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"Outreach360 is an amazing program that inspires both their volunteers and the students they work with what they've got and never take no for an answer. They are not helping to make a difference, they are making a difference."
Ashley Marrazzo, Southern New Hampshire University
"Joining Outreach360 is the most eye-opening experience you will ever have. Getting the opportunity to work with the kids is a chance to change the community and world for further generations. You make an impact regardless of if you feel like you don't. If you can go, GO!!"
Kelsey Haskins, Southern New Hampshire University
"With Outreach360 you are not just volunteering, you're joining a family of incredible people to empower children through education."
Michala Allen, Southern New Hampshire University
"Coming to Monte Cristi has been one of the most influential experiences of my life. Meeting Miguel and learning about his love and passion for these children excited me every day to go into the schools and help these kids. They are so appreciative and energetic and I left every day smiling. If you want to change children's lives while they change yours, I would highly recommend volunteering with Outreach360."
Katherine Skrocki, Southern New Hampshire University
"Go for it because it's life-changing for you and the students!"
Olivia Wills, University of Kentucky
"I absolutely recommend this experience! I learned so much about myself and challenged myself."
Caitlyn Walsh, University of Kentucky
"It's a community in Monte Cristi. Everyone comes with the same apprehensions but we leave humbled and changed by such an incredible, unique experience."
Rianna Evans, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
"Understanding the impact that Outreach360 has on these students little by little and seeing students like Caleb grow into a leader was the highlight."
Shota Furuhata, Carnegie Mellon University
"I truly saw the impact I had on the kids, and I loved that I was doing so through Outreach360, an organization that seems to be so cognizant of how it serves and educates their volunteers to be aware of the consequences of their service."
Jane Jeong, Carnegie Mellon University
"Outreach360 has changed my view of the world. I learned that small things make a huge difference in children's lives and that has motivated me to continue the momentum."
Kelly Dineen, SUNY Oswego
"Outreach360 is a family. The experience is life-changing and the work we do is so impactful. I give it a 10/10."
Jacob Small, SUNY Oswego
"Working with the students in school and learning center, and being able to create our own lesson plans were highlights"
Todd Stoltzfus, University of Kentucky
"Do it for the kids!"
Shannon Lu, Carnegie Mellon University
"It's an incredible experience that you have to live to truly understand."
Daniela Acacio, Carnegie Mellon University
"It'll change your life."
Ryan Chan, Carnegie Mellon University
"Definitely, do it! It is a great experience that can change your perspective on global education and a different lifestyle. Also, you will make long-lasting relationships."
Jacob Parrish, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
"Be energetic about everything you do on your trip. It is what you make of it for both you and the kids. If you show enthusiasm and excitement then you'll make it a great trip."
Molly Baumhauer, Carnegie Mellon University
"Jump right in! You won't know the impact you can make and the experience you can have unless you try and push yourself out of your comfort zone."
Anurati Sodani, Carnegie Mellon University
"My highlight was having the rowdiest kids hug me on the last day!"
Sung Jun Hong, Carnegie Mellon University
"Principle 7: Jump right in! I was a bit apprehensive coming into the trip, but Outreach360 has exposed me to a whole new perspective of the world, but it has also exposed my heart to becoming a whole new person."
McKaylee Copher, University of Kentucky
"It is life-changing. You get to do something seriously important in the world by serving here at Outreach360. I enjoyed every moment of my experience."
Megan Higgins, University of Kentucky
"It is an incredible experience working with many other people who believe in creating change. One of the highlights of my time in high school."
Rwick Sarkar, St. Marks School
"I would tell them that it is a completely fulfilling and impactful experience not only for the students but also yourself, and something everyone should experience at least once in their lives."
Ariadne Sandoval, Carnegie Mellon University
"I learned so much from this trip - about culture, history, world issues and myself. It was only a week but it felt like so much more in the best way. It revitalized my soul and I got to help make a change."
Rebecca Deason, University of Kentucky
"This experience has taught me the meaning of service and communication and it is amazing to see how excited the students are to be able to learn something new. I know that I will be seeing the world in a different light from now on."
Iris Lu, Carnegie Mellon University
"Do it and never look back. You will have a life-changing experience and will learn so much about yourself while empowering others."
Sumaya Shalash, University of Kentucky
"I would tell others that this is an experience that really will make an impact not only on you but the community and kids! Although it may seem like a week isn't enough time, each group every week poco a poco makes a huge impact!"
