Outreach360 Welcomes New Students!

Outreach360 welcomed 50 new students to the Nicaragua Learning Center on Monday, September 25, 2017, many of whom former volunteers may recognize as English language learning camp attendees. It is an absolute joy for Outreach360 to accept more students into the Nicaragua Learning Center program. The highly anticipated arrival of these new students has brought significant changes to our program. We are excited to announce that Outreach360 now has 20 computers for our students to utilize during class time. Softwares, such as Rosetta Stone, will be used to serve our students and improve their mastery of the English language. Outreach360 Nicaragua Learning Center students are thrilled with these new changes to our program and are looking forward to the future. As are we.

Here is an inside peek into new Outreach360 Learning Center students’ first day of class, as well as a glimpse at our senior students using the new Outreach360 computers for the first time!