Jump Right In: Giving Tuesday Is Here

Whether you are an Outreach360 volunteer or an Outreach360 donor, we all share one common goal: to provide a life of choice for underserved children in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Now is the time to give back. Giving Tuesday is finally here and Outreach360 wants to celebrate with you.

What is Giving Tuesday? An opportunity to make a difference on a global scale!

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving that is celebrated annually on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. This year, Outreach360 is participating in Giving Tuesday and is taking part in an exclusive, first-time offer. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is offering to match donations made to Outreach360, up to $50,000, on Giving Tuesday.

Outreach360 students want to encourage you to participate: Adys, an Outreach360 Nicaragua Learning Center student, says,
“Outreach360 is important to me because I have a lot of experiences here. I have studied here for a long time and it is important because volunteers give me a chance. I do a lot here and that is why it is so special to me. This organization has taught me that dreams can be real; your goals and all the things you want in life can be real. Anything we want to do, Outreach360 helps us so we can make it come true. That’s why Outreach360 is so important to me. All the time I am so grateful. Donate to Outreach360.”

In order to have our donation matched, all donations must be made on Facebook. This is where you come in: 

Become a fundraiser on Facebook by creating your own Outreach360 fundraising Facebook page. Several other non-profits will be taking advantage of this opportunity on Giving Tuesday. We will be competing to receive matched funds. Your contribution to this fundraiser will put Outreach360 in the running to have matched donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. We cannot do this without you! Click here for step-by-step directions on how to get involved:

Outreach360 would like to acknowledge you for your support. 

The Outreach360 Learning Center programs and volunteer programs would not be able to exist without your support. Because of you, we have been able to serve over 10,000 students since 1994. Most recently, Outreach360 was able to open our doors to 50 new Learning Center students in Nicaragua. This progress would not be made possible without your devotion to our students’ education.

In order to say ‘thank you’, our new Learning Center students in Nicaragua have prepared a video for you. Click the picture below to watch:

Having difficulties donating on Facebook? Make a simple donation to Outreach360 on our Holi-Yay Giving Tuesday page here: