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"All you need is a positive attitude and a willingness to understand/learn new things."
Nira Suvagia, Elgin Academy
" This trip is great, fun, educational and enlightening. I learned a lot!"
Arman Pabani, Elgin Academy
"This is an experience that shouldn't be passed. Seeing the difference you make in someone's life is impossible to match."
Samuel Nathan Basa, Elgin Academy
"This is a growth experience and I encourage everyone to join!"
Kristina Beligratis, Elgin Academy
"Going on this trip is a great opportunity and you will learn so many things!"
Cameron Agno, Elgin Academy
"Outreach360 is a well-prepared organization and would be glad to provide any volunteer an experience of a life-time."
Pierson Gonzalez, Elgin Academy
"It's a life-changing experience and I highly recommend to improve the kids future!"
marina aristodemo, Elgin Academy
"it's the best experience you can get with a group!"
Ryan Knight, Elgin Academy
"It was life-changing!"
Pranav Sai, Elgin Academy
"Jump right in!"
Connor Jaworski, Elgin Academy
"The experience is worth it, so join it for the experience!"
John Peak, Elgin Academy
"Go for it!"
Taylor Bundrant, Elgin Academy
"Absolutely do it. You might be scared at first but after your first day there, you'll never want to leave. Plus, the food is pretty good!"
Christopher Kademoglou, Elgin Academy
"It is a transformative experience!"
Ethan Moore, Elgin Academy
"It's a great way to experience new things and help people from around the world."
derek warren, Elgin Academy
"It is good!"
Danyaal Sami, Elgin Academy
"This is something you cannot pass up. Truly life-changing and empowering. Probably one of the most fun spring breaks of my life!"
Raphae Sami, Elgin Academy
"It's a life-changing experience and helped me to discover who I truly am."
christian Rodriguez, Elgin Academy
"Do it, it will really make you count your blessings and appreciate what you have and the education you have gotten. Also, it is so obvious how much we impact the kids lives!"
Gavin Richetti, Elgin Academy
"You will be impacting the education of many young children to provide them the knowledge and skills they need to succeed."
Christopher Perez, Elgin Academy
"It's a great experience!"
Anthony Perez, Elgin Academy
"You come here to teach kids, but end up learning way more from them."
Renee Scimeca, Elgin Academy
"It's a great experience!"
Ryan Marusich, Elgin Academy
"Just DO IT!"
Haley Dulabaum, Elgin Academy
"It's a wonderful experience that helps open your eyes."
Lauren Faith Rana, Elgin Academy
"It was so fun connecting with the kids and at the same time sad to leave."
Ethan Plantz, Elgin Academy
"Jump right in! It's the best experience I've ever had and you won't regret it!"
Kailianne Riggott, Elgin Academy
"As a group, it's nice to work together to help children learn something new."
Arleigh Kathleen Nisbet, Elgin Academy
"Absolutely one of the best things we've done as a family! It's super awesome to be in the country itself and learn all about it firsthand while also serving the kids! Life changing! The people and Outreach360 will be in our hearts forever!"
Jeri Wyn Mumford
"Outreach360 is a well-oiled organization! They have thought of everything that you'll need to serve this wonderful community. The children's smiles will speak to the impact the volunteers make! Learning about the Dominican Republic and its history was an unexpected bonus."
Jane Whitney S Gregory
"Outreach360 does not exist without individuals with the privilege and desire to change lives. Outreach360 is an opportunity to lead kids down a path of choice and when you volunteer with Outreacch360, You are Outreach360."
Karoline McKaig, University of Kentucky
"Volunteering with Outreach360 is a great experience that gives you perspective about your own life. Learning English and meeting volunteers from other parts of the world can truly impact a child's life."
Sophie Clark, University of Kentucky
"This is a humbling and eye-opening experience. To see the smile on the kids' faces when you enter the classroom is such a heart-warming moment in which you experience such joy and peace in the world."
Michael Hasis, University of Kentucky
"This was an unforgettable experience. It greatly impacted my life and taught me to value everything I have. I love Outreach360 and their purpose/mission is so significant to the community which shall expand even further."
Keidy Andrea Molina-Condo, St. Marks School
"I would tell them that this is a life-changing experience and you will never be able to have an opportunity like this if you don't join Outreach360. You really are changing the world poco a poco."
Ava Limonciello, St. Marks School
"It really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, not only are the students learning and expanding their knowledge but so are you."
Stephanie Timpe, SUNY Oswego
"It is a great thing to go out of your comfort zone and open your eyes up to the world around you. It is grounding and humbling."
Kathryn Austin, SUNY Oswego
"If you are looking for an organized service trip where your bucket is filled with memories and cultural knowledge while helping students release their inner hero, this is the movement to join."
Danielle Jentz, University of Kentucky
"Jump right in!"
Nicholas Reed, University of Kentucky
"Outreach360 was an amazing experience where I really felt and saw that kids were able to take away more and more knowledge of English each day."
Leslie Chen, Carnegie Mellon University
"You should do it! It's an incredible experience."
Hilary Faust, Southern New Hampshire University
"I never thought one week could change my whole life but it definitely has. I've learned just as much as I've taught! I will definitely be back."
Savana Melanson Buxton, Southern New Hampshire University
"My life has been changed by seeing the world through these children's eyes."
Lindsey Grayson, Southern New Hampshire University
"Jump right in! I was terrified, but now that I have completed my first Outreach360 trip, I just jumped right in and it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life."
Kaylee Fallat, SUNY Oswego
"Outreach360 is an amazing and life-changing trip and experience. Memories will last a lifetime."
Jillian Sandahl, Southern New Hampshire University
"Whether you're in the education field or not, it's a very eye-opening and life-changing experience."
Madeline Perry, SUNY Oswego
"Outreach360 was a great way to have my eyes opened. They have a mission to serve and I was happy to be a part of it!"
brooke Tanguay, Southern New Hampshire University
"This is the best way to spend my spring break. Teaching and giving back is much more fulfilling than spending a week partying. P.S. the kids are FANTASTIC!"
Emily Nasal, SUNY Oswego
"Don't think, just go! It's absolutely amazing what everyone is doing here. We're all making a difference!"
Katelynn Brunelle, Southern New Hampshire University
"Outreach360 is a wonderful organization that really embodies the ideology of serving instead of helping. Giving kids the tools to take charge of further education and give them the confidence to pursue their aspirations in the future!"
Abby Torrice, Southern New Hampshire University