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"100% join! This is an amazing and unique experience that everyone should try to experience if given the choice."
Natalie Knisley, Berkley High School
"This experience is truly life-changing. The bonds you create with the students, your group, and the leaders bring you happiness daily."
Orlaith Fournier, Berkley High School
"It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it to everyone!"
Rachel Nodler, Berkley High School
"It is an amazing experience and if I had the chance I would have stayed longer!"
Robert Stol, Berkley High School
"I absolutely loved working with kids and building relationships with all!"
Samuel Gawel, Berkley High School
"Outreach360 is more than teaching, it's preparing the world for what's coming."
Shayne Hoskow, Berkley High School
"Definitely, go! It is a life-changing experience that one can't get anywhere else. It really opens your mind to the world!"
Sloane Leslie Krugel, Berkley High School
"You can have strong opinions, ideas, and beliefs about how the world works, but it's impossible to understand how much they actually mean to you until you take action to make a difference. This trip has done that for me. Thank you!"
Sophia Carlesso, Berkley High School
"Do it. Don't overthink. The impact you will have on the children of Monte Cristi is greater than any of your fears or worries."
Sophia Gawel, Berkley High School
"This was truly a life-changing experience. It puts the world in perspective and as much as we teach the kids it can't even compare to what they teach us."
Suzannah Gadd, Berkley High School
"This experience is life-changing!"
Whitney Rubin, Berkley High School
"Do it. Make no excuses. You will get infinitely more than you give and be the better person for it."
Randall Gawel, Berkley High School
"I would definitely recommend this trip because it really impacted my life and made me appreciate many values and life-lessons that I will take with me for the rest of my life."
Sofia Arashiro-Garcia, Seabury Hall
"It is a life-changing experience that you will never forget. You will make friendships that will change you forever. The kids are so welcoming and friendly. I LOVED THE KIDS AND LEADERS!"
Amelia Dustman, Seabury Hall
"Outreach360 has changed my view on everything including the way to see everyday actions. These kids made me feel so loved and I hope the love I gave them compared to that."
Chloe Logrande, Seabury Hall
"Do it. It is very tiring, but the experience is worth its weight in gold. It is a once in a lifetime experience and will give you a true perspective on Nicaragua and Central America, not just what see on TV."
Maxwell James Flammer, Seabury Hall
"This is an unforgettable and unique experience, and I strongly recommend joining Outreach360!"
Sun Woong Kim, Seabury Hall
"Outreach360 expanded my perspective on life in other countries, giving me the opportunity to create a positive impact in the lives of my students, allowing me to find myself through the children."
Noah Garcia, Seabury Hall
"My Outreach360 trip was an amazing opportunity to experience a different culture with hands-on activities."
Braden Toshimi Nishimoto, Seabury Hall
"This is the 5th time I have done this program and it is amazing every time. Outreach360 works!"
Mariangela Asato, Seabury Hall
"You need to take this opportunity. I had a great week meeting/teaching the kids, exploring Jinotega, and having fun with the other volunteers. I will never forget this experience!"
Ameera Waterford, Seabury Hall
"I would say do it! It is an eye-opening experience, for yourself and others around you!"
Jacob Akana, Seabury Hall
"I promise that at the end of your trip with Outreach360, you will have had the experience of a lifetime."
Colin Sheen, Seabury Hall
"Outreach360 gave me a once in a lifetime experience to teach students English, and help them to have a better future. It definitely opened my eyes to the world around us."
Alana Battad, Seabury Hall
"Outreach360 is a life changing experience, while you may be teaching English to children, the children are teaching you kindness, compassion, motivation and hope."
Alexandra Behlmann, University of Missouri
"Do it! It was an amazing experience. One that you can't put into words and have to see for yourself."
Allison Pittman, University of Missouri
"Volunteering through Outreach360 is a life-changing experience. You may think you're there to teach English only, but will end up taking away and learning so much more. Jump right in and go!"
Anna Marie Quade, University of Missouri
"Definitely join because it is a life-changing organization for so many reasons. So much education and growth comes out of it for every single person that is a part of it."
Bailey Barnes, University of Missouri
"Outreach360 is an amazing organization. They truly put the children first, which is the whole point. They treat every person, group and organization that comes to do service as a family. I can say with 100% confidence that they are changing lives and helping make the world a brighter place."
Connor Cross, University of Missouri
"Going on this trip was one of the best decisions I decided to commit to. It completely changed my perspective and opened my mind to accept new cultures."
Dana Key, University of Missouri
"This is an amazing experience that will both make you appreciate the little things and want to work harder for the things you are passionate about. Being a part of this organization will definitely give you a teacher-learner experience. Because while you're teaching the kids they're teaching you as well."
Deja McClendon, University of Missouri
"Yes! Do it! Don't even think about it just do it. It is a great experience for everyone, that means the kids the volunteers, the people who make all this possible, and the community."
Diana Pereira Martinez, University of Missouri
"It is an absolutely amazing experience and organization that everyone should experience at least once. Truly life changing."
Hailey Bastecki, University of Missouri
"Outreach360 is like being a part of a family. You have the opportunity to serve the children of Jinotega. You not only have the chance to teach but to learn as well."
Jenna Lawler, University of Missouri
"I would really encourage everyone to join because I love how passionate they are about serving the kids of the community."
Jerriona Davis, University of Missouri
"This was the greatest experience of my life. No matter what race, religion, or language you speak, you can always learn from someone else. Even though I couldn't speak Spanish, I still had a strong compassionate connection with the children, and that will remain in my heart forever. "People will forget what you said, what you did, and what you had, but they'll never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou"
Kalika Groaning, University of Missouri
"Through teaching children you will learn so much more about yourself. Children are the greatest gifts and inspire us to be our best selves."
Katie Paul, University of Missouri
"You may be nervous, you may be scared but remember that trips like these mean so much to the future of Nicaragua."
Mateo Mateo-Mateo, University of Missouri
"Leave your fears and reservations behind, jump right in. You will make a difference, you will learn more than you set out for, you will have fun."
Morgan Edwards, University of Missouri
"The staff and kids teach you kindness and positivity - far more than we could ever teach them. Beyond thankful to serve this beautiful community!"
Riley Aldridge, University of Missouri
"Do it! This is life changing. I came to Jinotega to change the children's lives, and in one short week, they changed mine."
Sarah Schneider, University of Missouri
"A great opprtunity to check your privilage at the door and fully immerse yourself in the culture and the children."
Stephanie Langendoerfer, University of Missouri
"I joined Outreach360 because I wanted to empower kids to be anything they set their minds to, but I think I left feeling more empowered and inspired than I ever could have shown the kids."
Tanner Shull, University of Missouri
"Outreach360 will help you grow, learn and see the world in a new way. It is an experience everyone should have and if they did, the world would be a better place."
Tyler Emery, University of Missouri
"This was a life-changing experience. Not only do we educate the children but also, they educate us. The experience allowed for my spiritual and personal growth. It taught me to live in the present and to enjoy the little things because those are the things that mean the most."
Caitlin Novak, University of Tampa
"Jump right in!"
Daniel Cajina, University of Tampa
"Definitely, join; this experience was amazing and was very rewarding and humbling."
Jaime Fleischer, University of Tampa
"This experience has shown me what it means to communicate love and what it means to serve. It's amazing how much change a signle person can make. This program immerses you in the culture, providing you with a new perspective on life and a sense of hope."
Kayleigh Ross, University of Tampa
"Outreach360 is an organization focused on impact and education for participants."
Luis Victor Aguilar, University of Tampa
"Yes - definitely go - great experience!"
Robin White, University of Tampa