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"I had such a wonderful experience working with the kids; it was great seeing their progress during the week and how engaged they were and excited to learn. It was clearly evident the positive impact that Outreach360 has on the community. I would definitely recommend the program to others. There is a reason that Outreach360 has been around for 20 years; they know what they are doing!!! "
Amy Pedlow, University at Buffalo
"Outreach360 is a very established, professional program that I felt such a great connection to from the get-go. Because they have been located in the Monte Cristi area in the DR for 20 years, the community really welcomes you as a volunteer and appreciates all that you are doing. The kids you will be working with are so bright and give you such satisfaction working with them, even if it's only for a few days. I highly recommended volunteering for at least a week!"
Victoria Robbins, University at Buffalo
"GO IN A HEARTBEAT; IT IS A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE! Even though this was my second year back to the Dominican Republic I would love to come back and work with outreach360 maybe even in Nicaragua. :)"
Natalie Singer, University at Buffalo
"The highlight of my trip was working with the kids! The culture is different and some things may surprise you, but if your mind is open you will learn to understand what you're seeing and learn a lot about the culture."
Alexandra Van Hall, University at Buffalo
"I am very impressed with its structure and organization and the safety that is provided. The children of course are high points of the trip and the cultural and historical information provided throughout the trip to help understand what we saw at the schools was a perfect addition to the program. "
Gesenia Vasquez, University at Buffalo
"Outreach360 provided an experience that was transformative and life-changing. Never before had I experienced another culture in this kind of way. The depth that the organization reaches to discuss culture, politics, and history of the Dominican Republic and surrounding areas is truly admirable. From the very beginning, the Outreach360 team made everyone feel welcomed in a new place. "
Michael Venturiello, University at Buffalo
"Working with the kids was awesome, and an experience I'll never forget. The culture day was also pretty wonderful as well. Outreach360 provides an experience you can't get anywhere else, I'm exciting to come back next year and excited to see how they continue to improve their programs"
Throsby Wells, University at Buffalo
"Working with Outreach360 is an amazing experience that most people will never get, and you can really make a difference in the world by joining Outreach360 and participating in what they do. Having the chance to work with all of the students, seeing the immense amount of respect that Outreach360 has earned in the community, and going to the market on Cultural Day were some of my favorite things about my experience."
Megan Yoerg, University at Buffalo
"As someone who has never worked with young children before, I would say the entire teaching experience was the highlight. My experience is definitely unforgettable."
Javier Yu, University at Buffalo
"My highlights were obviously the kids. I loved working with them and I loved seeing my team come together and work so well to teach them in what limited time we had."
Heath Abney, University of Kentucky
"This is a life-changing experience and everyone should go. Probably the biggest highlight was getting a change to see the kids understand what we were teaching them."
Hannah Baird, University of Kentucky
"Outreach360 does important work, is well organized and run, and has good relationships with the community. I thought the staff was top notch, informed and articulate; their enthusiasm was contagious. Participating in an Outreach360 trip is extremely valuable to the community and to yourself as well."
Peter Berres, University of Kentucky
"This organization helps you find the opportunity to touch the life of a child - helping them develop tools to enhance their future, to share the joy of learning."
Zachary Fuqua, University of Kentucky
"The experience was an all-in-all so amazing and I am so grateful to have gotten to work with Outreach360 and I plan to hopefully come back in the future. "
Nicole Henlein, University of Kentucky
"Taking a trip with Outreach360 will change your life. It takes a lot to remove yourself from your comfort zone, but the reward is so fulfilling and humbling, and the experience is unlike any other. The BEST part of my experience was working in the school. I wish I could've been there longer and spend more time with the kids, but being their teacher for even only 4 days was so rewarding, humbling and fulfilling and further sparked my interest in service, education, and youth empowerment. Do it. Jump right in. You won't regret it!"
Lauren Henrickson, University of Kentucky
"It was an amazing experience. My highlights were definitely getting to work with the students and experience the culture of the Dominican Republic. You really have to go there in order to get the full effect. The things that I have experienced are hard to describe."
Jillian Marks, University of Kentucky
"Loved it! Mostly good things to say!"
Margaret Owens, University of Kentucky
"This is an amazing program with amazing people in charge!"
Katie Price, University of Kentucky
"Working with the children and seeing their growth with their English, Interacting with the other volunteers and Cultural day were all highlights."
Ashlei Anderson, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"This was a great experience. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and collaboration, but working with the children will be the greatest highlight."
Kyalamboka Brown, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"Working with the children, working with the other volunteers and all of the cultural experience made this trip an amazing experience!"
Lauren Carr, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"My volunteer trip was a lovely experience and I really loved meeting the other volunteers and children."
Emma Curley, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"Even though I can't speak Spanish, I enjoyed working with the children because the mutual respect and love for each other that we shared was remarkable. Outreach360's principles aren't only goals during your time volunteering; they can be applied in all areas of your life, even long after you leave. The children look up to the volunteers and really stretch them to be the best they can be. Volunteering at Outreach360 is a growing experience for everyone involved."
