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"Outreach360 is an amazing way to both empower children through knowledge and learn about the beautiful culture and communities in which they live."
Justin Mudryk, Northeastern University
"This was an absolutely amazing week. Working with the kids every day was so fun and you could see them learning right in front of you. You grow strong connections with the kids. At the end of the week, you definitely have favorites. Honestly, the kids made the trip. They are truly amazing."
Aidan Flynn, Northeastern University
"Go for it! This is a remarkable experience. It is not like any service I have been a part of. Prepare to have your world rocked."
Laureen Chalumeau, Northeastern University
"Outreach360 has taught me that communicating love and care does not require a common language or culture. I truly feel part of a link to a greater purpose/Outreach360 made me feel welcomed and assured me that I would be safe while working."
Gisselle Rodriguez Benitez, Northeastern University
"I would recommend Outreach360 to anyone and everyone! Working with the kids was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I felt I was able to help empower the students, even in such a short time."
Elaine Klatt, Northeastern University
"An amazing program that really has a strong vision for young students and the communities they work with. They truly want the best and actual work to give opportunities to those that may otherwise lack."
Norman Zeng, Northeastern University
"Definitely, do it! The learning center students will inspire you!"
Virginia Gordon
"Do it! You will make a huge difference even if you don't think you will. One child learning makes a difference."
Shelby Lewis, Heidelberg University
"Great organization to join for structure and to feel like you're making a difference. Very memorable."
Aaron V Arnold, Heidelberg University
"Awesome experience! If you want to make/spark change and have an impact on individual children, Outreach360 allows for that dream to come true."
Trent Woodruff, Penn State University
"Great eye-opening and impactful experience. 10/10 recommend!"
Renee Eisenberg, Penn State University
"In a world of darkness, create the light, and Outreach360 creates this light in each child it touches to light their own path. It is seen by the light in their eyes, the joy in their smile and spark in their mind."
Alaina M Stiles, Penn State University
"This was an absolutely amazing and eye-opening experience. Working with the children was so fun and every time they understood something new was such an enlightening feeling, like "wow, I may have actually helped to change this child's future.""
Zunish Saqib, Penn State University
"Do what you feel is something that makes you feel is making a difference."
Mason Ludwig, Heidelberg University
"I loved working with the children and learning about what it is like in their shoes. Also, to see the improvements the students have made within such a short time was a highlight."
Aurora Some, Heidelberg University
"Do it! because it is not only life changing for you but also for the students."
Kelsey King, Heidelberg University
"It was the best and first experience I have had with studying abroad. It opens your eyes to the world and about yourself! Loved it!"
Mckenzie Perry, Heidelberg University
"I have lived in four countries, speak three languages and have traveled extensively. I can honestly say that I've never had a more fun, fulfilling, impactful and educational experience in my life. Monte Cristi is amazing, its people are beautiful, the weather is incredible and the staff/leaders are the coolest cats around... plus the food is amazing!"
Benjamin Hauch, Penn State University
"It was an amazing, life-changing experience. You will be loved by many children."
Stacey Pistorova, Heidelberg University
"A perfect opportunity to expand your horizons by immersing yourself in another culture completely different to what you are accustomed to."
Victoria Hesser, Penn State Altoona
"Not only will you help others learn, but you will learn about yourself and pushing beyond your boundaries."
Kaitlin Farnan, Penn State Altoona
Chanel Calderon, Penn State Altoona
"Outreach360 is a great organization. They are really making a difference in these kids lives and it's amazing."
Elizabeth Kelchner, Penn State Altoona
"These kids affect you as much as you affect them. There is nothing like it. I have gained so much from this experience."
Alexandra Kuma, Penn State Altoona
"It is a trip that I believe everyone should experience in their lifetime to understand a different culture and be thankful for how we live back home."
Jessica New, Penn State Altoona
"Outreach360 allows you to be a part of something bigger than yourself, and to truly make a difference. Education is the most powerful tool, that every child is entitled to have."