Alexis Gregory, Southern New Hampshire University
"During the trip, I got many texts asking where I was and how to join. I told them all about it and told them to look up Outreach360 and some followed on Facebook and have been looking up the summer camps."
Melany Delgado, SUNY Oswego
"I am highly impressed by the entire program. From the staff's high energy levels to the interconnectedness with the community. I am proud of being a part of this impactful program."
Alexandria Schmidt, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
"Definitely, do it! You will have an amazing experience that can be life-changing. You will make connections with other volunteers that can last a lifetime."
Douglas Blais, Southern New Hampshire University
"I highly recommend working with Outreach360. It was a wonderful experience. The warm hospitality, chance to work in the schools and connections built was extraordinary - no one will leave without feeling part of something larger than themselves."
Christy Huynh, SUNY Oswego
"Every year I think that perhaps I should give someone else from our school the opportunity to experience this trip - and then I decide that I don't want to miss it! The challenge now is to recruit more students for next year so that more adults can come, too. Thank you!"
Amy Vachris, St. Marks School
"Serving in the Dominican Republic with Outreach360 during this spring break has opened my eyes to the impact/power of serving instead of helping. Working alongside the community will help prepare the future generations to do the work themselves."
Edly Massanga, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
"I am usually a very cynical and skeptical person yet there is nothing negative I could say about the program. It achieved everything it promised."
Gregory Milburn, University of Kentucky
"To feel that I used every moment while with Outreach360 to better the lives of the Monte Cristi youth made me appreciate how lucky I am to have had this opportunity."
Christopher Becker, St. Marks School
"DO IT! Be prepared, but be excited because it will change your life. Finding yourself in the service of others is the easiest and most beneficial way! You won't regret this."
Sarah Shalash, University of Kentucky
"Not only is Outreach360 a program where kids learn from you, but you will learn so many things about yourself while here."
Maeve Ahern, St. Marks School
"Join full-heartedly. It's going to be an experience of a lifetime. Get out of your comfort zone and experience a reality that differs from your own. You will not regret it!"
Chidinma Nwankwo, Carnegie Mellon University
"Great organization - very caring, very organized - lives their principles."
Christine Blais, Southern New Hampshire University
"Outreach360 gives you the opportunity to see the world while changing the world of students, allowing them to one day change the world themselves!"
Courtney Myers
"Outreach360 honestly changed my life. It has made me believe in myself little by little. The impact this program has not only on the children they teach, but the entire community is remarkable. I have been on 3 trips with Outreach360, and will 100% be returning."
Celeste Bowering
"A great program which acknowledges the importance of serving and learning together, We aren't here to help, the kids we meet don't need help, but we can expose them to a new language so they can have other opportunities."
Samantha Steckle
"The Outreach360 Nicaragua program makes for a great High School spring break. Jinotega is a great town and safe. The program has a nice balance of volunteering, learning about the culture, and free time to explore the town."
Jeremy Clifford, Taft School
"I was skeptical at first that these kids would actually learn from me, but in reality, it was absolutely incredible to see the sheer joy and eagerness they had every single day. They want to be there. The progress in just one week was monumental. The progress in months and years will be life-changing"
Sarah Tata, Taft School
"This program is a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of not only the children, but all of the people in the community and not only was I given the opportunity to teach others, I was also taught so much about myself and the world around me."
Jazmin Davis, Taft School
"Going on an Outreach360 trip and volunteering is such an amazing experience to serve a community which is an opportunity of a lifetime. You not only understand more about a different culture/community but also about yourself."
Blake Gray, Taft School
"Get out of your routine, your rut and do something fun and more powerful, more meaningful, more satisfying than just about anything you will do all year. You will not regret the decision when you see the focus of the children you teach each day."
Peter Allan Frew, Taft School
"Outreach360 has a clear mission, to open doors and make children dream of more opportunities and they do it with love, vision and deep commitment to the future. And the people who work with Outreach360 are amazing!!! "
Elizabeth Ashby Frew, Taft School
"Before my week here with Outreach360, I've always wanted to make a difference somewhere, but, I thought I was too young or not knowledgeable enough to help others. This past week, however, I learned that anyone can make a difference and that there is no such thing as a minor impact."
Tatiana Haynes, Taft School
"This trip is a life-changing experience for you and the children that you're teaching. The opportunity is equal for both parties, as it's an opportunity to enrich a new generation while they are given an opportunity to learn about all they are capable of in the future."
Pearl Young, Taft School