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"It is an amazing thing to do/experience! This past week has honestly changed my life. It has not only taught me about being grateful for what I have, but also how one week can make a huge difference in someone's life! I would highly recommend joining Outreach360 to anyone who asks for my opinion."
Katie Sullivan, SUNY Oswego
"This is an incredible experience that it is extremely eye-opening. I loved being able to experience another culture and get to know the kids and other local people. Overall, it was just nice to know we were doing something good for the kids. "
Owen Bedford, Fountain Valley School of Colorado
"There were so many highlights. The very first day when we got there, my group and I went to the park and the first thing that happened was all these kids came running up to us yelling teacher, teacher! Being in the classrooms, where the kids' eyes would light up every time they finally understood something. It was also just seeing how much the kids enjoyed learning and even the ones who wouldn't always pay attention, started to pay attention the last couple of days. The whole experience had a huge impact on my everyday life and it especially changed how I view the world."
Faith Chambers, Fountain Valley School of Colorado
"The main highlight was just seeing and being with the kids."
Constance Davies, Fountain Valley School of Colorado
"This experience will open up beautiful new doors in the heart, mind, and soul. The best part is working with the kids and seeing the intelligence and happiness grow within them."
Madeline Gallagher, Fountain Valley School of Colorado
"Going on this trip isis a great idea and is a very fun experience. Serving the children is hard but definitely worth it. I would highly recommend it."
Taranis Hunter, Fountain Valley School of Colorado
"Teaching the kids and working with the Outreach360 staff were the best parts of the trip."
Alexis Schmidt, Fountain Valley School of Colorado
"I have so many highlights of my experience with Outreach360. Working with Dominican children was a life-changing experience that I will never forget. Having cultural experiences such as going to a marina and seeing artifacts from up to 500 years ago, going the Dajabon market and seeing the Hatian border, and just being able to walk through Monte Cristi and see how life differs there. All of these experiences I will remember for the rest of my life."
Chelsey Arthurs, Canadore College
"A volunteer trip with Outreach360 is a wonderful and enriching experience. If given the opportunity to go take it! Getting to work with/teach the children was the ultimate highlight. I also enjoyed getting to know the Outreach360 leaders and all of the cultural activities that were offered to us. I had an absolute blast and I will continue to recommend people to join Outreach360."
Breanne Brown, Canadore College
"The greatest part of the program without a doubt was working with the children and the other volunteers. The fact that the children in and out of the classroom want to learn speaks volumes to the way the program is being run. Don't think twice about going. This opportunity is as equally a transforming project for yourself as it is for the students you will work with."
Thomas Crowhurst, Canadore College
"It is a great opportunity and not only do we teach the students so much, but the students teach us so much. Being immersed in the culture of Monte Cristi gives you a new understanding and appreciation for life. The memories and lessons that you take home with you far outweigh anything else."
Elizabeth Finnegan, Heidelberg University
"Very well organized and a powerful experience in many ways. Outreach360 has built a 20 year reputation in the community and it shows."
Brian Haley, Heidelberg University
"I really enjoyed working with the kids. It was a great experience for me, even as a non education major."
Emilee Lester, Heidelberg University
"DO IT!!! I know I plan on doing it again!"
Kassidie Roudebush, Heidelberg University
"This is an experience like no other. I loved working with the students and seeing how fast they grasped the concepts that we were teaching. I was also able to get closer with the people that came with me from my school as well as make friends from other colleges/universities."
Bailey Seevers, Heidelberg University
"I loved working with the students. They all had a passion to learn and I learned just as much from them as I taught them. Even though I have limited Spanish language I could easily communicate with them and it was so rewarding!"
Elizabeth Volz, Heidelberg University
"This is one of the best experiences of my life! My highlights ranged from playing the the park with local kids, to teaching at the local schools. If I get the chance to return, I would hop onto a plane in a heartbeat."
Madeleine Chang, West Point Grey Academy
"I was hesitant at first but I'm so glad I went. I was worried about the sudden change of culture and environment and not being able to adapt. But the community in Monte Cristi is so welcoming and open that it made it easy. Being with the kids and just being in the community made me the happiest that I've been in a long time. It's helped me confront some things happening back home, and it's given me the opportunity to reflect and appreciate what I have. "
Stephanie Chang, West Point Grey Academy
"The best part of the trip was getting to meet the kids and experiencing the friendly culture of the Dominicans. I loved playing soccer in the park and tag on the playground, but I think the energy and enthusiasm the children bring into learning was the biggest highlight because it made every day fun and exciting."
Isabella Duelli Duente, West Point Grey Academy
"It's a life-changing experience and totally worth it. The food was good, the facilities were very nice, and the leaders were great!"
Yutao (Kevin) Gu, West Point Grey Academy
"This is a great organization to work with. The best part was when the children had the "aha!" Moment and finally understood what we were teaching them."
Kitty He, West Point Grey Academy
"This was indeed an eye opening experience and I learned a lot about myself and my abilities, my peers and their uniqueness, and the culture and local people. Teaching the kids and exploring the local community were some of the greatest highlights."
Gregory Kuntjoro, West Point Grey Academy
"Outreach360 does an amazing job of combining an exposure to a new culture with learning about yourself. I also always felt very safe and comfortable."
Rachel Yen, West Point Grey Academy
"The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country. The kids were very eager to learn, and it was a great overall experience. "
Max Braun, Savannah Country Day School
"It is a great program that really has the ability to change the lives of hundreds of kids!"
Allyson Kemp, Savannah Country Day School
"This experience was welcoming for people who had never been outside the USA (such as myself), it was not necessary to speak the local language to participate, and it was really an unforgettable experience. My favorite things about the trip were the authentic food, being able to speak Spanish with the locals, and helping the kids that were excited to learn English."
