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"Not only are you able to inspire and educate the children, but they do same for you. The children are just as passionate to teach you Spanish as they are to learn English. I never knew I could connect with someone without speaking their language going on this trip."
Haylee Snow, Taft School
"Yes! I volunteered a year ago and knew I HAD to come back because Jinotega and it's people changed my life and I knew I had to come back and do it all again!"
Elly MacKay, Taft School
"I would recommend Outreach360 to anyone considering the program. I have been to both Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic and have been amazed time after time by the passion and positive energy coming from not only the children but the entire community. Working with Outreach360 has not only allowed me to acknowledge myself and the opportunities I have but also gave me the opportunity to give "choice" to a broader community and open doors that had not previously been open."
Kaitlyn Macdonald, Taft School
"I came back this year for the second time and plan on coming back because Outreach360 taught me how to step outside my comfort zone and that its possible to feel at home even in a new foreign country when you're surrounded by such supportive and impactful people."
Erin Farrell, Taft School
"With Outreach360 I learned as much as I taught. I learned passion, love, and hunger for a life of choice. I was so inspired by the children I worked with because they brought so much passions, love, and hunger, I definitely hold in my heart everything I learned from you. Thanks!"
Rachel Lau, Taft School
"My highlights were being able to communicate with the kids in a way that was deeper than language. I didn't speak Spanish and I was still able to connect with them in deeper ways than I knew possible."
Natalie Vogelstein, Taft School
"I think it's a great opportunity to travel and explore while actually during something positive for the world."
Robert Clifford, Taft School
"They take really good care of each and every volunteer, and all the kids are glad to be in school, It's a pleasure."
Joseph Modirzadeh, New York University
"Be ready to do much community building and only embark on this trip if you want to establish interpersonal relationships at the international level, this is an exchange of US- Nicaraguan experiences."
Daniel Anthony Prieto, New York University
"Partaking in Outreach360 is truly what you make of it. Their motto "This is it" holds true. Having a genuine desire to work with kids on English literacy and facilitating their discovery of the diverse array of options that they have are pivotal. This experience isn't about helping the less fortunate, it is about being able to serve a community with so much beauty manifested in different ways than one is used to."
Moriah Cruz, New York University
"A great program to join. I made so many meaningful connections not just with other volunteers and the students but also with the amazing staff."
Tina Yu, New York University
"Try it!"
Richard Ma, New York University
"Outreach360 has given me the platform to interact with and learn more about a foreign culture. Come here with an open mind and you will definitely have surprising takeaways. The community here is warm and welcoming, so that's a bonus!"
Jia Sing Chu, New York University
"This is trip a service trip. This is a cultural exchange. We may be here to teach others, but the kids end up being teaching us."
Cordelia Dees Miran Kwon, New York University
"Great experience, especially if you want to be a teacher!"
Karina Lacey, North Carolina State University
"This trip will transform you and how you see yourself in the world. The experience will never leave you."
Shawn Fredericks, North Carolina State University
"Outreach360 is a wonderful and powerful program. It gives you the chance to impact lives and change perspectives. Through Outreach360, I was able to touch so many and make a true difference. This feeling will stay with me. I will continue to serve and I will be back to experience that love and light again."
Nickala Wasson, Arizona State University
"My experience in Monte Cristi was incredible - teaching in the schools, meeting new people, and discovering a new culture was an unforgettable experience."
Bianca Navia, Arizona State University
"My experience with Outreach360 in one word: beautiful. From the very beginning, I have been truly inspired by a multitude of things. This past week has shown me that one individual can have an enormous impact, one which will convey a greater sense of unity and peace beyond borders."
Brody Fogleman, North Carolina State University
"The program is a life-changing experience and knowing you can give back and be a role model to so many children in just one week is something you cannot prep for."
Bobbi Chagolla, Arizona State University
"Having almost no expectations of the Dominican Republic, I can honestly say that this trip introduced me to a country of beautiful, humble, and wonderful people and I couldn't be gladder to have had this opportunity."
John Janezic, Arizona State University
"Just do it. It's amazing!"
Molly Beardslee, North Carolina State University
"Do it! I promise you won't regret it. The smiles of these wonderful kiddos will light up your world. If you want to experience pure joy, walk into an Outreach360 classroom. I can't and won't stop coming back to see these amazing people."
Amber Black, North Carolina State University
"It is one of the best weeks I have ever experienced. The kids have a place in my heart and always will."
Alexandra Bates, North Carolina State University
"It's a wonderful experience that lets you make a difference and impact in a way you never thought possible!"
Carmen Palacios-Aguirre, North Carolina State University
"Get ready for a week you will never forget - making an impact in the schools, learning about a new culture, seeing new sights, speaking Spanish and realizing that you have the power to change the world - one student at a time! The program is incredibly organized, well run and most of all impactful. I highly recommend it!"
