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"I think it's definitely worth going!"
Phillip Zhou, Polytechnic School
"The joy education brought to Nicaraguan students was amazing. Before we arrived at the school, you could see a huge group of the students waiting 15 or 20 minutes before the gates opened. I loved the energy students put into every song and lesson. The most memorable part of the experience on the last day, when all the lessons finally came together. The students could demonstrate their learning and even use vocabulary learned during the week in sentences. When volunteering, you think that the people you are serving get more out of the week, but in reality, it is a dual relationship. Whether it is improving your own Spanish through reading books or becoming immersed in Nicaragua culture. I loved my time in Nicaragua and I am already counting the days I can come back!"
Taylor Stimmler, Polytechnic School
"Outreach360 gave me the unique opportunity to help children gain really vital English skills while also exposing me to the rich and interesting culture in Nicaragua. I was able to create lasting memories of the mutual service with the kids. They taught me as much as I taught them."
Ava Miralles, Polytechnic School
"Outreach360 is one of the best experiences I have ever had. Not only do you teach the students, but you also learn from them. Volunteering with Outreach360 has shown me that anyone can have an impact on others' lives."
Natalie Wilmans, Polytechnic School
""Jump right in!" This experience has changed my viewpoint on the world we live in and what it means to "serve"."
Spencer Wilson, Polytechnic School
"You should jump right in! This trip opened my eyes to a whole new world and showed me that just because you aren't extremely rich doesn't mean you are poor. You can be rich in knowledge, which will make you rich in happiness, and that is by far more important than money."
Keara Caragher, Polytechnic School
"This is a life-changing experience and I highly recommend it to someone that is not sensitive to poverty or other cultures."
Alexander Froelich, Polytechnic School
"This experience is something you will never forget. I built strong relationships with kids. It was beneficial for both my life and the kids. I want to experience this over and over and continue to build those relationships. I STRONGLY recommend volunteering with Outreach360 because these kids will change your life and perspective of the world."
Simone Robinson, Polytechnic School
"Outreach360 has been an experience I will carry with me forever. As a teenager growing up in the U.S. I had believed that education is accessible to everyone. Coming to Nicaragua has taught me that my education is a privilege and a blessing. I am truly grateful. Thank you!"
Jacqueline Garrity, Polytechnic School
"Working in Jinotega with Outreach360 is an experience I will never forget. I'm only 17, but this trip has opened my eyes to so many future opportunities in service."
Alexis Pappachan, Polytechnic School
"Outreach360 in not only an organization that is life-changing for the students, but also will inspire you to live every day positively and aspire to make more changes in the world. 10/10 - I encourage anyone to go!"
Madeleine Kwei, Polytechnic School
"Outreach360 provided me with the opportunity to serve a community of children who truly want to learn and really take advantage of all the education they receive. Their curiosity about the world is inspiring."
Sophie Blaisdell, Polytechnic School
"Outreach360 embodies the philosophy of step by step, with enthusiasm and flexibility, work to serve, not help. Being a member of a community with a shared passion makes you a part of something really special!"
Julieta Grane, Polytechnic School
"Outreach360 has shaped my perspective on service and it immersed me in the everyday lives of students in a way that I got to understand more about their culture."
Maya Cook, Polytechnic School
"Outreach360 was truly an amazing experience. The program not only gave the volunteers the tools to inspire the students but also inspired me and my peers to "release the hero within" ourselves."
Benjamin Hudnut, Polytechnic School
"I would highly encourage my peers to participate and be a part of this program. The experiences, people, and culture here in Nicaragua were unlike any other, and I truly believe these memories will last forever. There are so many ways one can serve as a member of Outreach360, but there are even more ways the people you meet will impact your life forever."
Caitlin Wu, Polytechnic School
"Outreach360 is a program that truly pours all of their resources, effort, and love into the children. The eagerness of each student is inspiring and I would recommend this program to any considering volunteering. Words are insufficient in describing this experience and immersion into the community. I love Outreach360!"
Taryn Kim, Polytechnic School
"Before the trip I was worried that my impact would be insignificant, it's only a week after all. But, throughout the trip, I realized we're not small, we're just a part of something greater."
Emily Hardy, West Point Grey Academy
"you will never be able to find yourself more than on this trip. Whether it be discovering your hidden passion for service through teaching or something as small as realizing that living life in the moment brings so much joy, I truly believe that every volunteer that has been on this journey has left with a clearer vision of their future."
