Journalism/Communication Majors Welcome!

Outreach360 students are interested in exploring career opportunities in communication and journalism fields. Volunteering abroad in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic will not only open doors for children interested in these subjects, but it will also open doors for Communications and Journalism majors by expanding their knowledge of their focus subject on a global scale. Outreach360 invites Communication and Journalism majors to serve abroad and teach communication and journalism classes to underserved children in Latin America at the 2018 Dare to Dream Summer Camp.

The 2018 Dare to Dream Summer Camp program will be led by Outreach360 short-term volunteers and Caminos Volunteer interns. Caminos Volunteers teach abroad for 8 or 12 weeks in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua Learning Center programs, whereas short-term volunteers serve for lengths of 1 to 7 weeks. This is the second summer that Outreach360’s Dare to Dream Summer Camp program will hold classes focused on communications and journalism.

Graham Hunt, an Outreach360 Communications OLÉ with an emphasis in photography and videography, says, “I think that multilingual education has a lot to do with global citizenship, and I think that global citizenship and journalism go hand-in-hand.  As the world grows more connected, we are more and more responsible for one another; our actions have ripple effects far beyond our local communities.  As such, as members of this increasingly interdependent global community, we have a deep responsibility to inform ourselves about what’s going on in the world.”

This opportunity is perfect for college students interested in making a global difference while sharing their passion for communication and journalism. College students will have the unique opportunity to teach abroad as a Caminos Volunteer or a short-term volunteer. Caminos Volunteers and short-term volunteers will be working in the community to provide powerful and meaningful communication and journalism educational programs that pave the way to a new life for the children we serve.

Graham goes on to say, “I think it’s important that young people everywhere learn about news and newsmaking.  I think it’s crucial that the new generation gain an understanding of the importance of journalism in the public debate, and more important still that they grow up with the critical thinking skills to evaluate and interpret the information with which they are presented.  And I think that as teachers educating a new generation of global citizens, Outreach360 volunteers with a background in journalism represent a great asset, a resource our students can tap as they grow into informed and critical global citizens.”

Teaching abroad can open doors for college students. Being exposed to service abroad will initiate you into the emerging world of global citizenship. With these experiences, you will become more conscientious of the needs of the international community. Furthermore,  volunteering as a Caminos Volunteer or a short-term volunteer will encourage you to continue learning about issues around the world, and become powerful advocates for action and change.

Volunteers will be teaching students about communication and journalism practices and how they can be applied within the international community. This exchange of knowledge will empower your personal growth of knowledge in communication and journalism fields by requiring you to think outside the box in order to teach in a sustainable way. What may be practiced in the United States or Canada, may not be practiced in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Discovering these differences will further your growth as a communications and journalism professional. Most importantly, it will motivate students to pursue careers in communications and journalism.
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