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"The kids were amazing and fun to work with. The feeling of being in another country is quite extraordinary, especially with all the beautiful places to visit. And the food was spectacular!"
Domenic DiSalvo, Napa New Tech High
"Outreach360 is very well organized. You feel safe and taken care of at all times. I loved working with the Nicaraguan children as well as watching my American students working and interacting with the Nicaraguan children. I believe the work Outreach360 is doing is meaningful and when you are with them, you feel like an integral part of the community. "
Nancy Hale, Napa New Tech High
"I can't imagine a volunteer experience that is more fulfilling and organized, particularly for inexperienced young people, families or students. I know it takes a LOT of preparation, organization and thought to create an experience in which volunteers truly participate with purpose and impact, and Outreach does this beautifully. I plan to return at some point with my own children and in the meantime will keep supporting my students in going! "
Anne Vallerga, Napa New Tech High
"I was a part of the softball program and it was incredible to see the response from all the girls in the community who came to camp wanting to learn! I made lasting friendships with so many people during my time with Outreach360! It is a summer I will never forget and I can't wait to come back!"
Meghan McCain
"This is an experience you will never forget. It will open your heart and your eyes to other cultures and experiences."
Julia Edwards
"This is a great 1 week program. The highlights are interacting with the community!"
Dallon Asnes
"It was great getting to know the community, other volunteers, and the kids we were working with on a deeper level since I was able to spend 8 weeks as a camino. "
Connor Romanelli
"i would tell anyone to ABSOLUTELY GO!!"
Manette Smith, Norfolk Academy
"My highlight was seeing the smiles that we created on the children's faces. It was the definitely the best week of my life!"
Evan French, Norfolk Academy
"Volunteering with Outreach360 is a great experience. You will be challenged and stretched each day... beyond what you could ever imagine. I had the opportunity to become a better teacher than I thought I was and I had the opportunity to learn about the history and culture through a variety of educational talks."
Ashley Hartson, Norfolk Academy
"The students were definitely a big highlight of my week. To connect with them and enjoy such a great experience with people from an entirely different upbringing was awesome. It also gave me a different perspective and motivated me to work harder with the kids. "
Dillon Jacob, Norfolk Academy
"My time with Outreach360 was so unforgettable, eye-opening, incredible, and fun! I will treasure my experience in Monte Cristi for the rest of my life. "
Sophia Kidd, Norfolk Academy
"Be ready for some big challenges and be ready to be flexible. I liked just spending time outside in the neighborhood and meeting new people and playing sports with the kids - and, if you love kids you will love these kids and find it very rewarding. If you don't let the imperfections of the day chip away at your morale, you will be able to connect with the kids in a way that will make each day easier and more fun than the previous."
Ryan Manion, Norfolk Academy
"Anyone who joins Outreach360 will learn something from the experience. You get a glance into third-world life/education without actually being put in any immediate danger or discomfort."
katherine mansoor, Norfolk Academy
"I loved all the kids there and am constantly amazed that at the end of the day they are all just so happy to get to receive a stronger education. Whether reading with a student in the morning or struggling through a difficult workbook page with another, I always find that while I may give them support in the classroom, their joy of life and the Nicaraguan lifestyle in general help me in unimaginable ways: I've learned to live "poco a poco" one step at a time and in the present ! "
Madeline Greathouse, College of William & Mary
"My highlight of this trip was being able to interact with the kids in a way that I've never been able to do so before. The reason I believe I was able to do that is because of the guidance that Outreach360 provides to its volunteers, which helps you "Release the Hero Within.""
Carlos Arevalo-Vega, University of Massachusetts Boston
"This program is so well established and organized. Leaders were well orchestrated along with the rest of the staff. Go with an open mind and leave your ego at the door and so much will be learned."
Andrew Iraheta, University of Massachusetts Boston
"Its was definitely a good trip and teaching the kids was the best part!"
Barrington Latham, University of Massachusetts Boston
"The friendly staff and volunteers at the volunteer house, the amazing kids that I got the chance to read books, laugh and sing with here highlights. You learn that the kids your server have the potential and with the knowledge you can provide, they will accomplish great things. As they learn from you, you will also learn from them. Don't be afraid to let your inner kid out when singing songs; you will love it all and won't want to leave."
