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"Absolutely, GO! You will love every second. You will leave with a new perspective on life and you will just fall in love with the kids and the culture. "
Madeline Armstrong, Warwick High School
"Outreach360 is an awesome organization with great principles. Outreach360 looks optimistically at the challenges it is presented with and is unique in the way that it treats it's students. They are really empowering their students and giving them endless possibilities. "
Brooke Aulthouse, Warwick High School
"I would highly recommend this trip to everyone. This is a phenomenal program!"
Renee Campeau, Warwick High School
"Definitely do it! It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will be so thankful for!"
Alyssa Christi, Warwick High School
"Working with the kids was amazing. I also really enjoyed the extra activities we did (sunrise hike, Dajabon, beach, dancing). I felt that it was a very well put together program with a good balance of service work and relaxation."
Alex Ciampaglia, Warwick High School
"It is life-changing. Once you start you will never want to stop volunteering. Outreach360 became like a second home to me while I was there. "
Morgan Harris, Warwick High School
"Everyone should definitely pursue this opportunity because it is such a powerful and life-changing experience that can teach you so much about not only the world around you but also yourself."
Carley Hess, Warwick High School
"I would 100% recommend and Outreach36- trip. I think the program is life-changing and makes such a positive impact."
Madison Miller, Warwick High School
"This was an awesome experience. I really enjoyed helping the kids and traveling to another country that is completely different from my own. "
William Mobley, Warwick High School
"Learning about a new culture and being a part of it rather than just observing it from the outside was a highlight for me. It is a very eye-opening experience and it's definitely worth it. It's not easy and you should be prepared for a week of hard work and learning, not an island getaway."
Sofia Rivera, Warwick High School
"This was a life-changing trip, and an impactful experience that I am so thankful to have been lucky enough to take part in. Everyone should experience this, because it definitely gives you a piece of mind and gives you a different outlook on the world and your relationships with people."
Samantha Schaeffer, Warwick High School
"The highlight of my experience was seeing how much the kids were improving and learning. They truly have a passion for learning and its was great to see that. Their improvement and success on the tests at the end of the week proved to me that we made a small difference that can eventually lead to the a big difference; such as giving the kids the ability to speak English and have the opportunity to do whatever they want in the future. "
Lauren Snader, Warwick High School
"It's an amazing experience, and the best organization out there."
Whitney Szobocsan, Warwick High School
"My entire experience with outreach360 was eye-opening and incredible. Volunteering with the children, exploring the Monte Cristi area, and the trip to Dajabon will all be unforgettable."
Jennifer Woolley, Warwick High School
"If someone I knew told me he/she was thinking about joining Outreach360 and wanted my opinion, I would tell him/her it was a great idea. I love the Outreach360 principles, and I like what the organization stands for. My favorite principles were Poco a Poco, and Jump Right In. I liked the way the staff encouraged us to be creative with our lesson plans, and I also liked the little debriefs we had at the end of the morning and at the end of the afternoon, since they were meant to reflect on the day. Finally, I would tell them that it was a great learning experience for me, and that if I had the chance, I would definitely do it again. "
Madison Fillmore
"One of the best things that I experienced with Outreach360 is how well of a job is done helping and sponsoring the kids. The staff continues to encourage the volunteers to do the best we can do and to never give up. The Outreach360 principles really stood out to me and helped me through the week. "
Brooklyn Weckx
""jump right in" and do it! The experience is worth having. Everything was well organized, the staff is passionate about their work and very supportive of the volunteers. It was nice to have the orientation, teaching, and free time as well as meals, transportation, and cultural activities all taken care of. I felt that we also learned so much about the Dominican Republic and Outreach360 while we were there! I've not been home a week and miss it so much and hope to return some day! "
Jessica Weckx
"This is an experience of a life-time and the children will steal your heart. You are led by inspiring individuals, but you should also be prepared to work hard. You will receive immense satisfaction from your service and also learn so much from your experience."
Kathleen Ho Sang, Villanova University
"This is a week I won't ever forget, and I have gained a new perspective about education different from my own. I loved being able to interact with the children on a daily basis and having the opportunity to learn so much about kids in general (including that they're the same all around the world)!"
Andrew Jones, Villanova University
"Outreach360 is a fabulous organization that teaches English to Spanish-speaking children. They provide an education to allow children to go to Universities and live a life of choice. I hope one day I can come back to join Outreach360 for more unforgettable experiences. I highly recommend volunteering with Outreach360 to everyone!"
Claire Therese Liva, Villanova University
"This is a great program! Perhaps the best parts were being with the kids each day at the school and at camp, and the beach/hike on the last day."
John McCarthy, Villanova University
"Yes! Do it! This organization is completely well-rounded and carries out its mission effectively and appropriately. Not only is it a moving, educational, and smart organization, but it is also fun!"
Lacie Ann Michaelson, Villanova University
"Do it!!! This is one of the best experiences I've ever had and want to go back. Being able to volunteer in such a hands on and meaningful way was incredible. I loved creating lesson plans, and seeing them pay off in the classroom. I also think the leaders were unbelievably supportive, helpful, and giving which added a lot of meaning to the experience. Although I know camp is not a weekly thing, one of the highlights was being a part of the camp. We were able to teach the kids skills different from lesson plans and allow them to be creative."
