Paving a Path to the Future with English Education

In countries like the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua where the growing tourist industry is forming an ever-more important component of the foundation for economic development, the ability to speak fluent English is becoming an ever-more critical skill in the job-market and viable means of escaping poverty for the children we serve.  Simply put, English is a path to educational and career opportunities for disadvantaged children living in poverty.  With such a need for English Language education, Outreach360 focuses on creating a unique and experiential immersion program that effectively meets the needs of the community and matches the natural talents of our volunteers.

Our English program focuses less on the traditional classroom model and seeks to promote the unique global exchange between our students and our volunteers that truly makes the language come alive.  At Outreach360 we believe in fully experiencing language and that learning is a process of constructing meaning through real life interaction in social contexts.  Students learn and explore the world through personal, social, and educational domains and our English immersion program takes the same approach, empowering our volunteers to utilize their unique experience to create real-world contextualized activities for learning.  We are proud to offer an innovative program where students not only learn English, but gain global perspective in the process through the cultural interaction with volunteers.

Language acquisition is best when you start early and when you provide exposure often. Grade school and middle school children are taught beginning and intermediate English with a variety of fun methods, including structured classroom time, learning activities, and English immersion camps. As children are learning English, there is an opportunity to learn about many different subjects.

“Absolutely amazing experience.  By the end of the week, seeing the students hold actual English conversations is an image I will never forget.  The cultural elements Outreach360 added, from our trip to the market and film implementation were extremely enjoyable and informative.  An overall excellent experience.  Absolutely 100% give it a try – best volunteer experience I have ever had. ”

– Danielle Matthews, SUNY Oswego

Teaching English

Teaching English is one of the easiest ways for volunteers to get involved in service and make a lasting impact in the communities we serve.  Although you may not know it, one of the greatest resources you bring with you as a volunteer is your ability to speak English at a native level.  Children in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua are eager to learn and enthusiastic to interact with you.  Whether you are volunteering as an individual, a family, a high school team, middle school team, college team or church group, teaching English provides a indispensable service to meet a genuine need in the community.

Teaching English in the Classroom

Teaching English at an Outreach360 Learning Center is a unique opportunity to be a part of a more formal, long-term English program. At Outreach360 Learning Centers, local children are enrolled in programs on an ongoing basis and follow a structured academic calendar with a targeted pace and specific learning objectives geared toward completing our English curriculum.  Our primary objective in our English classes at our Learning Centers is to give students the instruction they need to reach near-native fluency in English and ultimately have a skill to be successful in higher education or career opportunities.   An important part of reaching our primary objective requires remaining true to our education philosophy by cultivating an appreciation and excitement for learning, inspiring life-long learners, appreciating the value of education, and promoting a powerful cultural exchange with our volunteers.

You may also have the opportunity to teach in the local school.  You’ll be using an abbreviated English curriculum including fun, interactive English exercises and activities. By seeing that learning English can be fun and exciting, students in the school will be inspired and motivated to join our Learning Center program.

While teaching with Outreach360 you will be working alongside other passionate volunteers.  As you work to meet clear learning objectives, you’ll be creating captivating and meaningful lesson plans that engage our students in real learning.  Regardless of your experience with teaching, you’ll find the tools you require to successfully meet the needs of the students during our comprehensive orientation with Outreach360 leaders, who map out your service experience and guide you through the lesson planning process.

Teaching English at a Learning Camp

Teaching English at Outreach360 Learning Camps is a special opportunity to interact with students that are newer to English and to be a part of creating the magic that engages students in the joy of learning.  Although different than our Learning Center English Program, Learning Camps are equally important and offer volunteers the opportunity to get involved teaching English on a less formal level. Learning Camps are taught by volunteers throughout different neighborhoods and focus on cultivating an appreciation and excitement for learning, engaging local children in dynamic teaching, inspiring local children to learn English, sparking an interest in Outreach360 programs, and promoting rich cultural exchange.

Teaching at Outreach360 Learning Camps you will be working alongside other volunteers to create exciting and engaging learning activities. Although less formal, volunteers follow Outreach360 Learning Camp models and an English curriculum that allows students to build a foundation for English over time.  In preparing to teach at an Outreach360 Learning Camp, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to be a professional teacher or have a degree in English to successfully teach these children!  Our unique model focuses on bringing English to life via cultural interaction, and you’ll find the tools you need to successfully meet the needs of the students during our comprehensive orientation with Outreach360 leaders who map out your service experience and guide you through the lesson planning process.