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"This is a great experience to be involved with and a great opportunity to make a difference in a child's lif!"
Areli Lopez, Algonquin College
"The teaching English program is established and structured. This should be continued and expanded, I believe outreach360 has a great vision and has developed great partnerships!"
Christine Elvina, Algonquin College
"Volunteering with Outreach360 is an amazing opportunity that you would not regret. Both of my trips with Outreach360 have been awesome."
Lauren Fitzpatrick, Algonquin College
"If you are thinking about joining Outreach360 do it! It's hard to pinpoint exactly why it will change you. But know you won't be the same after and more importantly neither will the students you serve!"
Renee Tomer
"I 100% recommend joining outreach360. Participating was a once in a lifetime incredible experience. You meet great kids and learn so much from them too. Having the opportunity to help change someone's life no matter how small the impact may be, can change your life as well!"
Emily Madelaine Wildeboer, University of Western Ontario
"just do it! Experiences like Outrach360 can alter your world and help you gain so much knowledge that you can't get in everyday life experiences!"
Annie Wu, University of Western Ontario
"Everything about our experience was amazing and unique. The students, the history, the culture, the food- we loved it all. I can't wait for the opportunity to do this again."
Alexis Newman, University of Western Ontario
"I would definitely recommend going on this inspiring learning experience that not only changes the lives of the children you work with but also yourself!"
Kassandra Cormier, University of Western Ontario
"Outreach360 helped me realize the power of a single action or word of encouragement, and I met the most amazing children at the school. I leave Nicaragua feeling proud to say that one of my role models is a group of 12-15 yeard olds whose enthusiasm and positive outlook will give them an unbelievably bright future!"
Hannah Bourgeois, University of Western Ontario
"It is an eyeopening experience that allows you to make an impact in the lives of these kids and to bond with your peers!"
Niveda Balananthan, University of Western Ontario
"The change in your life will be extraordinary, each day, make it poco a poco"
Saisurutyi Sridaran, University of Western Ontario
"Definitely, do it! It is a life-changing experience. The memories you make will last a lifetime!"
Roshni Bhatti, University of Western Ontario
"It was an eyeopening and impactful experience that can't be replicated except by being on the ground."
Brent Boles, University of Western Ontario
"Being the poorest country in Central America, Nicaragua is filled with communities like Jinotega where a parent's greatest wish for their children is to have a prosperous future, and one way to help them do this is by providing them the opportunity to speak English. I'm beyond grateful to have spent time contributing to this dream as much as I was able to. Anyone thinking about doing the same can visit outreach360."
Kathrine Orlowski, University of Western Ontario
"It is a great way to get to know an entirely new culture and become grateful for what you have."
Caleigh Campbell, University of Western Ontario
"I would say that it is an eye-opening experience and in less than 1 week, you learn so much and gain so much knowledge, you become more open-minded and learn not to take things for granted."
Linda Maria Ruth, University of Western Ontario
"This was so life-changing and a once in a lifetime experience. Go and take it all in while you can!"
Abbey Cross, Berkley High School
"This was life-changing, the impact you can have on kids is unprecedented."
Aidan Hoskow, Berkley High School
"This trip puts everything into perspective. It gives me a sense of gratefulness for every experience I have had. These kids find happiness in the smallest things and it's taught me to do the same."
Ainsley Melrose, Berkley High School
"I was so excited to teach each day and see every kid. I felt amazing during the week and I will miss it. I will definitely come back! This was a very powerful and heartwarming experience I will never forget. Especially the wonderful kids."
Alexa Thibodeau, Berkley High School
"This trip has changed my life. In the U.S. kids take education for granted, myself included. This trip made me understand how lucky I am to have education at such a high level."
Alexander Fetterman, Berkley High School
"This experience will leave you thinking about your own life and what you have. The small things should make you happy. Simple things remind you there is hope for everyone - everywhere in the world."