Lina Rosario, University of Massachusetts Boston
"This program is inspiring, motivating and realistic! My highlights were learning about the Outreach360 principles and the importance they play in the overall experience. Also, looking at volunteer work in a new perceptive such as "serve, don't help" was eye opening and a unique aspect of this program that I enjoyed. "
Jessica Sabino, University of Massachusetts Boston
"The overall experience was extremely phenomenal & memorable! Highlights included but are not limited to, working with the children at camp, being treated with GREAT hospitality at the Volunteer House, all of the scheduled activities, learning about the local culture and history, and more! I have already started spreading the word about Outreach360! "
Blondin Saint Jusme, University of Massachusetts Boston
"A trip with Outreach360 is a great way to hit your reset button, serving the students makes you remember what matters most."
Sophia Sansone, University of Massachusetts Boston
"I found the entire trip to be empowering; I was able to meet all my personal goals. The interactions with the children, including the Adelantes were the most meaningful. Thank you for this opportunity and the opportunity to serve the community of Monte Cristi!"
Michael G. Moore
"I would encourage anyone to go on an Outreach360 trip. It has definitely proved to be an experience of a life-time."
Alexandra Tuit
"An Outreach360 trip is an excellent choice for a family or organization. Participants of all ages and purpose can easily find a home in the important work of Outreach360. I have already recommended it upon my arrival home. My own daughter hopes to return on her own once she is a bit older. Thanks to all for a wonderful week! "
Lisa Blank
"My entire experience was a highlight. I loved working in the camps with the children who were so enthusiastic to be there. I also enjoyed going to Dajabon, which was an experience we would never have done outside of Outreach360. "
Alessandra Allen
"This is a life changing experience. Outreach360 offers a safe, enjoyable volunteer opportunity. The principle "serve don't help" is an important one that makes you look at life differently."
Laura Dennison
"DO IT! You will love working with the children in the learning center!"
Virginia Gordon
"I would recommend this trip to anyone! I loved the kids, the Adelantes, and the other leaders. I also enjoyed meeting the other volunteers and learning more about where they are from. I liked staying for a long period of time so that I could get to know so many people."
Victoria Fisher
"Going on an Outreach360 trip is the best decision that you could make and the best use of your time. I loved working with the kids, getting to lead week long volunteers and build friendships with the long term ones, and working with the Outreach360 staff! This is a trip that will change your life in ways you would never expect. "
Martha McGraw
"Outreach360 is a great experience in both the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. It is a wonderful trip to take with your friends, your family or fellow students. You give of yourself but get as much or more in return. Outreach360 takes care of your accommodations and food so that all you need to concentrate on is sharing with the students and enjoying Nicaragua. Some cultural experiences are also a part of your trip so that you not only get to know your students, you get to know the country and its people as well."
Michele Morris
"Serving with Outreach360 was one of the best decisions I have ever made and it was truly life-changing. The students were incredible and it was a great experience for me as a pre-service teacher! I loved teaching in the Learning Center and getting to know all of the students. I also loved getting to know the other long term volunteers-we all became so close and I know I made friendships that will last a lifetime. I also loved the different culture days that were planned during my stay. These really helped me to understand the culture more, which helped with my understanding of student needs and helped me be a better teacher at the Learning Center. "
Sloane Morrow
"Working with the kids and eating the amazing food were the best parts. It was just a wonderful cultural experience and an amazing time working with kids. I have had a great epiphany on this trip and am truly grateful that."
Erica Ashurov, Staten Island Academy
"An Outreach360 trip is a great place to make a difference in children's lives. The beach is beautiful, and the work you do with the kids will be amazing!"
Morgan Avis, Staten Island Academy
"I was and remain amazed even now that I was able to establish and incredible connection with the kids I worked with in just a few days. Outreach360 provided me with the opportunity to learn so much about myself, gain a well-rounded insight into another culture previously foreign to me (I really appreciated the chance to see the documentaries, movies, and the DajabĚ_n marketplace), and I learned about the power of human kindness. I bonded not only with the students, but also with my fellow group members (many of whom I've known since primary school) in a new way. Also, the Dominican food is delicious and I still miss it!"
