Growing a Sustainable World

At our two properties in Nicaragua, we will be implementing projects involving sustainable agriculture. Examples will include planting mango, banana, orange, and avocado trees, and implementing raised bed gardens for vegetables and herbs. In addition, the agriculture program will provide an opportunity for our students to serve and learn. The food production will provide food to the Outreach360 volunteer program, to the on-site student program, and may be used to generate income for the local program.  Sustainable agriculture methodologies will be implemented.

Agriculture/Sustainability volunteers should be prepared to be involved in planting, pruning, harvesting, installing irrigation and water storage systems, and more. Occasionally agriculture/sustainability volunteers will be asked to be involved in our construction program as well. Furthermore, agriculture/sustainability volunteers will be invited to teach environmental, ecological, and agriculture lessons to our students.   Flexibility is key.

Agriculture volunteers are expected to raise $100 in project funds above the minimum program donation to be used for material costs for each week volunteering. Volunteers will raise these funds during June, July, and August.

During the winter, spring, and fall, each agriculture volunteer is expected to raise $300 in project funds above the minimum program donation. Also, a minimum team size of 10 is needed to be involved in the construction program. Exceptions can be made for smaller teams who raise a minimum of $3000 for project funds.

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