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"Outreach360 is a great experience that anyone who is interested in a making a difference should attempt."
David Cutler, Glen Urquhart School
"My trip was a good experience and knowing that you helped kids felt good."
Ryann Mountain, Glen Urquhart School
"It is an amazing experience that will stay in your heart forever. It will change you to become a better person and will make you want to make a change in the world."
Joely Jiantong Kessel, Glen Urquhart School
"It was a great experience."
georgia hart, Glen Urquhart School
"Certainly, for me I will never forget this I had a great time and felt, as a group, we made an impact."
Ian Alexander Morrison, Glen Urquhart School
"Definitely, give it a try! I think it will truly change your perspective on the state of the world today."
Caroline Cutter, Glen Urquhart School
"This was an amazing experience, something you take with you throughout your life."
Noah Schiller, Glen Urquhart School
"Jump right in. You will never again have an opportunity like this in your life, so go for it. You'll love it!"
Liam James Kirwin, Glen Urquhart School
"The experience is something I will never forget."
Jonathan Ed Bruner, Glen Urquhart School
"You should do this! Great experience!"
Gannon Costello, Glen Urquhart School
"It is a lot of fun if you love kids."
Tyler Garvey, Glen Urquhart School
"It is a lot of fun if you love kids."
Tyler Garvey, Glen Urquhart School
"It is great the sense of community is strong and the experience is like no other."
Corrado Russo JR, Glen Urquhart School
"I feel like anyone who wants an eye-opening, and empowering experience I highly recommend outreach360. Learning about how new people that are less fortunate live was a life-changing experience. Giving to this community in a way that effects them better than just giving money, empowers people to help more."
Abigail Pierce, Glen Urquhart School
"You should definitely join outreach360. It is an amazing organization that helps kids get more education towards English in the Dominican Republic and with your help they can go further!"
Tiegan Eisenhaur, Glen Urquhart School
"It was a great experience and a great opportunity to learn about other cultures."
Dominic Irvine, Glen Urquhart School
"I would recommend Outreach360 because the experience was amazing especially learning how much of an impact we had on the kids."
Shea Furse, Glen Urquhart School
"It is strenuous work but pays off when you see the smiles on the kid's faces."
Riley Higgins Clarke, Glen Urquhart School
"You should join because you can see new places and help people."
Joseph Francis Kotwicki, Glen Urquhart School
"If you join, you would be apart of something amazing!"
Laura Eagle Smith, Glen Urquhart School
"Joining Outreach360 is something that you will never regret and is worthwhile. There is nothing more uplifting than lifting up others."
Karla Grullon, University of Missouri
"You think you are coming on an Outreach360 trip to teach children English but you are also coming here for them to teach you."
Kaylie Wurdack, University of Missouri
"This experience of being able to work closely with the kids and immerse yourself in the culture is unmatched!!!"
Derrick Small, University of Missouri
"Brace yourself because your life is about to change in an amazing way! The connections, smiles, laughs you will have are endless and create stories that will last an eternity. This program changes you for the good and in a way that you will see the moment you leave to go back home."
Nicholas Wojciechowski, University of Missouri
"Don't think twice about money, about the time commitment/availability, about anything else. Sign up, go see a new part of the world, and engage with the beautiful people of this country because this experience is truly life-changing."
Davis Hurth, University of Missouri
"Don't do an Outreach360 trip if you don't want your life to change. The kids will touch your heart and it will be an amazing experience. This program is so special!"
Morgan Dryer, University of Missouri
"Jump right in! The experiences you have with Outreach360 will carry on with you for the rest of your life, so don't hesitate. Be eager and present. It will all be worth it!"
Mabrey McCallister, University of Missouri
"Words cannot even begin to capture what volunteering with Outreach360 has meant to me. This organization as well as the community of Monte Cristi are absolutely incredible. It's an experience that I want to share with everyone back home."
Samantha Verdisco, University of Missouri
"Outreach360 has changed my life, the passion in this program is so powerful and the memories I made here are ones I will never forget."