Abigail Carr, Penn State Altoona
"Outreach360 was honestly one of the safest, eye-opening, and educational experiences I've ever had. I am so blessed to have gotten this opportunity and would recommend it 100% to anyone looking to make a difference!"
Mariah Plants, Penn State Altoona
"It's a perfect opportunity and it truly changed me as a person."
James Owen Patane, Penn State Altoona
"This is a once in a lifetime experience that is worth it."
Raya Kenepp, Penn State Altoona
"We only live one life, and I want to live mine making a difference in the lives of these kids because they deserve to live in a world with boundless opportunity."
Kayla Simmons, Penn State Altoona
"Outreach360 was an eye-opening and life-changing experience. It made me feel connected to another culture and made me see the need these children have."
Samantha Niagara, Penn State Altoona
"My Outreach360 experience was incredibly humbling. To see the difference one week can make with the children was amazing. Being a part of this organization is life-changing, and if you have the opportunity to experience the beautiful culture, people, and community, take it. Not only will you be teaching the children, but the children will be teaching you."
Katherine Swanson, Penn State Altoona
"Outreach360 will change you and you will go home with every child's smile and all of Jinotega in your heart."
Jessica Janczewski, Penn State Altoona
"It's an unforgettable experience."
Cristina Ortiz, Penn State Altoona
"I had an amazing time. The kids were the highlight of my trip. Seeing them have fun and knowing that their English improved within a few days was an excellent thing to see."
Kayla Hope, Penn State Altoona
"I love Outreach360! Mil gracias por todo! :)"
Cynthia Lepeley, Heidelberg University
"You come to Outreach360 thinking about the impact you will have on these incredible kids, you leave with these kids have made a bigger impact on you."
Alyssa q Eckley, Heidelberg University
"Outreach360 provided me with an amazing opportunity to positively impact the world and see the personal growth of the children in a safe and comfortable environment."
Andrew Helms, Heidelberg University
"Do it. Every experience is different, but every experience is worth it. It is what you make of it. You just have to do it to find out how life-changing it is."
Lindsey Robinson, Heidelberg University
"This organization is amazing and does so much good for these children. What these children need are more opportunities and Outreach360 gives them exactly that!"
Alexis McClimans, Heidelberg University
"It's impossible to explain how amazing the experience is. Changing lives of those around you and being a part of something greater than yourself is the most important thing you will ever do."
Amanda Blanton, Heidelberg University
"My highlights are teaching the older students and seeing the progress of the program over years."
Jennifer Thayer, Heidelberg University
"Outreach360 in an organization that can't be described in words. It is simply an experience that you have to have. No 2 people will have the same experience and the best thing to do is to jump right in and do it."
Michael Ringler, Heidelberg University
"It's a once in a lifetime experience. Coming on this trip allowed me to realize life isn't about the material things. I got the opportunity to connect with the children and watch them grow over the course of four days. After coming on this trip once, I have to come back! Wonderful kids; wonderful program."
Taelir Beery, Heidelberg University
"It is honestly one of the most fulfilling experiences in the world. You can see the intelligence of each child in their eyes. Their desire to learn is astounding. You just have to see it for yourself!"
Austin Buckhalter, Heidelberg University
"The best part of the trip was working with an older group of students and watching their transformation in their mindsets when learning about human rights. THEY KNOW THEY MATTER."
Hannah Christian, Heidelberg University
"Once in a lifetime experience"
Haleigh McKenzie, Algonquin College
"Do your research before going!"
Jennifer Lauren Thompson-Walker, Algonquin College
"Think about the big picture! The work we did in the field each day seemed minimal but looking back at day 1 vs day 4 there was progress made. Little by little!"
Claire Campbell, Algonquin College
"A lot can be accomplished in the little amount of time you are here. Make the best of it!"
Joel-Pierre Jean, Algonquin College