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"It's a great, worthwhile experience and perhaps the best part is working with the kids and seeing how excited they were to learn!"
Alexander Siegal, Saint Stephen's Episcopal School
"I thought that this trip was an amazing experience working with the kids. I really enjoyed the whole experience, but doing a hike up El Morro hike and the beach was really great."
Eric Verbeke, Saint Stephen's Episcopal School
"As a group leader who has worked with Outreach360 for four years, I have had the chance to see the consistency of the program: our team works hard to plan and to teach because that work is the most meaningful part of our academic year, our teammates form new long-lasting friendships and commit to return year after year and our parents and friends tell me often how we have been transformed: we approach service and life with a renewed sense of purpose. Above all, Outreach360 and its leaders share a clear vision for service that allows us as volunteers to have a meaningful role in a long-term plan. I love our work together in Monte Cristi!"
James Wolcott, Saint Stephen's Episcopal School
"The highlights for me were bonding with my students in fourth grade, the hike up El morro, spending time at the beach, and when students understood the material I was teaching. The experience involves a lot of hard work, but you are making a big difference in the children's lives."
Julia Woodson, Saint Stephen's Episcopal School
"Outreach360 offers you an opportunity to help children in underprivileged countries without sacrificing health and safety."
Hiu Lam Vanessa yan, Saint Stephen's Episcopal School
"Outreach 360 is working towards a great cause. They make the American-Dominican transition as smooth as possible and provide you with the resources to make a difference in the lives of several children. This is definitely an experience worth taking advantage of."
Andrew Zandomenego, Saint Stephen's Episcopal School
"This is an awesome program because it allows you to volunteer with kids and more; it's not just volunteering, but the volunteering part is great because you are widely respected throughout all of Monte Cristi."
Kevin Zandomenego, Saint Stephen's Episcopal School
"This was an all-around amazing experience and that everyone should do it at least once. The Outreach360 team does a fantastic job at making the trip as remarkable as possible. The most eye-opening part of the trip for me was the market at the Haiti border. That really put things into perspective for me. The kids at the school also made my experience completely unforgettable. They are very special people with so much to offer."
Anna Chicoine, South Dakota State University
"Outreach360 is a great organization to go with to visit the Dominican Republic or any other place in the world. "
Grace Enz, South Dakota State University
"This was an incredible opportunity! I learned so much about a different culture and I got to experience it first hand. Everyone should go if they get the chance!"
Kirstyn Fiala, South Dakota State University
"Outreach 360 is incredible! Their full time staff that the volunteers work with are super helpful and so down to earth. The program they are running is clearly working within the community and for the children."
Julie Fuchs, South Dakota State University
"Outreach360 is an established organization lead by fantastic leaders. It is a life changing experience where you not only impact student's lives, but they impact yours, and you will leave a better individual. "
Jacob Maland, South Dakota State University
"That it was an awesome experience and I would love to go back myself! "
Angela Tauer, South Dakota State University
"The highlight was seeing how Outreach360 has grown as an organization. Last time I was volunteering in 2013, we were only running camps in Salomon Jorge, but this time we were teaching in JFK and the learning center. To me this signifies not only the growth of Outreach360, but of the increased bond between the organization and the community as well. "
Samuel Bradley
"GO NOW! Outreach360 is an amazing organization that takes wonderful care of it's volunteers. The have an amazing relationship with the community and I felt completely safe volunteer in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic. It was a good balance of free time, service and planned activities. By far, the kids were my favorite and most impactful part of the trip. They were so excited to learn and meet us and they inspired me in ways I never thought possible."
Erin Buse
"Outreach360 is an amazing experience. You're directly interacting with the children so you're seeing the impact you're making first hand. You are surrounded by the local culture and way of life which makes the experience so much more real and unique. Not only are you changing the children's lives, but they are also changing yours more than you would expect."
Mackenzie Duffy, La Salle Links Interact
"Outreach360 is a great organization with lots of great things going for them!! Cute kids and a spectacular program + staff."
Paige Duffy, La Salle Links Interact
"Outreach360 is a great experience and I would recommend that anyone do it!"
