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"Outreach360 is a great service program. I liked planning the lessons and then watching the kids preform the exercises we made. I loved meeting the kids. They taught me so much in just the four days I met them. I also loved the food the staff made in the volunteer center."
Abby Condon, First Parish Congregational Church
"I had so many highlights on my trip, being able to be immersed in a new culture was so amazing and beautiful. I loved getting to work with the kids and getting to create such a strong bond with each of them. As well as learning so much from the kids that I didn't expect to. And last but not least the food was absolutely amazing!!!"
Samantha Crowley, First Parish Congregational Church
"Do it!!! The children, touring the community and climbing the mountain were all incredible highlights of my trip."
Pamela Dietz, First Parish Congregational Church
"I loved working with the students and the Outreach360 leaders did an amazing job with a lot of knowledge of the culture. "
Lillian Harvey, First Parish Congregational Church
"It is definitely a program to look into if you want a balance of service and exploration. The highlights of my experience were definitely meeting all the kids and exploring Jinotega. The kids were brilliant, and I loved how much freedom the program gives you. "
Johanna Hattan, First Parish Congregational Church
"It is an amazing experience that is unlike any other. You come in with the goal of changing a few lives for the better but leave so deeply changed yourself."
Natalie Hattan, First Parish Congregational Church
"The best part of the trip were moments spent with the children/young adults of Nicaragua! Everyone should do it!"
Thomas Hattan, First Parish Congregational Church
"The organization is incredibly well run - from the housing to the learning center activities. I Loved working with the children. This was the highlight, although I also loved going to the ceramics cooperative. And, the food was absolutely delicious. "
Victoria Kahan, First Parish Congregational Church
"You should Join! The highlight will be working with the children!"
Cory Langenbach, First Parish Congregational Church
"The Outreach360 experience is a great mix of service, culture and experiencing the Jinotega community. I would highly recommend taking advantage of this experience. Outreach360 takes good care of its volunteers and is doing great work with the children and community!"
Brenda Michaelsen, First Parish Congregational Church
"You would not regret going on an Outreach360 trip. There are so many highlights! Working with the campers, volunteering w other families, getting to know the staff, all the cultural activities, seeing my daughter in a whole new light, checking out of the Internet pace, healthy delicious meals."
Veronica Nyhan Jones
"I cannot pinpoint just one highlight, as each day was incredible. As a teacher by profession, of course teaching the kids (who I fell in love with!) is a highlight - but even more than that... The kids' delight and enthusiasm for learning, their warmth and eagerness... It was all just so wonderful!! Also, I think it is important to mention that we felt completely welcome in the community. People in Jinotega are warm and friendly and welcoming."
Celeste Amos
"I've already been recommending an Outreach360 trip to interested folks. The best part about the trip is learning about another culture and connecting with the children."
Janese Bechtol
"This trip makes you much more grateful and you meet a ton of great people. "
Janae Schnur
"The highlights were working with the energetic staff, having flexibility of lesson planning with the support of recently graduated elementary education majors, consistent scheduling of activities (no surprises are a good thing), plenty of potable water and food. Thanks for a great trip!"
Jeffrey Schnur
"I would definitely recommend an Outreach360 trip to anyone! It may seem like a big commitment but it is definitely worth it in the end. Being able to interact and work with kids that have no background in softball was such a pleasure and an obvious highlight!"
Natasha Sherrod
"Do it! Outreach is very professional and respectful of the community in which they serve. It's an organization making a real difference, offering a needed service which will open doors for Nicaraguan children yet doesn't take jobs from locals. I respect what Outreach is doing and how they're doing it."
"Outreach360 is a well-organized program that provides you with hands-on experience teaching children right in the community where they live. The country is beautiful, the people in the community are warm and inviting, and it is overall a safe environment. You will leave the program with so much more than you came with."
Renee Videlefsky
"This was an outstanding the trip! The people were great and so were the activities. I loved teaching the amazing and appreciative children, and learning about the culture and history of Nicaragua. "
Sophia Videlefsky
"It's a great experience!"
Hannah Provencher
"If you are thinking about going on an Outreach360 trip, purchase your plane ticket now! There's no reason to think about it, it's an experience of a lifetime!"
Andrew Hurst
"Watching a young softball camper start on day one with no confidence and a slight fear to seeing her with a huge smile and a boatload of confidence on the last day made the whole trip worth it. I had many other highlights as well: including getting to know all of the volunteers and campers and seeing the culture of the Dominican Republic through Outreach360 coordinated trips. Everyone should do it! "
Bailey Connor
"This was an experience of a lifetime for me! I created so many memories with the children we worked with and I can't wait to return!"
Karen Lowe
"I would whole-heartedly encourage anyone to go on an Outreach360 service trip!"
Alexandra Hayth, Columbia College
"This was an incredible experience. Working with the kids and figuring out our lesson plans each day were the highlights. I also loved the opportunity and freedom to explore the town of Jinotega. Go with open eyes and an open heart!"
Adaira Grohs, Napa High School
"I would whole heartedly encourage anyone to check this program out. Outreach360 presents the history and culture, which is extremely beneficial to volunteers."
Karin Hatton, Napa High School
"My trip with Outreach360 was an amazing experience that both makes a long-lasting impact in the community, but was also incredibly fun. "
Sarah Lippmann, Napa High School
"There were so many highlights during my experience with Outreach360. But two that stand out are having the opportunity to interact with the kids and getting the chance to explore and learn more about the Nicaraguan culture. "
Cesar Rosales, Napa High School
"Outreach360 is the best volunteer organization and I would recommend it to anyone. This organization truly makes a difference in the community and it shows every single day; it's amazing to be able to see the difference that you as an individual are making right away. Not only does Outreach360 give you a wide range of volunteer options, but they also provide you history and cultural information based on the area that you're staying in. They aren't like other organizations... they're better."
