Construction Volunteer Program

Outreach360 now offers a construction volunteer program abroad. In Nicaragua, Outreach360 is beginning an active campaign to develop two properties. Our 2-acre “cabbage patch” property near the German Pomares neighborhood will be home to a Learning Center to teach our students from that neighborhood. Our 17-acre property in the Linda Vista neighborhood on the opposite side of Jinotega will become home to an additional Learning Center, a location to house volunteers and students attending overnight camps, and recreational facilities. Sustainable construction techniques will be embraced, including building the facility such that it can be independent of the electrical grid.

Volunteers joining our construction volunteer program should be prepared to be involved in a variety of projects, including manual work involving digging foundations, cement mixing, and block laying, installing fencing, constructing running trails, and more. Occasionally construction volunteers will be asked to be involved in our sustainable agriculture program as well. Flexibility is key.

During June, July, and August, each construction volunteer is expected to raise $100 in project funds above the minimum program donation to be used for material costs for each week volunteering.

During the winter, spring, and fall, each volunteers joining our construction volunteer program are expected to raise $300 in project funds. These funds are above the minimum program donation. Also, a minimum team size of 10 is needed to be involved in the construction program. Exceptions can be made for smaller teams who raise a minimum of $3000 for project funds.

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