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"If you love children, teaching, culture and diversity - jump right in! Outreach360 is a wonderful experience! Most people consider serving as helping, but by being in the Dominican Republic, you learn that there is a difference and by serving others you also end up helping yourself. Thank you all for this great opportunity! I really hope to return soon!!~ Erica"
Erica Bannerman, North Carolina State University
"Not to be cliche, but it is absolutely a life-changing experience! My highlights were being a lead teacher at Colegio San Jose one day, building relationships with individual students and my teammates, and experiencing first-hand the beautiful culture in Monte Crisit. I also REALLY enjoyed culture day. Visiting Dajabon and reflecting upon it with my team was such a valuable experience and the hike before the beach was absolutely breathtaking. "
Holly Berk, North Carolina State University
"My highlight was getting to bond with my group and the kids. "
Madison Dillard, North Carolina State University
"Outreach360 is a great way to not only give love but to also receive love during this amazing service opportunity. The staff are incredibly kind and truly care about making a difference in the community. The kids will steal your heart the first day and it will be one of the most memorable trips you'll have."
Lena Hicks, North Carolina State University
"It is a great organization which is actually doing some good and is sustainable and respectful of the community. They have a good system going and use their volunteers very well, so you will get a full experience and actually make some significant contributions, but you will also learn a lot about the area and have fun doing it with the help of the leaders. "
Elyse Pizzella, North Carolina State University
"Absolutely, go for it. You get to meet so many great people and learn about yourself and the world!"
Ethan Wicker, North Carolina State University
"Go for it and jump right in! I not only taught the kids this past week but they taught me way more as well. "
Ashley Faddis, Penn State University
"I would say this is a great organization and it is very organized. The leaders were fantastic the entire week! They really showed their enthusiasm, passion, and positivity. Also getting to meet the kids was such a great experience and not only did I teach them, but they taught me. I love what Outreach360 stands for and the message should be spread. "
Catherine Averill, Penn State Altoona
"I enjoyed working with the children! They are so motivated to learn and it was great to work with outreach again! I would promote this program because it is wonderful! I have so many wonderful things that I can say about this experience and I couldn't fit it all! "
Fatimah Bangura, Penn State Altoona
"Do it, without a doubt! Having done two trips now, I could say that it is an experience that is worth the donation. You will be volunteering for a program that you can see the change happening. So you know that the program is all about what they advertise."
Anthony Blair, Penn State Altoona
"The kids were great. Overall it was a great experience!"
Emily Cataldo, Penn State Altoona
"Outreach360 is an amazing organization to be a part of and that any time spent with them is a wonderful and life changing experience."
Alyssa Gehman, Penn State Altoona
"Outreach360 offers a turn-key program that provides volunteers with an awesome opportunity to serve the children in a very important way, teaching them English. Learning English is a necessary vehicle that allows the children the opportunity to live a life of choice. Outreach360 organizes and provides all in country logistics - transportation, housing, and meals. Provides guidance and materials for English instruction. In addition, a cultural experience like none other. The staff provides excursions to points of interest in the area, but cultural and history discussions that give you an insight as to how the citizens have arrived at their life circumstances. One could not ask for a better Outreach360 staff to lead the way to a better understanding of a culture and experience. "
Victoria Hesser, Penn State Altoona
"Do it. Do it. Do it. And try to stay longer than a week because the week goes by so fast. Even if you're there for a week, you make a real connection with these kids and can't wait until the next day to see their smiling faces again. Don't doubt for a second that your week there won't make a difference because it really will. You'll be able to feel their love and appreciation every time you walk into the room. Even when you walk down the streets of the community, they run up to you and hug you. There's no better feeling than the feeling these kids will give you. "
Shannon Marshall, Penn State Altoona
"Every year that I go back, I learn something new about the culture of Jinotega, and I meet new volunteers willing to share their experience."
Frances Mateycik, Penn State Altoona
"Teaching the children was absolutely life changing and eye opening. It is a cultural experience that you will never forget. "
Caitlyn Smith, Penn State Altoona
"Go for it! It was an amazing experience for me. My highlights were exploring Jinotega, learning Nicaraguans customs and eating local traditional food was amazing. "
keyuna smith, Penn State Altoona
"It is a tremendous opportunity to learn about others and yourself; learn about Nicaragua, the people and the culture; become more aware of what you can do to help others; feel a sense of satisfaction in knowing you are helping; pick up some Spanish language; and appreciate the resources and education that you have been lucky enough to have. . . and all in 1 week!"
Julie Arnold, Heidelberg University
"Outreach 360 is AMAZING!!! And, life-changing! I strongly recommended it!"
Enya Granados, Heidelberg University
"Go for it! Its an incredibly worthwhile and gratifying experience. You can serve others and gain a whole new outlook on life. "
Meredtih Higgins, Heidelberg University
"Do it! It's a very well-run program that is doing great work."
Cynthia Lepeley, Heidelberg University
"Outreach360 is a great organization. You will have a week full of jam packed fun and will enjoy every minute you are there. If you can be there for more than a week go longer. They are changing the lives of all the kids they help and it is a great experience. The kids show so much appreciation for everything that is done for them. Outreach360 is doing something amazing for these children and you have a chance to be apart of it and it is a great experience. The experience you can obtain from this is incredible and explainable. Everyone has a different experience and it is hard to explain; the best way to see someone's experience is going and experiencing it for yourself. There is no reason not to!"
Alexandra Norris, Heidelberg University
"Go for it and you won't regret getting involved. It was a great experience that everyone should do if they have the opportunity. "
Jennifer Schock, Heidelberg University
"It is an amazing experience and that is why this is my third time with outreach360!"
