make this so worthwhile and special. I had such an eye opening experience and would go back in a second. It is a great way for someone to critically think about the way they view the world. "
Jordan Osso, University of Western Ontario
"It was an amazing experience and outreach360 is an extremely efficient and welcoming program. I loved the connections i made with the kids and the people i met. "
Breanna Power, University of Western Ontario
"It's a great organization! A highlight is the amount of effort Outreach360 puts into teaching us about Nicaraguan culture."
Ariba Shah, University of Western Ontario
"This is a fantastic opportunity to give to a community that simply because of the location of their birth, is living in very dire circumstances. "
Deborah Tieszer, University of Western Ontario
"It is a fantastic experience and a reputable organization! I thoroughly enjoyed working with the children as well as connecting with other volunteers."
Chinchin Wang, University of Western Ontario
"Absolutely! Go for it!"
Casey Asato, Seabury Hall
"The highlight was the wonderful care and service the organization provided us."
Evia Beldavs, St. John's-Ravenscourt School
"That this was a wonderful opportunity; go for it!! "
Mary Ellen Campbell, St. John's-Ravenscourt School
"It was a terrific experience. Outreach360 allowed us to make a sincere difference within a community while learning about a culture and way of life so different from our own. We came away with a new appreciation for life and the way we choose to live it. Thank you, Outreach 360!!!"
Christina Donald, St. John's-Ravenscourt School
"The work that Outreach360 does is amazing and I felt like the work that we did actually matters. You can see on the faces of the children just how respected the leaders and teachers are within the organization. It's amazing to be able to serve with Outreach360. "
Madeline Brozka, University of Missouri
"Do it! It is an amazing experience."
Kathleen Duffy, University of Missouri
"The highlights were learning about the history and culture of the Dominican, working with the kids and learning new things about myself. It was an amazing experience for me and I would recommend the trip to anybody!"
Mackenzie Fairchild, University of Missouri
"Do it! "
Jonathan Frye, University of Missouri
"Outreach360 is a great, safe organization for those who are dipping their toes into international service. It is very well-organized and has a history of success for both participants and students. "
Yumiko Gely, University of Missouri
"Finding sustainable organizations that work with groups of people on a weekly basis is hard to find. However, Outreach360 is just that. The thing I love most about this organization is that the impact you make in one week has ripples the next week and beyond. The work you do while you're there doesn't end when you leave. Instead, another groups comes in to pick up right where you left off. This leads to real results and not just an experience that makes you feel good. The kids really do learn from you and you learn more about yourself from them."
Bryan Goers, University of Missouri
"This is a once in a life-time experience and I would highly recommend going!"
Adjua Goosby, University of Missouri
"Outreach360 is an incredible organization and definitely was one of the happiest weeks of my life! I felt like I really grew as a person in such a short period of time, but I found it even more awe-inspiring to watch the other participants on my trip really grow as educators, learners, and all around people! Outreach360 is an extraordinary organization and I would definitely recommend checking it out because who knows maybe I will see you there this summer!"
Rachel Hankins, University of Missouri
"I absolutely loved working with the kids and our cultural trip on Friday."
Dana Kaempfe, University of Missouri
"Experience is knowledge and through that I have become a well-rounded person just by being with Outreach360 for a week."
Justine Kaminski, University of Missouri
"Outreach360 is a great organization with a great cause. I loved working at Rosa Smester. It was so amazing seeing how eager the kids were to learn. It would be so great for others to join to help keep the program running and to help Outreach360 in any way."
Abby Kenny, University of Missouri
"This is a great learning experience and a way to see life from a different perspective. The culture is rich and the people you meet are incredible. I came on this trip not knowing the 19 others in my group. Now we cant stop hanging out or talking to each other since we came back to Missouri. If an opportunity is ever presented to go on this trip, you need to go. I'm sad to be a senior in college for I don't know if I will ever experience a moment like this again. I'll be happy to say my senior year ended on a high note all because of the friends and people I met through Outreach360. "
Alex Lechtenberg, University of Missouri
"There are long and rewarding days. Outreach360 is very organized and structured and the time will fly by. Make the most of each day!"
Emily Mahler, University of Missouri
"This organization is truly doing something that matters. Forming relationships with the kids is one of the most heart-filling experiences there is and being able to live in a country with such an incredible culture even for just a week is extremely eye-opening. "
Matthew McKeown, University of Missouri
"You should go! It is an incredible experience! I was totally out of my comfort zone, but I grew so much as a person and learned so much. I am capable of much more than I ever thought I was. I would strongly encourage you to join Outreach360 and try to instill in them just how powerful their mission is to Release the Hero Within and how they can be a huge part of working to reach this mission."
Hayley Mershon, University of Missouri