Rio Townsend, West Point Grey Academy
"This was a great experience and one that teaches an individual a lot."
Vishnu Katyal, West Point Grey Academy
"This is an experience that really changed me and my thought process. All of the smiles of the students opened my eyes to everything. More importantly, through this trip, I was able to find a path/career that I want to pursue and that would be incorporating my love for service."
Abhay Katyal, West Point Grey Academy
"Amazing experience!"
Tess Leavitt, West Point Grey Academy
"Outreach360 was the first and best experience that I have ever had abroad. It changed mine and my group members' view on how to carry ourselves on a daily basis. Truly unforgettable."
Keely Aquilini, West Point Grey Academy
"It's an amazing, unique and extremely humbling experience that will drastically change your perception of developing countries."
Madi Lowe, West Point Grey Academy
"Best experience of my life. It shifted my mindset, goals and overall path I want to take in life."
Emma Friesen, West Point Grey Academy
"This is a great opportunity to meet new people, learn the culture, but most importantly teach the kids. Teaching the kids is a whole other experience on its own, you are able to create loving friendships."
Nathaniel Svoboda, West Point Grey Academy
"This is a once in a lifetime event!"
BENJAMIN BAUMGARD, West Point Grey Academy
"Working with children who are so wealthy when it comes to the true joys of life is a blessing and taught me that there is no prerequisite to sharing love, kindness, and hope for the future."
Malika Agarwal, West Point Grey Academy
"This is an amazing learning experience and not only do you teach the kids but that the kids teach you as well."
Robyn Dewey, West Point Grey Academy
"You won't regret it!"
Kaan Kermen, West Point Grey Academy
"You should do this trip because it's a great experience and super exciting!"
Julia Hay, West Point Grey Academy
"You will never view true happiness the same way again!"
Tristan Miura, West Point Grey Academy
"I'd definitely recommend going to Outreach360. It really gives you a new perspective and the kids can teach you so much!"
Johnny Huang, West Point Grey Academy
"Jump right in! This experience definitely changed my outlook on the world and people. You don't know how much your work here will impact others for the better until you personally experience it."
Nicola Bodnarchuk, West Point Grey Academy
"A life-changing experience that grounds you, humbles you, and teaches you to simply live in the moment."
JINGSEN Zhang, West Point Grey Academy
"Seeing our students change and grow and gain a different perspective is the best part of the experience. The kindness of the country and people and seeing the results of Outreach360's work with students are the highlights."
Sarah Poole, West Point Grey Academy
"This was a really great experience for me that truly taught me so much about how much more I need to be grateful for what I have. Also, this trip allowed me to make some wonderful connections with the kids and I will never forget those memories."
Aditi Katyal, West Point Grey Academy
"Just go for it. Even if you think you are awful with kids, just do it and I promise you that you will surprise yourself. The ease of making connections and the joy you bring the kids is absolutely mind-blowing."
Josephine Adams, West Point Grey Academy
"Outreach360 did a phenomenal job creating a loving home away from home for the volunteers. The connections built with the students and people were truly life-changing and something I will never forget!"
Ashton Paula Yau, West Point Grey Academy
"It was the best week of my life!"
Anna Cumming, West Point Grey Academy
"Do you love children? Do you have energy? Do you believe in the power of education? Outreach360 shows students the way to make an impact in a community and allows for the opportunity to jump right in."
Jane Boesch
"I wish all of our students could participate in an Outreach360 service week. I gained so much from my experience while at the same time making a real impact on others."
Frank Brandt III
"Incredible experience. I wouldn't change a thing!"
Jennifer Sheppard, Derryfield School
"This was a life-changing experience!"
Ava Young, Derryfield School
"If you have the slightest idea about coming... come!! I cannot stress it enough how open minded I am now. It was an amazing trip that is really once in a lifetime."
Alyssa Jean Shula, Derryfield School
"This will change your life!"
Colleen Bahan, Derryfield School
"This experience has changed my life. Please take the chance and try it out!"
Reese Hotten-Somers, Derryfield School
"Definitely, come! It's an AMAZING opportunity/experience"
Elizabeth Wadleigh Poremba, Derryfield School
"Go for it. You learn so much and make so many great memories. I made so many friends and will never forget my time here."
Katherine Moeckel, Derryfield School
"This was an amazing, life-changing experience that I won't forget."
Abigail Carr, Derryfield School