Katelynne Silver, Napa High School
"Outreach 360 is a wonderful organization with important and meaningful principles. It gives you a great opportunity to work with children and learn from them,The highlight of my trip was teaching the kids at the learning center. I really connected with a couple of the kids and felt like we all communicated love to each other. The kids really opened up their hearts to us and I enjoyed seeing their looks of satisfaction and happiness in their learning experiences. Our trip was safe and unforgettable and impacted me in ways I never would've imagined!"
Corinne Tsai, Napa High School
"Teaching the kids in the community was the primary highlight. I also thought the program seemed turn-key and everything was taken care of. The volunteer house was great and the food was excellent. We liked the cultural and history lessons/ activities as well. "
MaryAnn Tsai, Napa High School
"Do it! There is nothing you will regret, other than, passing up the opportunity!"
Christine Grouhel
"There were so many highlights during my week in Monte Cristi. From hearing a student in the camp say her very first words in English to reading with the kids and singing songs - I really enjoyed my time there. The greatest highlight for me, though, was getting to serve alongside people who share the same exact passion for service, education, and travel that I do. I would tell anyone to go on an Outreach360 trip it in a heartbeat. My only advice would be to stay longer than one week!"
Gabriela Godinez
"This was a powerful educational experience for me as a Canadian. I embarked on this experience to share a world perspective with my children who joined me. This goal was certainly achieved. More importantly though was the education I received... Watching young people strive for education despite the poverty or circumstances of their home and country... Inspiring! "
Christian Tobias Bourdeau
"If you'd like to gain perspective and learn a whole lot about yourself and the world around you, take an Outreach360 trip. The highlight for me was interacting with the kids on a day-to-day basis. I had moments with all of them that are going to stick in my heart forever. The sense of community in Jinotega was amazing to experience, seeing people smiling and loving each other despite the poverty they're living in. Go on this trip and you'll have zero regrets!"
Noe Bourdeau
"An Outreach360 trip is a rewarding experience, one that everyone who is able to should strive to do."
Don Masters
"It was really great to see how well the Outreach360 staff and volunteers work together. I also appreciated the enthusiasm for the program, and eagerness and acceptance by the local Dominicans. "
Melissa Masters
"You won't regret going on an Outreach360 trip; it's an experience that has changed my life!"
Liam Parsons
"This is an experience that you could never get at home in the states. Helping the children and seeing them have a smile on their face when they caught a ball or hit the ball was an obvious highlight."
McKenzie Kilpatrick
"Outreach 360 is a well managed organization that intentionally cares for volunteers as well as children who are educated in the learning centers. Participating as a volunteer is a positive way to engage with the children of Jinotega. The long-term effects of these children learning English will be positive for each child and the community in which they live."
Catherine Tomsheck
"The program was well organized from the moment we arrived. Everyone is very friendly and I instantly felt welcomed. It is clear the kids really benefit from the programs and I felt like I was able to make an impact even though I was only there for 2 weeks. Overall, the staff and children were great! "
Megan Fenkell
"Outreach360 is an outstanding organization that has been in the field long enough that they are able to guide your service experiences to have the fullest impact. You really will learn just as much as you will teach. I brought home many of the Outreach360 principles that I will apply to my every day life. Everything has been considered to make your stay comfortable so that you can focus on the kids. You also get rewarded for your efforts by getting to spend a day visiting the many beautiful places the community has to offer. I am already planning my next service trip!"
Kelley Leniczek
"After a year absence from the program, it's absolutely amazing how much the Outreach360 Learning Center students have improved! Their English, their character, their curiosity -- absolutely astounding! Outreach360 is a tremendously powerful opportunity for you to share your skills and education with the children of Jinotega, and also walk away with a better understanding of yourself, and heart for the Nicaraguan people. They are organized, safe, value-giving, and overall, really fun!"
Krystina Irvin
"Teaching science to the children at the learning center was a definite highlight!"
Daniel Malone
"I love the values of this organization. Education is so important and is a long term source. I liked how well-organized but relaxed the environment was. I hope to return in the future. The kids are absolutely worth it. Don't miss out on this opportunity to meet other amazing volunteers and the incredible children we teach. "
Prentice Clark
"I really enjoyed the warm feelings and support of the staff and fellow volunteers. I felt challenged teaching the students but was proud of our efforts and the student's efforts. I needed something completely different and an experience that reconfirmed my philosophy that the world needs all of us to be more compassionate and giving. This experience was good for my soul!"
Barbara Amann, Bryn Mawr School
"I was very impressed by how smoothly the organization ran. Working with the students at camp was incredible - they were so full of fun and joy. Getting to know the other volunteers, both those who were there for just a week or two like us, and those who had committed their whole summer, or longer was also a highlight. "
Stefan Amann, Bryn Mawr School
"This was a really fun experience and the kids are great!"
Ebony Ambush, Bryn Mawr School
"I loved the experience and think it's an incredible opportunity to have an impact working with the children and seeing them develop."
Laura Denick, Bryn Mawr School
"This was a great experience! My highlights were teaching the kids different English words and then later on seeing them repeat those words with confidence."
Deja Gough, Bryn Mawr School