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"This was one of the most amazing weeks of my life...I loved the kids, the volunteers, the sense of doing something beyond myself and my own little world. The sense of community at the orphanage was inspiring. On the first day, I wondered if I would really make it through the the third day, I was completely the fifth, I wanted to stay longer.....I enjoyed working with the other volunteers to put a program (or a piece of the program) together...Tom provided a structural framework, but allowed the ingenuity and creativity of the volunteers to flourish on behalf of the children."
Moira Szilagyi
"One of the highlights was seeing the kids in the evenings. It kind of felt like there was a party to look forward to. The kids are friendly and full of personality. I wasn't sure how they would react to me after I did some dental work on them, but I was so surprised at how excited they were to see me. They cane to me to show mne their new fillings and were patting me on the back and could not have been sweeter."
Daniel Weinstein
"It is a great organization and I will definitely being going again."
Kimberly Zook
"As nervous as I was going into this experience, I am so glad that I volunteered with Outreach360. I feel like a different person and a better person because of this adventure and will cherish the memories of my week in the DR forever."
Katie Parker
"ABSOLUTELY GO!!!! Your heart and life will be transformed forever. You will fall in love with the Dominican Republic and the kids at the orphanage."
Stephanie James
"Outreach360 provides a safe structured environment to serve an amazing area of the world."
Byrd Nichols
"I knew there was something missing in my life but I didn't know what it was. My time with Outreach360 showed me that missions and service were the only things missing. During my stay there I experienced real happiness and felt more at peace than at only other time in my life. What that place does for you is not something I or anyone else can show you, you just have to show yourself."
Kelly Price
"This trip was the smartest decision I have ever made. It is an amazing, empowering experience. I learned so much from my experience. I made some life long friends. It showed me what the world is really like and how priviledge I really am. I would go back in a heartbeat."
Sara Davison
"Orphan Outreach is filled with people who want to serve God with their whole heart. I loved being with people who were on fire for God and who wanted to make an impact. It was great working with people with the same passion and making friendships with those living in the orphanage."
Lindsay Fagan
"Why wouldn't you go? There's advetnure, storiers & memories, cultural exchange, new foods, new friends; that's the experiece of Outreach360! AWESOME!"
Kurtis Mohr
"Through Outreach360, I was able to make an impact on a community so different from my own. As I developed strong relationships with the boys at Jaibon and taught public health education in the local communities, I learned so much about myself and the compassion of service."
Chethan Ramprasad
"I really enjoyed teaching the English Camp at Haibon. I loved the children at the orphanage and very much enjoyed the activities with the children. It was an amazing experience. Even though I was more than double the age of all the other volunteers and interns at the orphanage, I felt accepted and at no time did I ever feel out of place or that I did not belong. All the volunteers worked together for the common good of the youth we were there to serve."
Brenda Rinkes
"Teaching English in schools helps to accomplish the long-term goal of educating the children in Dominican Republic. With educated children, much needed change comes."
Faith Earls
"This program has experienced leaders, takes the dentists to the most underserviced population, and equips them with the necessities to provide dental care that relieves pain and restores dignity!"
Janet Alsip
"I would modify one of your own slogans:- Dare yourself to Jump Right In."
Colin Foster
"It was one of the best vacations I have had. I'm always on the go at work and with my family. At Outreach360, I lived day to day, discovered new things, met new wonderful people and helped to make the world a better place poco a poco..."
Maud Gorbet
"This program is a personally fulfilling, fun-filled way of sharing our blessings while having fun in the sun."
Roodal Ramchandar
"I'ts a great organization and you definately should consider it. It's the experience of a lifetime."
Matt Vita
"During the two weeks I was a volunteer with Outreach360, I met several volunteers who had returned for the second, even third time. The fact that so many people return to volunteer speaks volumes about both the volunteer experience and Outreach360 as an organization."
Conor Arthur
"I have traveled to many countries in varying capacities, as student, teacher, tourist, and athlete, but very few experiences have come close to comparison with my time spent volunteering with Outreach360. Regardless of the impact my time as a volunteer may have had, I can't help but feel that the kids, by virtue of simply being themselves, did so much more for me than I could ever do for is just that kind of experience."