Abbey Hetherington, La Salle Links Interact
"Outreach360 is a great organization and it was an awesome experience. "
Emma Hetherington, La Salle Links Interact
"The highlights were working with the Nicaraguan children and watching the students from La Salle during the experience. I love watching how our students react, evolve and grow during the experience. They return home more aware, more humble and inspired. They return home people because of the time they spend at Outreach. I have had several conversations with parents since we have returned and that is the message I keep much they have matured and changed in a positive sense and many would like to return to Outreach. I also enjoyed getting to know your wonderful staff and learning more about Nicaragua. "
Laurie Labrie, La Salle Links Interact
"The best part of the trip was teaching the kids at the learning camp."
Luc Labrie, La Salle Links Interact
"The overall experience was amazing, however the time we spent with the kids teaching them and playing with them was a highlight along with our trip to Pena De La Cruz and the other city tours."
NATHAN RABY, La Salle Links Interact
"This is the most amazing trip and organization you could ever join! Outreach360 is amazing and really help you and let you explore and make you feel really welcome. "
Finn Wood, La Salle Links Interact
"Get ready for the experience of a lifetime! This was one of the most gratifying trips I have been on and would do it again in a heartbeat! It was also an incredibly eye-opening experience for my son as well. We loved working with the children and the cultural trips were well thought out. "
Ingrid Varenbrink
"Outreach360 is very organized and can definitely be trusted. I loved being able to play with the kids during break time and during the weekend camp. I also loved having culture day and learning about the Dominican Republic through the movies and educational talks. "
Karlie Johnson
"I wouldn't want to volunteer with anyone else but Outreach360. My highlight was great working with the high school students who wanted to dive into the English language and learn. "
Jacob Lestina
"Outreach360 is a great organization! They Don't give hand outs to the people, instead they work with children to help them become self-sufficient. The kids learn English and Spanish literacy as a tool to help them succeed in life and to get better jobs. Outreach360 also has a safe housing facility and the children at the learning center are so eager to learn. It was amazing to see the children improve in only one week with them."
Sefora Coca
"Volunteering with Outreach360 was a great experience and definitely worth doing. You learn so much about yourself, and you learn about what a great impact you can have on the kids in the program. For me, the best part was meeting all the kids at the learning center, and learning a lot about the culture and the country of Nicaragua. "
Tarika Pather
"I loved getting to learn about the culture. I really appreciated that we were taught a lot about the history of the Dominican Republic and I found the culture talks and movies/documentaries incredibly helpful. Getting to teach english classes and hang out with the kids at school was also a major highlight. They were so sweet!! The staff at Outreach360 were also fantastic - my team and I felt very comfortable and well taken care of throughout our entire stay!"
Nicole Dooley, Northeastern University
"I would 100% recommend volunteering with Outreach360! It was a life-changing experience for me personally and it opened my eyes to a new culture that will always have a place in my heart. It is such a great experience that I wish everyone could be apart of. "
Amy Langdahl, Northeastern University
"I had such an amazing an unforgettable experience and the only way to even grasp how awesome it is, is to go and see for yourself. I feel like I was able to have a very well-rounded experience with the opportunity to learn so much about the culture and history. I loved every part of it!"
Ashley Nicole McCann, Northeastern University
"I would highly encourage anyone to do an Outreach360 trip. It is hard to put into words exactly how incredible of a trip this was."
Serena Robles, Northeastern University
"The whole trip itself was a highlight! We had an amazing staff leading us and providing guidance. The schedule was a perfect balance of structure and free time. I had a blast teaching and only wished we had more time for it!"
Preeya Sillan, Northeastern University
"If you are considering joining Outreach360, I strongly encourage you to go for it! You can read all about the great things the organization does, but it's impossible to fully see and appreciate these things until you are there in the community with them. Never having been the most outgoing person, I never thought that I could do what Outreach360 volunteers do. But, going into the schools, communicating love everyday, and seeing the enthusiasm in both the students and volunteers became one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I was excited to wake up everyday, knowing that I was doing something meaningful that I believed in. This is the most impactful experience of my life and I will never forget it. "
Fiona Doherty, Cape Cod Academy
"When you volunteer with Outreach360, you are actually able to see change and be a part of change. The highlights were connecting with Dominican students, learning about Dominican Republic's culture, and seeing my own students respond to the challenges and grow from the experience. It was one of the most rewarding trips I have ever been on."