Erin Morris, Villanova University
"All of the leaders have an incredible passion for the children and the program itself, which makes the work place all the more amazing and worth being a part of."
Fares Sukkar, Villanova University
"IT'S AMAZING! Such an inspiring experience that is both a beautiful and moving experience."
Tayler Herdemian
"The highlights of the trip were seeing some of our students shine as they interacted with the local children. The enthusiasm of the Outreach360 staff for the kids and their teaching was also inspiring. Also, the cultural activities were very informative and a lot of fun. "
Robert Heuber
"The kids were the biggest bonus of this trip. But aside from that, I really, really enjoyed the cultural day with the beach and the banana plantation. It's was an amazing experience that could really touch lives in the Dominican. "
Samantha Nesselroade
"I really can't think of anything that would have made the trip any more valuable or rewarding. Working with the students and volunteers at Outreach360 is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done!"
Fiona Rivard
"I loved this trip. It was great to bond closer with my friends and the teachers on the trip. Everyone should 100% go because it is a great cause!"
Arthur Ashworth, La Jolla Country Day School
"Outreach360 is amazing and everyone should definitely do it."
Abigail Ausmus, La Jolla Country Day School
"Everyone should definitely go on an Outreach360 trip, it was a great experience. The highlight of my trip was watching the kids improve on their English day by day."
Min Cho, La Jolla Country Day School
"At times, it feels like a long trip. You might get bug bites and you will get tired, but it was the best experience in my life. I will never forget this trip and if I could go back and stay longer I would in heart beat. So I tell anyone to join because it is all worth the smiles on the kids faces. "
Alexis Desany, La Jolla Country Day School
"I loved teaching the kids! Going on an Outreach360 trip is a great experience and extremely rewarding. "
Lauren Dvorak, La Jolla Country Day School
"Everything was a highlight!"
Carson Greene, La Jolla Country Day School
"Definitely go on this trip because it's worth it!"
Liam Greubel, La Jolla Country Day School
"Seeing the kids outside of school and having them call us "teachers" were highlights for me. Also, interacting with the people in the community - they had the biggest smiles and greeted us everyday. "
SungWoo Kim, La Jolla Country Day School
"Definitely join! I loved being able to make an impact on the kid's lives. It is a life changing experience that you will never regret. "
Maya McLeod, La Jolla Country Day School
"Everything was great! "
Bianca Notarainni, La Jolla Country Day School
"This was a very fun and a good experience. The best part was getting to spend time with kids at school and hanging out with classmates at the Outreach360 compound."
Michael Savides, La Jolla Country Day School
"This trip was such a great way to visit a new country and learn about its culture while helping a community. I loved learning about the culture and being able to make a difference. I was happy that the kids would try to use English around us even when we weren't teaching."
Noor Vakili, La Jolla Country Day School
"A trip with Outreach360 is an amazing experience and it is a safe program to be a part of for a service-learning trip."
Jayda Villareal, La Jolla Country Day School
"The best part was teaching in the Dominican Republic and being with my classmates. Everyone should take this trip - it's an awesome experience!"
Cameron Rose Wilkie, La Jolla Country Day School
"It was a highlight of my trip to be able to see the smiles of my students once they understood or were able to answer a question in English without any help. I loved the facilities and I adore getting the chance to try the delicious local juices!"
Sofia Alzate Tovar, Carrollwood Day School
"This is an experience that everyone should try. This is a credible organization and I have seen the positive changes since my last trip two years ago. A difference is being made in the community."
Julie Hall, Carrollwood Day School
"Go for it! As a faculty member, the highlight was seeing my students working with the Dominican students."
John Horsington, Carrollwood Day School
"Do it, you will not regret it. Outreach360 is a trustworthy organization and 100% of the money that you have raised goes back to the community. The full-time staff is friendly and helpful and will guide you during your stay to make sure you have a fulfilling and positive experience. Also, as an IB educator, this is the perfect experience to offer to your students who strive to be risk takers, communicators, principled, balanced, knowledgeable, inquirers, open-minded, thinkers, reflective and caring. "
Ana Maria Morillo, Carrollwood Day School
"It's great to be able able to dive right into a new culture and be able to teach the kids. Seeing the kids get something and start learning each day is one of the greatest highlights of the trip."
Abriana Weissman, Carrollwood Day School
"Be ready for a fun week! It's amazing by the end of the week that the kids were able to understand what we were teaching and that we were there to have fun with them."
Samantha Dunker, University of Cincinnati
"Outreach360 is a great organization. Their mission is simple and apparent. I loved getting to work with the Adelantes. I also liked learning about the culture because it helped me to understand the students better. I would tell anyone to consider donating your time to the organization as you will certainly see the effect of your donation in the students!"
Nanette Valentour, University of Cincinnati
"My trip was such a life-changing experience. it was all amazing, so it is difficult to pick out highlights. Working with the kids, of course, was so rewarding and fun. The food was delicious and the staff was incredible. I really enjoyed going to the black pottery cooperative as well. "
Isabelle Christie, First Parish Congregational Church