Alexandria Kagen, Berkley High School
"It's one of the best and safest ways to go into developing countries and make a difference."
Alfonso Keller-Casielles, Berkley High School
"100% recommend!"
Annie Crawley, Berkley High School
"This is a one of a kind experience! Do it, because it will open your eyes to the world around you. You don't just teach the kids things but they teach you things as well!"
Ashley Krause, Berkley High School
"Join! It is amazing. It put a lot of things in perspective and made me thankful for everything that I have. It will change your life!"
Aster Disbrow, Berkley High School
"Taking this time to rid yourself of your vanities and put all of your energy into helping others will change your outlook on life and ensure you leave this world having made a tremendous difference."
Ava Shannon, Berkley High School
"Definitely, do it! The ability to experience another culture and serve others to better their future is life-changing!"
Averi Justice, Berkley High School
"The experience was life-changing. It inspired me more than anything ever has before. Everybody connected to this program is truly amazing, and I wouldn't even hesitate to come back!"
Braden Beard, Berkley High School
"Yes! you need to go! It will change your life and really make you appreciate all we have. You not only help and teach the kids, they also help you and make you a better person."
Breyanna Broski, Berkley High School
"This program will change you. You will come home a better human."
Carter Schmidt, Berkley High School
"Do it! A great vision, idea, and program taking big steps to creating a better world."
Eli Kreinbring, Berkley High School
"I would totally do it again because it is life-changing and super fun, and shows you a different way of life."
Elisabeth Rose Church, Berkley High School
"Just do it! It will honestly change your life forever. You will gain a whole new perspective and memories that you will carry with you forever."
Ella Bianca, Berkley High School
"Outreach360 is one of a kind. The program empowers students who may not have opportunities in life to become who they want to when they grow up. Outreach360 will continue to grow and is changing the world's new generation of kids for the better."
Evan Krasnick, Berkley High School
"It was an incredible experience that will stay with me my whole life."
Evie Miriam Segal, Berkley High School
"This experience is like no other and if only a small part of you wants to do it, just go for it because it will be the most amazing and life-changing experience."
Gabrielle Lilly, Berkley High School
"It was an eye-opening experience. It not only taught me about the people and culture of the Dominican RepublicR., but it also taught me a lot about myself."
Grace Einhaus, Berkley High School
"It was an amazing experience that opened my mind!"
Hannah Lyons, Berkley High School
"This was hands down the most inspiring and life-changing thing that I have ever done. The words and lessons will continue to touch my life for years to come."
Helen Hoffman, Berkley High School
"Outreach360 was a life-changing experience, the kids are amazing and the culture and the experience is unlike anything I've ever seen and participated in."
isabella swaninger, Berkley High School
"Don't give it a second thought; sign up as soon as possible! This experience is life-changing and something that will open your eyes to so many incredible and positive things. You will come off of this trip a new person with a sense of overwhelming gratitude and happiness."
Jamie Trepeck, Berkley High School
"Outreach360 has changed my perspective on the world and myself."
Jessica Simmons, Berkley High School
"Most amazing trip ever! An incredible program and experience!"
Julie Krasnick, Berkley High School
"Do it! It will change your life."
Kai Spakowski, Berkley High School
"120% do this trip even if you're just thinking about it!"
Leah Brooke Segal, Berkley High School
"If you want to have a great time, while still making a profound impact on kids for the rest of their lives, Outreach360 is the place for you."
Lucas Schodowski, Berkley High School
"I absolutely loved this trip, it has made me feel more open to new things and ready to share my knowledge and experiences with others."
Lucy Crawley, Berkley High School
"If you're looking for something completely adventurous, emotional, and want to see truly the other side of your hand, join Outreach360. And, if you love helping and meeting new people, then Outreach360 is for you!"
Marjory Lian Bing Ahern, Berkley High School
"It was truly a life-changing experience. You will not regret joining!"
Mia King, Berkley High School