Hailey Treat, University of Missouri
"Outreach360 is the place to go. It is a two-way experience - you teach kids English and you learn what love is and how much is the kids appreciate you."
Rosa De Jesus Perez
"Coming back to Monte Cristi was by far the best decision I have made since I last came down here. Seeing the kids I have worked with in the past and how much they have grown and developed literally brought tears to my eyes and made me realize and actually see that even though I am only here for a short time, I am playing a huge roll in the bigger picture and helping give these kids tools they can use for the rest of their lives!"
Liana Marie Therrien
"The connections you will make with students and staff will change your life!"
Miranda Cecilia Kaster, University of Missouri
"This experience changes your life. It really does. The work you do and the impact you have is absolutely incredible. It is one of those experiences that will stick with you forever."
Neeti Butala, University of Missouri
"Outreach360 provided me with the opportunity to serve and to learn. Though our week felt short, it changed my thoughts and perspective on education. I capitalized on love being a universal language and was able to form bonds that I will never forget. I am grateful for this opportunity, this community, and this week. I will be back again and again."
Rebekah Hurley, University of Missouri
"This has honestly been one of the best experiences I have ever had. Everyone is so kind, the kids & staff are amazing! I have learned so much from being here."
Jennifer Cotter, University of Missouri
"It was the best thing I have ever decided to do. The connections are indescribable and the bonds I made I will never forget."
Courtney Finegan, University of Missouri
"Outreach360 is more than an opportunity to serve a community but rather it is an experience that will truly touch your heart in ways that are unimaginable. It gives you an opportunity to not only serve others and to help them grow, but to also find the growth within yourself."
Carmen Fumagalli, University of Missouri
"This program has taught me about the importance of education and how love is universal. A smile can go a long way and the children have taught me a lot."
Brooke Sievers, University of Missouri
"You should definitely go for it."
Alexis Hunter, University of Missouri
"Outreach360 will change your perspective on what it means to serve. It's an opportunity to have a lasting impact on the people of Monte Cristi with a team that's passionate about pouring love into their community."
Mollie Landers, University of Missouri
""This is it" - you need to just jump right into the Outreach360 experience. There is nothing more educational or more of a personal growth experience out there!"
Gabrielle Krause, University of Missouri
"You will not return the same person as when you left for this trip. It is an experience of a lifetime!"
Zoe McCarthy, University of Missouri
""Jump right in!" This experience has completely changed my life. No stories, pictures or expressions could have prepared me for the love I would develop for Outreach360, Monte Cristi, the kids, and the staff. I haven't and will maybe never have an experience quite like this until I come back again!"
Catelyn Williams, University of Missouri
"I would recommend the experience to any High School, church group or other groups. It is powerful to come with a group of students and share the impact upon our return and for the years to come."
Kara Gilligan Ramirez, Polytechnic School
"It's wonderful to come back to Nicaragua after a year and see the students at the Learning Center and the camp growing and learning."
Veronica Covarrubias, Polytechnic School
"Outreach360's structure ensures that volunteers are truly teaching and serving Jinotega's community. The program in not a "voluntourism" experience that doesn't truly serve a community. You will actually see the benefirs of your service, and you will quickly grow to love the people of Jinotega. The coffee is delicious too!"
Rachel Pringle, Polytechnic School
"Outreach360 taught me the importance of education and the kids showed me what fun learning can be. I loved being immersed in the Nicaragua culture, and I am grateful for the opportunity this organization gave me to touch lives of the future of Nicaragua."
Katherine Polyzoides, Polytechnic School
"With Outreach360, I feel like I am making a real difference in providing the students with the opportunity to follow their passion."
Matthew Queen, Polytechnic School
"It was eye-opening and amazing."
Chase Hult, Polytechnic School
"My experience with Outreach360 gave me knowledge about the culture of Nicaragua, while also making small changes in the kids' lives. The small changes through teaching add up at the end (poco a poco) and by the end of the trip I understood the meaning of the word service - it's a partnership with the kids."
Madeline Lee Rose Burke, Polytechnic School