Conor Arthur
"I would tell them if you love children and want to experience a beautifully supportive program and be a part of an incredible community than Outreach360 is definitely the way to go :-)"
Jessica Makohon
"The Outreach360 internship has developed my critical-thinking skills since I was put into so many unexpected situations. Outreach360 has given me the opportunity to make a difference in a child's life right then and there; because in reality, ""This Is It""
Elicia Abella
"The opportunity to live for even a brief time at one of the Outreach360 sites is a unique one. It will open your heart in ways you never imagine and stay in your heart forever if you are willing to take the step!"
Megan Cavanaugh
"I am very proud to say that I worked with Outreach360. LIttle by little they are making a huge impact in the lives of young people in the DR and I am blessed to be a part of that."
Emilee Cook
"I have been on many mission trips and the staff here at Outreach360 are very professional, very organized and supportive. In short, they are a joy to work with and very dedicated to their work."
Bill Hanlon
"There were so many highlights of my trip! First and foremost, getting to know the kids on a personal level was great. That's not usually an option on most short term trips, but we got to know each kid's personality and spent a lot of time with them, and they got to know us as well. It's great to hear your name called from underneath the trees in Monte Cristi from one of the kids who just wants to spend time with you."
Allison Hershey
"Outreach360 is an easy way to get involved with serving Central American communities in need. There are literally no limits on who can join, and I guarantee you will walk away with a whole new perspective on, and appreciation for, life. The highlight of my trip would have to be the last day, when I was mulling things over. My team had been considering skipping out on the last cultural activity so we could stay and work more the wall we were building, even though we knew we weren't going to finish it. We were making arguments like "It's not about us" and "I came here to work, not tour a coffee plantation." I was right along with them until I started thinking about a comment one team mate said after our meeting. She had said that she felt like too many people volunteer not for the sake of volunteering, but for their own self-esteem. They don't volunteer because they should, they volunteer because it will make them feel better about themselves. In retrospect, I realized that what we had been doing (and I am not exempting myself from this) was making this wall about us. We had subconsciously branded this wall as our possession, something we were proud of, something we were possessive of. We had forgotten that "It's not about us" and we were not realizing that things happen "Poco a poco." In reality, the wall will get done. We started it, we put our sweat and our blood into it, but that wall was not ours to finish and it never was. I felt a immense sense of pride for our group when we were able to accept that."
Frank Kopyta
"You'll be thanking Outreach360 before it's over"
Elizabeth Mattox
"It is amazing to see how excited and grateful the children are for such a simplistic camp. You meet great volunteers and really bond during your time there."
Kyle McGinley
"This trip has been the best experience of my life. I definitely felt more alive and more at home in DR than I have ever felt before. The Dominicans accept everyone with open arms and the positive environment nurtured through the Outreach360 staff and interns make this an unforgettable and life changing program. EVERYTHING was a highlight in my trip. Although I knew before this experience that I wanted to teach in a Spanish speaking country, my short 4 week visit with Outreach360 solidified this desire. I want to return to DR with Outreach360 asap! I loved the community present in DR. People were always talking with each other, sitting close to each other, and playing games with each other. I felt very much at home and as if I belonged because every person around me, both American and Dominican, was extremely welcoming and accepting. I loved the fact that I could hang out with kids any time I wanted. I made lasting friendships with some of the older children at the orphanage as well as with the Dominican camp volunteers and a few of the interns. I really appreciated the positive atmosphere at Outreach360. The interns I served with were always building each other up. It was the first time that I have ever been a community of strong believers, who did not complain, and were interested only in seeing each other prosper. It was awesome! I could continue to to write about the highlights of this trip for many more paragraphs. I feel that from this trip I am learning to not be self conscious, because of the great acceptance I felt from those around me. I learned to rest. It was really encouraging to see how people just sat with each other in DR. Although we often talked, I felt like the people here know how to enjoy life and aren't always stressed about going to the next appointment or doing something."
Jessica Ritz
"If you are looking to not only make a difference, but connect with amazing individuals - then Outreach360 is for you. The experience will be more than anything you could ever imagine or hope for."