Luzdelys Andarcia, Mid Michigan Community College
"This trip was so amazing that I can't even put it into words. The students were amazing and touched my heart. The community did the same thing. I will be coming back sometime, that is for sure. "
Gavin Chupp, Mid Michigan Community College
"This trip will open your eyes. You will realize that even though life is entirely different in the Dominican Republic, we as humans share more commonalities than we do differences. Being with a diverse group of volunteers from all around the U.S., all working toward a common goal and doing our small part to make a change was the main highlight."
Genine Hayden, Mid Michigan Community College
"Do it. Absolutely 100% do it. This trip will change your life. You go in expecting to only influence the children, but at the end of the day those kids change who you are and they make you grateful for what you do have. You learn so much about the Spanish culture just by being immersed in it for almost a week. I wouldn't trade the experience that I received for anything!"
Sarah Kohler, Mid Michigan Community College
"This was one of the most educational and memorable experiences of my life and probably 100 times more rewarding than going someplace for a more traditional vacation. I really loved working with the kids. The smiles on their faces when we walked into the school were just priceless."
Ethan Lee, Mid Michigan Community College
"It's an amazing experience that everyone should try at least once. I loved working with the students over the course of the week. To see them improving with their english put a smile on my face."
Lanette Roberts, Mid Michigan Community College
"It is a life changing opportunity and you will have so much fun. Teaching the kids and working in the community, while also getting to have free time to experience the culture were highlights for me."
Kelly Martella, Worcester Academy
"Outreach provides a very balanced experience, supporting volunteers with cultural context and constant encouragement as they plunge right into the classroom. As an Outreach teacher in Monte Cristi, a traveler is welcomed by the organization and the community alike and is quickly made to feel like a active participant in the workings of the neighborhood. "
Caroline C. Bouton
"I had never traveled outside of the country before my trip to the Dominican Republic to volunteer with Outreach---so that was a great start! I really ended up enjoying myself. I think that the experience of interacting with people of all ages, the addition of a language barrier, and observing the community and relative poverty that exists within the Dominican Republic and wider world, was important. It was a huge learning experience, but 100% worth it. I would encourage anyone to do it!"
Caroline S. Bouton
"The highlight of my experience was being able to work in JFK with the students. I found it incredibly rewarding to watch the progress they made over the course of just 4 days and enjoyed having to opportunity to both teach to the whole class and to bond with individual students. "
Emma Bouton
"It was an incredible, life-changing experience that I would recommend to anyone with a love for people and passion for service, regardless of your career interests or background. "
Stephanie Burke, University of Michigan
"The experience is profound and the new perspectives seen will change the way you view living. "
Emily Davis, University of Michigan
"You won't regret it! Outreach360 has a great mission and is serving the most deserving children."
Emily Hoylman, University of Michigan
"This is an experience of a lifetime. The highlights of my experience with Outreach360 were interacting with the children. Seeing the children smile when they understood a concept we were teaching to them was an incredible experience. I also enjoyed seeing them smile when I encouraged them and gave them "high-fives" for getting answers right. I would highly recommend doing this trip for the children!"
Blaise Ndukwe, University of Michigan
"Everyone should do this trip! The highlights are the times you are working with kids, meal times (food was excellent), the cultural education and the excursions in the community. It is an energy-intensive, immersion service experience, and you will grow and have your eyes opened!"
Hanna Welch, University of Michigan
"The week I spent with Outreach360 was incredible and that I would highly recommend it. I loved that we where able to learn about the Nicaraguan culture while we were there, with the documentaries and the Culture Day."
Tierney Anderson, Pepperdine University
"Outreach 360 is a very organized and efficient program. Working with the kids as well as being educated about the culture were two of my favorite parts. it was a very fulfilling and rewarding experience."
Taylor Baker, Pepperdine University
"Outreach 360 will open up your eyes to new traditions and lifestyles and teach you the difference between serving and helping. When you return home, your heart and mind will be touched and you will want to go back and serve those in need because that is how I feel."
Gabriella Chan, Pepperdine University
"I miss it already and hope that this program succeeds to bring the experience I had to others for a long time."
Alec Flores, Pepperdine University
"I would definitely recommend it! You will fall in love with the people and culture and Outreach360 does a fantastic job in really immersing you in the culture. I felt like I not only made a difference but understood the struggles and the needs of the community."
Tanya Garcia, Pepperdine University
"It's a meaningful and worthwhile endeavor, go for it!"
Andrew Phillips, Pepperdine University
"I was really surprised by how safe and organized the whole trip was. Even though there is no concrete evidence of the children graduating yet, I truly do feel that the program is working."
Pattaraporn Salirathavibhaga, Pepperdine University
"This fun experience with the kids is something that is unforgetable."
Thitiporn Tantivirun, Fay School
"Since I had the opportunity to volunteer for four weeks, I had that much more time to fall in love with the entire experience! This trip open your eyes to the amazing things that are happening in this world thanks to people that have a heart to serve others! Volunteer have the opportunity to be a part of it! The kids are nothing short of amazing. If you're on the fence about whether or not to go, just know that the adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you. All you have to say is yes!"
Kaelin Hazen
"This is an experience of a lifetime. The highlights for me were working in the schools, and with the students. The whole experience was incredibly rewarding. "
Kiara Hildebrand
"There were so many highlights of the trip. I loved working with the students, the food was outstanding and culture day was an added bonus to better understand the community of Jinotega. I also appreciated that the Outreach360 staff really live by their 10 principles. Do it!"
Karen Chiarelli, Algonquin College
"The kids that we worked with everyday were the best part of this experience.They are so amazing and go with the flow week after week with new teachers coming in. The hike up the mountain and the cultural day were also amazing. It is such a fulfilling experience."
Stacey Kelly, Algonquin College