Lisa Kamsickas, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"I would strongly recommend an Outreach360 trip. The program is safe yet still gives you a glimpse into the culture and lets you explore. It is very hands on because you get to teach children and create your own lesson plans each day. Teaching the children was a great experience and very eye-opening and being able to participate in culture day allowed us to experience the the culture and people around us."
Oluseyi Osobamiro, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"This is a life changing experience that gave my students so much insight into what it means to teach with love, to have patience and to be flexible. The highlights of my experience were making connections with the teachers at the school we served and all our teacher/colleges from the other High Schools serving with us, as well as the Outreach360 leaders. I also thoroughly enjoyed teaching the children, especially the challenging 4th graders at Rosa Smester. "
Rebeka Pastrone, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"This trip will help reinvigorate your soul. You will be astounded at how much of a difference you can make in your own life and in the lives of others in such a short period of time."
Charles Sellers IV, St. Mark's School
"Watching our students take leadership roles in working with the Dominican children and making connections both in and out of the classroom were big highlights. I also liked being able to connect with other educators from other schools and feeling certain that the time I/we spent in Monte Cristi made a positive impact on the children there."
Amy Vachris, St. Mark's School
"Everyone should take an Outreach360 trip because it is an amazing, life changing experience!"
Wyeth Joas, Derryfield School
"This is an amazing experience. Being able to teach in the classroom and hangout with the kids in the park were the best parts."
Lindsey Stagg, Derryfield School
"Great Program, well structured, great support staff.... The program is appropriate for anyone from middle schoolers to retired folks."
G. Frederick Zeller, III, Derryfield School
"It's indescribable!"
Katia Gazquez Rausch, Taft School
"I enjoyed teaching & interacting with the kids. Cultural excursions like our trip to the Dajabon Market were also highlights."
Nikoloz Morgoshia, Taft School
"I had an overall very good experience with Outreach360 and anyone would probably enjoy their experience with Outreach 360 as well."
Tyler Nortillo, Taft School
"Absolutely do it; it is life-changing!"
Samantha Manfreda, Taft School
"I enjoyed watching the students from my school grow into their role as teachers. I also thoroughly enjoyed working with students much younger than the ones I teach back in the US. "
Laura Monti, Taft School
"It's an awesome experience! Teaching in the school and seeing the kids I had formed connections with during my past trips were the highlights."
Megan Stone, Taft School
"For some people, doing a trip like this is a big step to take, but it's absolutely worth it!"
Richard Anderson-Martinez, University of New England
"Being noticed as "Teacher!" in and out of the classroom shows the effects Outreach360 has on the community. Also the whole teaching part in general was a highlight. I wish I could've stayed for another week or more to get more time in with the kiddos. "
Megan Burns, University of New England
"Going on an Outreach360 trip is an amazing opportunity and when you do go, be sure to take everything In. Every person gets something different from the experience whatever it is for you will most certainly touch your heart. It is really a magical place and a magical organization! "
Natassja Fatcheric, University of New England
"My entire experience was a highlight. It was amazing to see how friendly the Dominicans are, how important learning English is to these people and how much the Dominicans want us to teach them English. Most nonprofits are immediate relief organizations and sometimes stray from their mission statement. Outreach360 provides a sustainable source of aid (teaching English) and they are a very structured organization that sticks to their mission and gets results."
Ryan Funai, University of New England
"I think working with Outreach360 is an amazing opportunity. Connecting with the kids and experiencing a different culture and community to my own were the best parts of the experience. "
Shannon Gillen, University of New England
"I absolutely loved working with the children and teaching them english! It was a life changing experience and I completely fell in love with the children and the local people. "
Daryan Lemire, University of New England
"I would tell anyone about my incredible experience and encourage them to try and see what they can get out of the program. Every person has a different story and perceives the world around them in a unique way. This holds true for making differences in this world. Everyone should get the opportunity to see how making a difference for other people's lives can also impact their own in a positive manner."
Brian Miglorino, University of New England
"Working with the kids every day was so rewarding. "
Kiera O\'Donnell, University of New England
"Working with the children and seeing them so happy to come to English class and learn was amazing. It was so interesting to see how their attitudes changed when they came into class and focused on their work. "
Sara Schilke, University of New England
"Absolutely, you should do it! The experience would be more incredible if you can do it with 10 of your closest family & friends."
Teresa Whyte, University of New England
"It is amazing to see the changes you can make in a kids life in just week. My best experience was meeting the kids and how happy they were with how little they had compared to the kids in the United States. "
William Whyte, University of New England
"This is a life-changing, amazing experience. Go for it!"
Debra Geroux, SUNY Oswego
"I loved being able to plan lessons and collaborate with students from different Universities. It's nice to know that we could all come together for a common purpose."
Charlene Murray, SUNY Oswego
"This trip was more than I could ever ask for! Not only did the kids steal my heart but so did outreach360 and I cannot wait to come back and work with this amazing program again! Don't think twice and go! This trip will change your life forever! "
Colleen Somerville, SUNY Oswego