Ryan Khan, Savannah Country Day School
"Do it! It's a really awesome experience, and the best parts are getting to work with the children and experiencing a new culture!"
Kate Moffett, Savannah Country Day School
"The children, hands-down, were the best part of this trip."
Andrew Paul, Savannah Country Day School
"Outreach360 is organized, reliable, and enthusiastic when it comes to doing meaningful service work. I would highly recommend it."
Jennifer Romano, Savannah Country Day School
"I had a really fantastic experience and would recommend it to anyone, one hundred percent.!"
Maria Strunjas, Savannah Country Day School
"Volunteering with outreach360 was a great experience that I hope to have again! "
Kate Templeton, Savannah Country Day School
"We've now been to both Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic and all I can say is GO!! Everything planned by Outreach360 was executed easily and perfectly from the airport pick up to the teaching schedule to the accommodations. Traveling to the DR with my two young children couldn't have been easier. We enjoyed meeting other volunteers, working with the kids and seeing a new country/city. If you enjoy teaching and like working with young kids its a great way to spend your time and energy. "
Jennifer Berz
"I liked the learning experience and teaching the kids English. I also enjoyed playing and getting to know the kids after school at the park. Another highlight of this trip was getting to know about the history of the Dominican Republic. I hope to do this trip again or something like it in the future."
Noah Berz
"Outreach 360 is one of the few service organizations that do service the right way. It focus on serving (not helping), educating (not indoctrinating), and empowering the community (not perpetuating the cycle of poverty). Kudos to Outreach 360. "
Bradley Bolin, Arizona State University
"I had an amazing experience with Outreach 360! My highlight during my experience was my interactions with the students. Each student is so eager to learn and its a great feeling to see a student learn something you taught them."
Brittany Ferguson, Arizona State University
"Highlights included observing the takeaway from our students who went on the trip, experiencing a small portion of the culture and seeing the children learn in a small amount of time. "
Michael Scott Patton, Arizona State University
"I really enjoyed working with the children. They were very vibrant and intelligent students! They inspired me to work harder in my role in educating future leaders. The experience is thought provoking, humbling, and enchanting! This is an one of a kind opportunity and you don't want to miss out."
James Randall, Arizona State University
"It is a unique experience. The organization and it's members are organized and have a strong connection to the community creating a welcoming environment. You get to spend a lot of time with the children who are passionate and excited to see you everyday!"
Emily Rupp, Arizona State University
"It was absolutely incredible and in my opinion, a necessary experience. Teaching the kids was amazing! I Loved having time with them."
Elaissia Sears, Arizona State University
"Absolutely do it! You will not regret the experience that you will gain. "
Jasmine Smalls, Arizona State University
"By all means "jump right in!" Seriously, it's an incredibly well run program with ample time for cultural immersion and ethnic food, as well as time with the children. It will definitely change your perspective on things and leave you wanting to do more to serve the lives of others."
Marion Burdick, Northeastern University
"Outreach360 is hands down an instant 'yes' if deciding to join a charity or volunteer organization. The management and leaders were extraordinary and very impressive in the way they conducted things and managed over 100 volunteers during our stay. The leaders are knowledgeable, equipped, enthusiastic, positive, and reassuring during difficulty times. They really gave us the momentum to keep our energy up during the teaching week. Outreach360 by far made our experience as wholesome as we had hoped it would be. I would tell a friend that Outreach360 should be a top choice and I would give them any contacts from the organization I had so that they too, can pursue this opportunity."
Vineeth Nair, Northeastern University
"The highlight of my experience with Outreach360 was the ability to explore and immerse myself in a new community and culture, and the privilege of seeing the kids grow and learn even in the one short week that we were there. It was incredible to reach out to the community and feel them reaching back. I really felt welcomed with open arms, and I loved the chance to get to know a new group of people. "
Sarah Sherman, Northeastern University
"I have now spent two weeks with Outreach360 and I have absolutely loved it. Being a volunteer at Outreach has made me feel like my time and service is going to great use!"
Anna Smith, Northeastern University
"It is a great experience and a well-run volunteer experience. The organization really allows individuals and groups to make a difference and understand the individual and collective impact we can have. Plus, the staff, students and community members are wonderful!"
Hilary Sullivan, Northeastern University
"DEFINITELY join. This week not only changed my definition of 'service' but also gave me a humbling experience that no words can really duplicate except experiencing it. "
Yayoi Furuhata, Carnegie Mellon University
"It's a good way to learn about the education system in Dominican Republic. And a great chance to work with the kids, even if for short time."
Abhinav Gautam, Carnegie Mellon University
"I had an incredible time working with children who loved to learn and with teammates who had a similar passion for education. Seeing that I made a difference, even if just a small one, in the children with whom I worked was an obvious highlight."
Rachel McKinney, Carnegie Mellon University
"The Staff at Outreach were wonderful- friendly, involved, super informative and knowledgable. I never felt unsure/unsafe with them and trusted them immediately. They were so organized and work well under unexpected circumstances super well. The kids we met and worked with were also great. It was amazing to see just how quickly they soaked English up, and could recite/repeat and connect things together by the end of the week. I wasn't sure at first if that would happen, but it did. I also appreciated the amount of time we had to explore and really understand more fully the city we were in, and how things work in the Dominican Republic."
Michaela Page, Carnegie Mellon University
"This trip changes your view of how the world works. You realize that the equation of hard work + ambition = success doesn't work for these kids when the education system doesn't do its part in equipping them with the skills they need. The world needs more organizations like Outreach360. Anyone who has the opportunity to share the privilege of the English-based education they have, should definitely go. "
Shyama Sadashiv, Carnegie Mellon University