Our Vision is a transformed world in which EVERY child grows up living a life of choice. The Outreach360 Dare to Dream Summer Program is all about bringing unique, fun and exciting opportunities to the children we serve, so they can see what is possible for their futures! As a volunteer, you get to share your skills, talents, and passions with our students in a fun summer learning camp setting. Join us this summer to bring Art, Music, Drama, Science, Technology, Journalism, Engineering, Environmental Sustainability and more to some incredible students!

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math professionals and students are invited to join our Dare to Dream Summer Camp program to introduce our students to the world of S.T.E.M! The sky is the limit to the amount of fun, engaging and interactive STEM activities we can do. Join us this summer and transform the future of our students and support them in fulfilling their dreams!

Many schools in the areas where we are working do not offer programs emphasizing performing and fine arts. If you have a passion for visual arts, music, drama, film, poetry, creative writing or any other area within the realm of performing and fine art, we invite you to join and share your passion for the arts with our students!

The students we serve are excited to be involved in journalism and communications projects. And, it’s a great way for them to practice and improve their English skills! Newsletter production, photography, videography, and TV broadcasting are all possible communications focus areas in the Dare to Dream Summer Camp, and we invite you to join us and make the summer come alive for our students!

Help guide our students to learn about sustainable living in a way that lessens their footprint on the environment and conserves resources, all while having fun! From gardening, rainwater collection, to a variety of recycling projects working with our students in the area of Environmental Sustainability will be a life-changing experience for you, for the students and for our planet!

This summer, we will be working with students in the area of business. This will include a focus on basic business principles including entrepreneurship, marketing, strategic planning, finance and more! Maybe you support the students in coming up with a product, a marketing plan and they implement that plan in their community. The options are limitless, so join us this summer and change a students future!

Inspire a group of children to become their countries next top physician during the Outreach360 Dare to Dream Summer Health Camp! You will focus on a variety of public health topics from disease prevention, personal hygiene and more. If you are passionate about spreading the awareness of public health issues, this Dare to Dream Camp is for YOU!

The goal of the Outreach360 Dare to Dream Summer Program is to expose kids to new experiences that they may never have in their home country otherwise. We have found that when our students learn about new possibilities for their future, they get more excited and more invested in their learning. Any skill, talent or passion can be turned into a Dare to Dream Camp activity, so we invite you to join us and share yourselves with our students this summer!

The Outreach360 Dare to Dream Program is open for volunteers in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua for 1 – 12 weeks.

Dominican Republic
June 2 – July 28

June 2 – August 25


Please use the form to request more information about the Outreach360 Dare to Dream program. We would be delighted to send you additional information via email!

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