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"This experience is indescribable and so unique. I enjoyed the rush of teaching the kids. Even though the culture is different, kids are kids and learned so much more than I anticipated from spending time with them!"
Emma Fantaccione
"You won't regret going on an Outreach360 trip - it will be one of the best experiences of your life. Just working with the kids one on one and seeing all of their improvements throughout the week is the biggest highlight. Whether it was the day where they finally warmed up to you and actually let you help them or it was the day where they just all of a sudden got what they were doing, it was so rewarding to know that you had made an impact!"
Sabrina Giacona
"The highlights of my experience was sharing it with my daughter and meeting and working with the children in the local school. Experiencing the culture and the children really puts your life in perspective. "
Kerri Berryman
"The highlights are experiencing a new culture and working with the children. Overall Outreach360 is a good NGO."
Amsale Abera, University of Wisconsin- Madison
"It's challenging but rewarding. Seeing kids get excited about learning was a highlight."
Tyler Ballweg, University of Wisconsin- Madison
"It was an amazing experience! I really liked being able to get involved with the locals. It was so much better than just going on a vacation and doing touristy things because you actually got to see how the locals live and help the kids at the same time. It was such an amazing and rewarding experience! "
Sarah Cook, University of Wisconsin- Madison
"It was a highlight to work with all of the Outreach360 leaders. They all truly believe in its mission and they made the experience. I also loved the time we spent working with the kids, and I wish we could've had even more time to work with them. "
Kyra Fox, University of Wisconsin- Madison
"Working with the kids was by far the best part. That's where I felt myself grow the most. I also really enjoyed the planned culture activities and appreciated that Outreach360 wanted us to experience the country. It's a great experience, but a heavy one."
Sydney Heyler, University of Wisconsin- Madison
"It is such a wonderful experience to meet and connect with the children as well as those you work along side of."
Andrea Oelke, University of Wisconsin- Madison
"Outreach360 is a wonderful experience to get out and serve and teach others, but it also teaches you just as much. "
Emma Rehnelt, University of Wisconsin- Madison
"I loved every second of my experience with Outreach360. I'd have to say the part I enjoyed most though would be working with the kids because they were just so eager to learn and came to get an education with such a positive attitude; much different than in the U.S."
Kevin Chao, Manheim Township IB School
"Outreach360 is a good place to start for someone who would like to work in developing countries, especially since it is so safe. The volunteer program is packed with thing that make it all a great learning experience, which makes is a good break from everyday problems of life at home."
Margaret Dennis, Manheim Township IB School
"It is an amazing experience and the best part was experiencing the culture and meeting the children I worked with. "
Emma Doupe, Manheim Township IB School
"It's hard to pinpoint one highlight, I love every part of the trip! The excursion like climbing pi̱a de la Cruz, teaching the kids, and learning about the culture. I loved it all and it all has changed my life."
Cole Hoffman, Manheim Township IB School
"An excellent organization to participate in service through. Every detail is taken care of by 360, you just need to bring energy and a desire to serve others. The other highlights were seeing our students work with the children of Jinotega and the massive educational opportunities that were planned for our students."
Matt Johns, Manheim Township IB School
"The highlights were working with the children and our culture day. I also liked learning about the history and culture of Nicaragua. It is such a moving and pleasant experience."
Sophia McConnell, Manheim Township IB School
"My experience with Outreach260 was phenomenal. Working with the kids was a big highlight and the staff was incredible and supportive."
Deborah Mitchell, Manheim Township IB School
"Volunteering with Outreach360 has been a highlight of my life. You may be called "Teacher" while you're volunteering, but truthfully the students are teaching you valuable lessons that you'll carry with you for the rest of your life. I have learned to be more appreciative of what I have and to be a better person. Outreach360 is life changing and quite possibly one of the best things you could ever do."
Jourdan Mitchell, Manheim Township IB School
"This was such an amazing experience. I loved working with the kids, eating the amazing food, and I also got the chance to see some incredible cultural things I never would have otherwise."
olivia salembier, Manheim Township IB School
"Volunteering with Outreach360 is a life changing experience. It opens your eyes to an entire other world and it gives you the opportunity to make a significant impact on many children's lives."
Alexander Sallade, Manheim Township IB School
"I would definitely go back; it was a great experience! It's fun and adventurous and the kids are so cute!"
Christine Trinh, Manheim Township IB School
"As an educator and as a parent, Outreach360 is one of the best gifts you can give to our children (students) and to yourself. Not only will you make a difference in the lives of others, you will change your world, your outlook and your perspective on what is truly important in our global community. "
Rosemarie Zorrilla, Manheim Township IB School
"It is a hard, amazing, and rewarding experience. Forming some really amazing relationships is the best part. You will also get a chance to learn more about the culture and go on a number of excursions through the community. "
Amy Cambou
"Outreach360 is a great organization. It was great to work with the kids and seeing their genuine smiles and good attitudes. We had the opportunity to learn more about Outreach360, Monte Cristi, and the Dominican Republic in general. "
Courtney Chase
"You will have the most amazing experience and will appreciate your life back home even more. I loved how appreciative the kids were, and how motivated they were to learn. I really enjoyed the culture day and history day, it helped get the feel of Nicaragua. The leaders were really nice and welcoming, and they made me feel comfortable. I think everyone should do something like outreach360. "
Matthew Herman
"The main highlights were the kids and seeing how much of a difference we were making!"