Joseph Remillard, Cape Cod Academy
"If you want a trip to broaden your view of life, this is a great trip. Serving the children helps you to realize more about your own culture and what your true values in life should be. I learned how materialistic my own culture is and how one truly doesn't require money to be happy. The Dominican people are friendly, the food is great, and you get to volunteer in a very safe environment."
Nellie Stidham, Cape Cod Academy
"Outreach360 is a professional organization and an incredible program. For me, the biggest highlight was teaching the kids. I would tell anyone to go on an Outreach36o trip if they have the chance."
Aaron white, Cape Cod Academy
"The highlights of my experience were forming positive relationships with the kids, the contentment of the local people, swimming at the beach, and seeing the Dominican/Haitian market. Everyone in the community was so welcoming and the kids were so cute. It was so nice to see how they opened up to us, some of them gradually and some right away. I loved how much the kids got into the songs, sports, and drawing and how they couldn't help but smile when they succeeded. The Haitian market opened up my eyes to how a lot of Americans do not understand poverty in other countries and how hard Haitian people work to survive. The beach was beautiful and I thought all the leaders were very friendly and helpful. I had an unforgettable time! "
Rebecca White, Cape Cod Academy
"My whole experience was amazing and eye-opening. The best part was getting to see the passion for learning in the kids we worked with."
Michael Wilson, Cape Cod Academy
"My experience with Outreach360 was so incredible, it is hard to choose highlights - the whole trip was a highlight! I mostly enjoyed collaboratively lesson planning with other volunteers and seeing the kids grow throughout the week and become more and more involved with the lessons. Also, the trip to the Dajabon Haitian market was and eye-opening and emotional experience. It is empowering to see the difference you can make in a child's life in a short amount of time, and there are no words to explain the difference the children will make in yours!"
Julie Keener
"Some of the best parts of the trip were teaching the kids at JFK and walking through the town of Monte Cristi. I think anyone would have so much fun on this trip and would have their hearts stolen by the kids!"
Lauren Bennink, East Syracuse Minoa Central School District
"My trip was amazing and one of the best experiences of my life! The highlights were building bonds with the students. When we went in on day one we didn't know any of the kids, but by the last day it was hard to leave them because I just wanted to keep seeing their progress and learn more about them. I can't wait to come back!"
Ireland Barry, East Syracuse Minoa Central School District
"The highlight for me was making breakthroughs with the kids and seeing them understand what you have been teaching them all week."
Matthew Castrello, East Syracuse Minoa Central School District
"One of the greatest highlights was seeing the smiling faces of the children who greeted us each day as we entered the school. It is refreshing as an educator to see students so excited about learning and it also makes me proud to see my own students in a leadership role in the classroom."
Stevi Wilson, East Syracuse Minoa Central School District
"The children will be the most memorable part of the trip!"
Noelle Zesky, East Syracuse Minoa Central School District
"Outreach360 is a life changing experience. Getting to know the children and seeing their thirst to learn was definitely my favorite thing; they are so incredibly appreciative of what we do for them. We got to learn about their culture and becoming a part of it for a week was really special."
Caroline Beck, Lancaster High School
"Absolutely Do it. I love working with the children."
Tony Clayton, Lancaster High School
"The whole week was very well planned. I think it was a great balance between working with the students and cultural experiences. I loved teaching foremost; but I also really enjoyed the tours, the hike, and the visits to the coffee demo, the black pottery house, and the coffee farm."
Brennan Cornelius, Lancaster High School
"This was a great experience! My favorite part was getting to see the smiles on the kids faces the first day that we were there."
Skylar Dixon, Lancaster High School
"The kids were the highlight of my experience--they wanted to learn and were so enthusiastic. Also, the Outreach360 program was well-organized. You should help in any way that you can!"
Amanda Moss, Lancaster High School