Our Vision is a transformed world in which EVERY child grows up living a life of choice. The Outreach360 Dare to Dream Summer Program is all about bringing unique, fun and exciting opportunities to the children we serve, so they can see what is possible for their futures! Join us this summer to bring English, science, math, literacy and more to some incredible students!

English is a highly sought-after skill in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, as it can open the door to better educational and career opportunities. Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds can make a difference; no teaching experience or education required!

Volunteers with an interest in Science and Health are needed to staff our Summer Science Academy! We’ll be focused on the basics of biology, chemistry, and physics, supplementing the education our students receive in school.

Do you love to read and write? Share your love of literacy at the Outreach360 Summer Literacy Camp. Volunteers can be English and/or Spanish speaking.

Volunteers with an interest in math are needed to staff our Summer Math Academy! We’ll be focused on all levels of math – from basic arithmetic to GED tutoring of algebra and trigonometry. Our students love math!

Work with Outreach360 leaders to organize and deliver the Outreach360 Summer Dare to Dream Camp to both our students and short-term volunteers. A unique and fun leadership opportunity where you make a real difference!

The Outreach360 Dare to Dream Program is open for volunteers in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua for 1 – 6 weeks.

Dominican Republic
June 16 – August 3



Please use the form to request more information about the Outreach360 Dare to Dream program. We would be delighted to send you additional information via email!

Share Your Hero During Outreach360 Dare to Dream Camps