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"Go and join, because it's a wonderful experience and it's so much fun!"
Anya Merriman, Derryfield School
"I would recommend joining Outreach360 because bonds between volunteers and students are amazing and something you will never build anywhere else. The fact you know you are making a difference is amazing and it is totally worth it!"
Olivia M Colliton, Derryfield School
"Teaching the kids and seeing the new sights in the Dominican Republic is truly life-changing and shifts your view of the world."
Prayag Patel, Derryfield School
"OMG, what are you thinking? Get your butt to Monte Cristi. You'll have the best week ever, just go!"
Calvin Monfried, Derryfield School
"You should definitely come! The experience is like no other and really life-changing!"
Olivia Brar, Derryfield School
"Don't think twice if you have the opportunity to go, don't pass it up!"
Sophie Brandt, Derryfield School
"I was nervous to come to the Dominican Republic as a "white savior," who comes in for a week then leaves having no lasting benefits. Outreach360 provided not only training but access to opportunities for continued involvement, cultural immersion to provide context for our involvement and organizational background for each volunteer to more fully appreciate the impact that the last 25 years have had."
Emily Blandford, Georgia Tech
"As a faculty/staff advisor who has led many service trips with students, this experience has impacted me more than any other!"
Jamison Keller, Georgia Tech
"I would 10/10 recommend this trip. This trip and organization has changed my life for the better. I am definitely volunteering here again. Not only did I serve the people in the Dominican Republic, but in a way, they did a service to me."
Monica Montalvo-Pere, Georgia Tech
"I have never before been on a service trip, especially a teaching-oriented one where the volunteers have this much freedom and control over their classrooms. It made the experience exponentially more meaningful and impactful!"
Mahalakshmi Srinivasan, Georgia Tech
"This is one of the most sustainable organizations that I've ever heard of/worked with (which is a lot). This country is beautiful with beautiful people and it was an overall amazing experience!"
Nikita Samant, Georgia Tech
"I have never felt so grateful than in this moment. Children who look at pencils as if they are candy, people that smile at you no matter your color, and a staff that welcomes you into their home... Outreach360 has shown me all of this and has solidified my greatest passion for education."
Catherine Hope Johnson, Georgia Tech
"Best week of my life!"
Thomas Langstaff, Georgia Tech
"Outreach360 opened my eyes to the importance of volunteering and education and the impact that small actions can have. The principle "poco a poco" resonated with me - the idea that change takes time and while we may only be in Monte Cristi for seven days, our interactions with the students have the ability to create small and meaningful growth forever."
Kayleigh Nortje, Georgia Tech
"Outreach360 is an amazing organization that inspires individuals to jump right in and makes incredible impacts on both the lives of children in need and themselves."
Molly Halprin, Georgia Tech
"Just do it! I've never been involved before with an organization that cares so much about the people and the places that it's impacting."
Katherine Mueller, Georgia Tech
"Keep an open mind and immerse yourself in the culture. It's a great experience that will change your perspective on service!"
Gylianne Tyndall, Georgia Tech
"This experience helped me to focus on the world and people around me, which was extremely rewarding. I felt loved and inspired by the students here and the Dominican way of life."
Paula Ruiz, Georgia Tech
"Definitely, you should come to Monte Cristi and experience the cultures. Also, communicating with children even though I don't speak Spanish. It was an amazing experience and I will never forget the memories in I made in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic."
Seonjin Song, Georgia Tech
"You will experience a life-changing week full of great people, food, and service."
John Wagner, Georgia Tech
"My experience was awesome and anyone should definitely join!"
Kaeun Seo, Georgia Tech
"As 3-time volunteer with Outreach360, I am confident that the mission is strong, the systems of implementation are thoughtful and refined and the people are truly special."
Gabriel Lamberti
"Outreach360 is a fabulous organization - serving the community and educating their volunteers. I have learned so much about myself and the community of Monte Cristi in just one week and my eyes have been opened."
Grace Galvin, University at Buffalo
"This will change your perspective on service and allow you to make a difference in the world."
Mahfuj Uddin, University at Buffalo
"A Life changing experience that helped me realize why I am here in this world breathing and living."
Samendy Brice, University at Buffalo
"This was one of the most incredible weeks of my life. If leading a life of service, particularly through supporting equity in education, you absolutely must get involved with this organization."
Charles Baxter, University at Buffalo
"Do it! Forget any doubts - the experience is one of a kind. It's like stepping into another world."
Jonathan Bessette, University at Buffalo
"Jump right in."
Ingrid Burgos, University at Buffalo
"Jump right in! This experience will change your life. The love that the students of Monte Cristi show throughout the week will make a lasting imprint on your heart."
Gunnar Haberl, University at Buffalo
"Outreach360 provided a wonderful opportunity to serve students who are already so thankful for the education they're receiving. It is a life-changing experience."
Destiny Diaz, University at Buffalo
"This is a great way to get involved in service. Outreach360 makes it easy to have an impact by taking care of the logistics so your energy can be used to serve."
Susan Davis O'Rourke, University at Buffalo
"DO IT! You feel so renewed and motivated to take action and continue working with Outreach360. My journey has taught me that I can make an impact and advocate for better educational opportunities for these AMAZING children!"
Camerin Decker, University at Buffalo
"Outreach360 is an incredible organization because not only does it put you in the classroom working directly with the kids but it also immerses you in the culture of the country and teaches the history of present-day conditions."
Jenna Papaj, University at Buffalo
"This organization is honest and humble. The leaders are not afraid to change their plans if the group/community needs a change. They make all volunteers feel welcome and you learn so much."
Claudia Rose Varnedoe, Georgia Tech
"It's really a good cause."
Serenity Sutton, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"This was such a life-changing experience and being part of this organization helps you truly make a difference."
Maria Wilson, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"Don't be afraid, this experience is one that will impact you in more ways than you can impact the people of Nicaragua."
Isabella Jonna, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"A different outlook on life, amazing experience!"
Maya Schreiber, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"Kids are super sweet and so worth the trip. I wish we could play with them more and see them more."
Aanika Batra, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"Absolutely do this trip, because you will not only make an impact on the kids but yourself as well."
Alexandra Kejbou, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"This experience was life-changing and not only do you teach the children, but you learn from them as well."
Gabriella De Martinis, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"Definitely, do it! It is a life-changing experience and will change your perspective for the better!"
Margaret Schowalter, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"I would tell them this is a life-changing experience in which I am taking something home with me. I not only taught the kids but also bonded with them. I am now more appreciative and blessed for my education and everything God has blessed me with."
Isabelle George, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"If you have a passion or love for learning and challenging yourself, Outreach360 allows you the opportunity to grow as a person while helping others."
Claire Dennis, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"Life changing experience!"
Nolwenn Crosnier, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"This is a great hands-on experience where you will actually get to do the teaching. There's no way to sit back, you'll need to jump right in. The kids are counting on you!"
Patricia Kearney, Academy of the Sacred Heart
"Do it. Spread the privilege of education."
Lauryn Yost, Elgin Academy
"Do it! It is important to get out of your comfort zone. You are really making difference, and it is super rewarding to know you helped someone less fortunate."
Aaron Kirk, Elgin Academy
"It's an amazing experience to be part of this organization and helping the kids with a second language really puts a smile on your face."
Emma Smiley, Elgin Academy
"By joining, you are empowering young children to better their lives and help the communities around them."
Prudhvie Gudapati, Elgin Academy