Natalie Rudolph, Arizona State University
"Take a chance and go if there's any amount of interest in taking this trip. It is a challenging but rewarding experience that will take you out of your comfort zone and place you in a situation where you can ultimately grow and have a deep impact on others."
Kallyn Tall, North Carolina State University
"Going will give you the experience of seeing a big impact being made in a community that needs that impact."
Sonja Bonar, Arizona State University
"Do it! It honestly changes not only you as a person but also others around you."
Bethany Lares, Arizona State University
"Seeing a child light up and smile because of something that you did to impact their lives is really one of the most heartwarming and amazing experiences that you will ever come across."
Amber Andrade, Arizona State University
"Coming to Monte Cristi has inspired me more than any other event in my life to become the person I truly want to be. I am assured that I have made a difference in the school children's' lives because their signs of understanding, comprehension, and retention - this proved that they have improved their understanding of English. I now have a refreshed outlook and hopefulness for change in this world and can truly see myself returning to work with Outreach360 in the future as well as volunteering more in my own community. Life-changing! Thank you, Outreach360!"
Elise Carlsten, North Carolina State University
"This experience cannot be described in words. It's something one must do to understand. Knowing you are helping a child grow and learn the opportunities out there for them is simply priceless."
Ashley Kreider, North Carolina State University
"Everyone said that you get out of it what you put into it... and every single person that invested themselves in this trip had a positive life-changing experience in their own way. "
Peyton Frye, North Carolina State University
"10/10. Transformative experience. Not only for you as a volunteer but for the students as well."
Lizbeth Marquez, Arizona State University
"Everyone should have an experience like this, where you are encouraged to grow and change the world."
Katherine Mansfield, North Carolina State University
"This experience is priceless. This organization is making a difference in the community that is lasting. I was anxious at first, but overflowing with emotions at the end of the week from the reactions and love from both students of Monte Cristi and my peers."
Erin Kehoe, North Carolina State University
"This will change your life. There is no question. I have never been challenged this much in my entire life and I know that if you want to be the change in the world that you want to see, then Outreach360 is the place for you. Release the Hero Within and dream big by changing the world, one life at a time."
Charles Blum, North Carolina State University
"This trip truly changed my life. The joy, the tears, the high fives, and the children impacted me so much; I will never forget this experience. I appreciate this organization and what it stands for."
Marsai Miller, North Carolina State University
"Join Outreach360. It gives you the opportunity to not only travel but to be a part of a bigger impact. You immerse yourself in the culture all while changing the world."
Lauren Quintanar, Arizona State University
"At first, I was not sure what this trip looked like; however, the impact this trip has had on me has been unfathomable. I loved working with the kids and experiencing a culture that I had little knowledge of."
Daniel Lee, North Carolina State University
"Outreach360 is an amazing organization that has a wonderful goal!"
Kamari Talley, Arizona State University
"If you are looking for an opportunity to give your heart, time and resources - JOIN OUTREACH360! If you desire to make an impact on the future leaders of tomorrow - JOIN OUTREACH360! If you need a place to be refueled, refreshed and reenergized - JOIN OUTREACH360! This dynamic organization will change your life, challenge your perspective and cultivate a holistic lens of the world around you... So come join Outreach360 and release the hero within! With us... you create the power to win!"
Leah Campbell, North Carolina State University
"This experience changed my life and outlook on the world as well as impacting the children's futures and I wish everyone I know could take advantage of this opportunity."
Carrie Jones, North Carolina State University
"Outreach360 is a place that will change your life. Not only will you have the chance to impact children, but also impact the way you look at the world on a day to day basis."
Cameron Smith, Northeastern University
"Outreach360 is a data-driven, evidence-based program meeting a real community need. The children you meet are loving, smart, and excited to learn. I can't recommend this organization enough!"
Cassandra Moreno, Northeastern University
"Outreach360 provides volunteers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a local culture, realize the community assets and engage with children to unlock their full potential."
Mark Este, Northeastern University
"Jump in, all in, don't just do it, live in every moment and before you know it you'll be eager to return."
Mya Brown, Northeastern University
"This was truly a one-of-a-kind experience and I will carry memories from this trip with me into the future in all of my interactions, both with peers and with the youth. I would highly recommend volunteering with Outreach360!"
Jenna Zappetti, Northeastern University
"It's a great way to experience life out of the U.S. and see the impact people can bring to a community if they are really committed to making a difference."
Elijah Gullage, Northeastern University
"Outreach360 was my first international volunteering experience and they have made me reconsider my whole lifestyle."
Mahir Kabir, Northeastern University