Claire Crane, Staten Island Academy
"The highlights of my experience with Outreach360 would without a doubt be the bond and connections I was capable of creating with the children even though I'm unable to speak Spanish at all. Everyone that I met during my time spent with Outreach360 were very kind and compassionate people. Leaving was truly the hardest and most heartbreaking thing I had to do. The people, culture, and scenery are very beautiful. The food was also very delicious. I would return to work with Outreach360 in a heartbeat. Besides working with the children, one of my favorite experiences was the hike and beach. Everyone who has been to the Dominican to serve speaks about what a life changing experience it is, and they're right. Thank you for providing me with such a wonderful experience, I hope that one day I'll be able to serve this community again. "
Laina LaMastra, Staten Island Academy
"When you are on this trip, It doesn't even feel like your working. You learn so much about yourself and the world through both teaching the kids and just embracing the environment. The best parts were the cultural experiences, learning about the history of the Dominican Republic, and running the camp (which allowed us more bonding time with the kids)."
Veronica Lucchese, Staten Island Academy
"An Outreach360 trip will be the best experience of your life! It's so valuable to live more in the moment/take a break from the cycle of constantly thinking/worrying ahead. This trip gave me the chance to disconnect and focus on more important things for a change - it was refreshing and immensely gratifying."
Emma Master, Staten Island Academy
"The whole trip was a great experience. Seeing the kids grow and learn, both the students at JFK and at camp, as well as our own student volunteers, was really rewarding. I would recommend anybody interested to just go and do it. "
Maria del Carmen Vicente-Quesada, Staten Island Academy
"The highlights were playing with the kids during recess and in the learning camps. Everyone should absolutely do this program, no questions asked!"
Danielle Wiseman, Staten Island Academy
"As a teacher, the interaction of my students with the children we worked with at the local JFK school was the most important highlight. Designing and implementing lessons and developing a real sense of what service really means were invaluable. The cultural activities in the evenings and on Friday gave the volunteers an understanding about region and a historical perspective of the country and its people. This was the kind of character building experience that most of the characters I know could use."
Clayton Wollney, Staten Island Academy
"The highlight was definitely the experience with the lids. The relationships you make are indescribable. It is amazing that we are able to become so close with the kids in just a matter of a few days. I wish I had more time, because the experience went by so quickly! The food was also more than delicious and the cultural dance night was super fun! Someone can only understand if they experience it first hand. I want to do this trip again - 100 percent! "
Sophia Wyne, Staten Island Academy
"This was a great learning experience and you really make a difference - the kids love meeting the volunteers and are super excited about learning!"
Julia Xia, Staten Island Academy
"The Outreach360 program does a good job of giving you meaningful time with kids. The food is great, and one of the big reasons I go on the trip too. Monti Cristi is rich with interesting culture. "
Grace Barnes, Saint Stephen's Episcopal School
"It is an amazing experience being the kids and with outreach360. Outreach360 really helped us with everything to facilitate our living over there from the food to sleeping and beyond. My highlights were definitely teaching the kids. I love kids so it was easy for me to communicate with them even though I don't speak Spanish; it was amazing how much I could do to serve those little kids even without actually talking to them!"
Michael Gharby, Saint Stephen's Episcopal School
"My week-long trip was an unbelievably transformative experience for students and teachers alike. The Outreach360 leaders were great as well. They fostered an incredible environment, taking the time to explain the "Why" for everything, which kept the kids engaged and pleased."
Blake Hoonhout, Saint Stephen's Episcopal School
"If you are interested in learning and improving the lives of the people around you, and opening up a new world of opportunities for yourself and others, Outreach360 is a great way to step into the world of service. "
Alexandra Howe, Saint Stephen's Episcopal School
"The best part was getting to meet the kid and building strong relationships with them throughout the week."
Lindsay Leskinen, Saint Stephen's Episcopal School
"An Outreach360 trip is a great life-changing experience in many different ways."
Jessica Rhule, Saint Stephen's Episcopal School
"I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone who really wants a completely different, eye-opening, amazing, fun, unforgettable, educational experience! "
MacKenZie Rumage, Saint Stephen's Episcopal School