Imagine a Transformed World!

Have you ever imagined being part of something bigger in the world? Ever wonder what you could do to make the world a better place? Ever thought of working to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children in developing countries?

At Outreach360 our vision is a transformed world in which every child is able to pursue a college degree or be gainfully employed upon reaching adulthood and ultimately have the opportunity to live a life of choice. We envision every child we work with becoming an active citizen in their communities and being committed to serving those less fortunate.

Sadly, the areas we serve in Latin America suffer from some of the most extreme poverty and some of the greatest social inequality in the world. Children are born in disadvantaged neighborhoods where day-to-day life can often be a simple matter of survival. When families lack the resources for the most basic necessities, they are left with few options except to send their children to beg for money in the streets where they aversely turn to crime or prostitution to survive. With limited educational opportunities, as children reach adulthood they lack the necessary education to be accepted into a university program or the critical vocational training to obtain a skilled job. Once again, without knowing what else to do, they are left with few options as adults and the endless cycle of poverty continues.

At Outreach360 we believe education is the best sustainable solution to combat poverty and provide the children we serve with long-term opportunities to transform their own lives. Through our innovative education programs at our Learning Centers, we focus on the steps we can take now to develop the enormous talent of these children. With English Language Learning and Spanish Literacy at the heart of our education programs, we are able to provide disadvantaged children with opportunities for progress. In the Dominican Republic where more than a third of the population lives on a few dollars a day, learning English provides young people looking at college, professional careers or work in the ever-growing tourist industry, with a tool necessary to compete in the job market. In Nicaragua, where an estimated 33% of the population is illiterate, learning to read and write correctly is vital to providing opportunities for a life of choice.

Powered by creative and passionate volunteers that come to serve in our Learning Centers, Outreach360 strives to transform these statistics and provide the children we serve with a life of choice. A life where they are no longer a statistic, but a symbol of human potential.

Our Programs & Causes

English Education

Our English program focuses less on the traditional classroom model and seeks to promote the unique global exchange between our students and our volunteers that truly makes the language come alive.

Construction | Building Futures

Volunteers joining our construction program should be prepared to be involved in a variety of projects, including manual work involving digging foundations, cement mixing and block laying, installing fencing, constructing running trails, and more. Construction volunteers are building the future for our students!

Sustainable Agriculture

The Outreach360 Agriculture Program will provide an opportunity for our students to serve and learn. The food production will provide food to the Outreach360 volunteer program, to the on-site student program, and may be used to generate income for the local program!

Our Education Philosophy

When famous female pilot and adventurer Amelia Earhart was once asked why she chose flying as a career, she simply answered, “For the fun of it!” We agree with Ms. Earhart and take the same approach with education, knowing that the innate motivation for learning in children comes from engaging in activities that they enjoy. That’s why our education philosophy at our Learning Centers focuses on creating the perspective that learning is fun, and an education program with interesting, relative, diverse, and interactive learning activities. When we take a closer look at this pedagogy, we see how powerful education can be when we appeal to student interests and foster a dynamic learning environment where intrinsic and extrinsic motivation come together to create the perspective that learning is fun. Suddenly we see students become engaged in learning because they naturally pursue what is interesting to them. We see students take ownership of learning that is relevant to them because it is meaningful and involves them personally in the process. We see students learn at higher levels when there is a variety of teaching techniques and strategies in the classroom that keep them focused. We see positive social collaboration and shared success with an interactive learning approach that fosters creativity. Ultimately, a fun learning environment is an effective learning environment, and our volunteers continually strive to embody our philosophy through their imaginative teaching.

Our Vision

Outreach360 seeks a transformed world in which every child we serve is able to pursue a college degree or to be gainfully employed upon reaching adulthood, and ultimately being able to live a life of choice. Focusing primarily on Spanish Literacy and English Language Learning, Outreach360 sees education as a sustainable solution to poverty in Latin America and a powerful means for achieving our mission.