Star Zavitsky
"Our experience with Outreach360 was excellent! As a chaperone, I felt totally confident in the program and trusted the staff to the fullest; from booking our trip, to the airport pick-up, to arranging our daily activities- Outreach360 really made the logistics of the experience easy. The food was amazing. We, as a group, haven't stopped talking about it! Nothing in the US tastes like the food we enjoyed at the orphanage. I loved the cultural experiences- the history talk/movie night, the trip to the store, ice-cream, and the neighborhood walk. It all contributed to our understanding and appreciation of our experience."
Paige Clausius-Parks
"This program is the perfect introduction to meaningful volunteerism for high school and college students."
Stephen Lane
"This was an amazing experience. I was so impressed by all the college students who had chosen to use their spring break to help other people! Everyone always pitched in to help out. I feel like we made a difference to the people we touched!"
Meg Murray
"I have always firmly believed that people are at their best when they are serving others. For those who might be a little nervous about becoming engaged in this kind of work, fear not... thousands of volunteers can't be wrong! I will continue to serve and learn with Outreach360 for many years to come. But don't take my word for it... see it for yourself!"
Leanne Squeglia
"It was an honor and a privilege for me to be a part of the work that Outreach360 does. I was not prepared for the teary goodbye on my last day. I wanted to take my bag off the bus and stay another two weeks! There are some things that cannot be described with words and my experience in Monte Cristi is one of them. I highly recommend packing a bag and seeing it for yourself!"
Leanne Squeglia
"Outreach360 definitely opened my eyes on different aspects of the world. Outreach360 has stimulated my curiousity of cultures all over the world. They helped me serve those in need and I thank them so much for that. I will definately be back!"
Natasha LeBlanc
"Go for it ! It was amazing, I even went individually and had a blast!"
Natasha LeBlanc
"I loved that everything wasn't structured and that we had so much time to interact with the kids. My Spanish came back to me like nothing and I was having a great time speaking with the kids."
Brooks Black
"Do it! You won't regret it. I came back with a wider perspective about the world. It was a life changing experience. I soaked in every moment and loved it so much I want to go back again. If you love kids and and don't mind living living a little differently than you are used to (cold showers, heat, humidity, and lots of mosquitoes) this is for you. I absolutely loved it. I left my heart in the Dominican."
Kylie Peterson
"I don't know any other way a person can positively impact the lives of so many needy children in such a short time and at the same time have your outlook on life and the world changed to the extent you become a better human being. And have fun doing it."
Thomas Allen
"You won't regret it for a minute. The neighborhood children will always come running and waving when they see you, and greet you with a hug. They never get tired of the volunteers."
Brittany Barnett
"Volunteering with Outreach360 was my first international service experience and I loved it... so much so that I've returned four more times! The staff and interns facilitate the kinds of programs and cultural experiences that really make you feel like you're getting the most out of your week. This past visit, I brought my teenage brother and two classmates, and they all agreed that this was the best week of their lives. I feel so lucky to know the orphanage kids and to be able to share my love for them with others."
Jennifer Barry
"If you are expecting to lose yourself in love, be humbled by a great cultural experience, and depart knowing you have made your experience, this is an opportunity of a lifetime."
Bianca Bonney
"You arrive and notice so many changes and you think it will be so hard for you, but the hardest thing for me was to leave those amazing children and increadable volunteers."
Michael Capshaw-Taylor
"Outreach360 has been the single greatest experience of my life. I felt like I made a real difference by going out into rural communities and helping out in other ways. But most of all, Outreach360 allowed me to see life in a totally new way which I love."
Burke Deutsch
"Over the past several years I've traveled all over the US and to many parts of the world but by far the most interesting and rewarding experience was my trip to the Dominican Republic with Outreach360. I've never met such beautiful children and such interesting and dedicated volunteers. I can't wait to get back there again."
Laura Flynn
"This is a wonderful opportunity to give of your time, make life long friends, and to make a difference in another's life. It will change your life."
Carrie Kleeb
"This trip was a life changing experience!!! I have never felt so fulfilled in my life! Just being around the children makes you appreciate the small things in life. I will definitely be back!!"
Laura Luna
"YOU are Outreach360"
Ellen Mackey