Daniel Ethan Basa, Elgin Academy
"I loved staying in the volunteer house. The facilities and the community style living is great for the students that we brought on this trip. It is a full week of service, with a variety of work projects. "
Donna Bolz, Elgin Academy
"I loved working with the kids. Their smiles and minds and ability to learn quickly stunned me. I had never done a service trip or been to Central America, so two firsts at once were a challenge that I quickly became accustomed to. Also, the food was so good and the culture is amazing! "
Sophie Borchart, Elgin Academy
"Outreach360 is a great opportunity with great students. I loved getting to work in a new neighborhood, serving students that had never been exposed to English before. "
Lisa Mays, Elgin Academy
"If you get to go on multiple trips, It is always a highlight to see the kids that you work with from year to year. Every year is a new life-changing experience!"
Karl Rauschenberger, Elgin Academy
"It was a great experience to see another culture and to get to teach the kids. The food was delicious and learning about Nicaragua and experiencing the culture day were major highlights."
Benjamin Simon, Elgin Academy
"Working with the children was absolutely incredible! They are so humble and so hungry to learn. I will always remember them calling after me ("teacher! teacher!") on the street as I walked through the community. They have given me a new perspective on gratefulness, thoughtfulness and being happy. I will remember them forever and I want to go back as soon as possible! "
Emily Bowen, Polytechnic School
"As a teacher, it was great to watch my students lesson plan extensively for their time in the classroom, then to see them in action in the classroom. When observing my students, I would often times hear them speak with appreciation and affection for the Jinotega students, and when we returned to LA, everyone was continuing to rave about their experience with the kids. We all learned so much from the Outreach360 kids and my students definitely got the chance to see beyond the material world. And I could continue to go on and on. I would recommend that anyone goes one a trip, but beware, as this adventure will shift your world view!"
Rick Caragher, Polytechnic School
"The highlight of the trip is connecting with the kids on a level where I truly felt I was making an impact on their futures. Outreach 360 sets everything up beautifully so there's nothing you need to worry about. All you need to do is go and embrace the time there wholeheartedly."
Julianna Lai, Polytechnic School
"Outreach360 provides an incredible experience! The moments when something clicked for our students or when they sang along to one of our wacky songs were the best moments. Basically, the time with the kids was the highlight of the trip. The food was delicious, and the culture day was a ton of fun!"
Milan Mosse, Polytechnic School
"Working with the children was # 1 for me. They really are sponges and it was super rewarding working with them. The cultural excursions were outstanding, and I enjoyed getting to know new people. I would give this program my very highest recommendation."
Laura Pendorf, Polytechnic School
"Outreach360 is the perfect trip for someone who is worried about the world around them and wants to start making a difference. This is the trip for someone who cares selflessly and likes to get their hands dirty and jump right in on making a difference. There is no greater experience and reward than how you feel after a week with these children, teaching them English. "
Conor Xanders, Polytechnic School
"I can't think of a better way to really get to know a culture and community. We were educated by the leaders, we were educated by the students, we were educated by our fellow volunteers. It was just a great experience, and we all left really loving the Dominican Republic and the people there. "
Becky Riley
"Going on an Outreach360 trip will be the best week of your life! I loved working with the kids at JFK, the cultural activities, the other people in the group, the Outreach360 staff and the food! "
Mara Riley
"This trip is a must do! Our family learned so much from the wonderful children we worked with. There was a very strong community feeling around our site and the staff were great to work with!"
Alfonso Baigorri
"We went as a family and every single member of our family loved the experience. It is a lot of work, but the payoffs are big! The highlights were definitely the children! It's the wonderful children we teach and their eagerness to learn, their kindness and their enthusiasm that make the trip so special."
Sara Baigorri
"This was a life-changing experience that was enlightening, rewarding, and really fun. Teaching the kids was the best part. Specifically, I liked reading time and getting to know them one-on-one or in small groups. Anyone can and should go and make a difference!"
Teresa Rokos
"The highlights of my trip were most definitely the children and being a part of the community. I enjoyed having an impact on the children's education even though it was for a short time period; it was great to be able to modify lesson plans to cater to the kid's learning. Lastly, getting to know students from other university's was also a highlight since we worked closely with them in teaching. "
Blanche Akonchong, New York University
"Working with the students at Bellavista was a definite highlight of the entire experience."
Lizeth Jaramillo, New York University
"Working with the children was amazing. I really enjoyed that aspect of the experience and was really able to form bonds with the children during those 4 days. I also really enjoyed the variety of food offered, the dance class, and the beach trip."
Frederick Rivers, New York University
"Outreach360 is a very worthy cause to join and serving these children now will have a big impact on the future, so it is one of the best ways to help make a change. "
Jeanie-Marie Austin, University at Buffalo
"I just love working with the kids, they are so excited to be learning. Overall, the experience is transformational! Everyone should do it and do it often! "
Meg Bragdon, University at Buffalo
"Why should you go on an Outreach360 trip? It would be infinitely easier to tell you the reasons not to go - there aren't any!"
Andrew Hurst, University at Buffalo
"Do it! The experience was great. The stay was comfortable and the opportunities provided to us were fantastic. "
Wil Nagengast, University at Buffalo
"This is a life changing experience. It is important to go into the trip with an open mind and do your best to understand the cultural differences."
Ryan O\'Hara, University at Buffalo