Release the Hero Within

The Outreach360 core purpose is to Release the Hero Within. It starts with Releasing the Hero Within the students we are working with, their families, and the communities where they live. As Outreach360 works to Release the Hero Within them, we simultaneously Release the Hero Within ourselves, and within all the friends and family involved in this effort. The Nicaragua and Dominican Republic Learning Centers, and other programs that we operate, are simply a manifestation of our purpose of Releasing the Hero Within. As the Outreach360 program grows and changes, additional opportunities will present themselves to Release the Hero Within. We aim to follow George Bernard Shaw’s sentiment: “The true joy in life is being used for a purpose greater than yourself.” Outreach360 works to provide an opportunity for people to live larger than themselves, to Release the Hero Within.

Our Corporate Values

Our Corporate Values are Causing Transformation and Producing Results:

We value causing transformation, a real change in how others and ourselves see our role in the world. To cause transformation, we:

  • Empower—Encourage and support others to grow through increasing accountabilities.
  • Acknowledge– Create a future for people through genuine and generous acknowledgement.
  • Involve – Continually focus on involving people in the Outreach360 family – volunteers, donors, students, and community – to create possibilities for more and more people.
  • Value Personal and Professional Development—Embrace learning opportunities for others and ourselves.
  • Play Big—Taking action to create significant opportunities while appropriately managing the risks.

We value producing results, making a real and measurable difference in the world.  To produce results, we:

  • Surprise and Delight – Provide our partners with the most consistent, impactful, and memorable experience possible – strive to exceed expectations.
  • Create Team— Create teams and teamwork that produce powerful results in all areas of the organization, WHILE having affinity and possibility in all conversations and relationships.
  • Work Selectively, Smart, and Hard —Purposefully choosing and prioritizing our work, doing the work intelligently and efficiently, and being willing to do what it takes to successfully complete the work.
  • Use the Best Tools for the Job—Investing in the training and products, which will enable us to produce results efficiently and effectively.
  • Use Standards and Measurements—Embracing standards and objectives for all that we do, and consistently and relentlessly measuring our progress.

Mission & Vision

Our vision

Our vision is a transformed world where every person lives a life of choice.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the education of underserved children in Latin America through our world class service-learning program.

Our 2030 Vision

The Outreach360 2030 Vision is to continue to grow and Release the Hero Within students, volunteers, and donors. By 2030, Outreach360 will be serving in 10 countries, in 54 communities within those countries, teaching 15,000 students, and have 1000 Adelante Plus students enrolled in our work study program pursuing a college degree. It is going to take growth in our volunteer program as well as our donor program, and Outreach360 is committed to making it happen!

Outreach360 Ten Principles for Successful Volunteering

  1. Acknowledge Yourself – Acknowledge yourself for the difference you are making. Very few people are willing to do what you have done; raise or donate funds, take a week or more of your time, give up other options you had for this time (skiing, the beach, work, etc) – to go to another country for the benefit of children in a community you don’t know. And many of you had to overcome fears and obstacles; a different language, not knowing anyone, only knowing Outreach360 from the internet, parents’ concerns, etc. It’s a big deal that you are here. Celebrate the difference you are making!
  2. You Are Outreach360 – There is no big staff of Outreach360 doing work. Nothing happens without you; the majority of funds and labor come from the volunteers. You aren’t here to “help” Outreach360, “you are” Outreach360.
  3. It’s Not About You – As generous as you are, sometimes your time here can become about you. “What difference am I going to make?” “How can I optimize the use of my time”, “I can’t speak the language”, there’s too much free time”, “When will my donated items be used?” Focus on the big picture, the difference you are making as a group. Take the focus off of you, and enjoy the impact the kids are receiving. For example, reading a story to one of the little boys may not be the best utilization of your skill, but it means the world to the boy.
  4. This Is It – Most of the time, Americans and Canadians are living in the future. Kids are waiting for high school, high-schoolers are waiting for college, college students are waiting to graduate and get a job, single people are waiting to get married, etc. etc. People don’t live that way in the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua; they live much more for each day. This is a unique opportunity to really live in the present and forget about worries at home, forget about tomorrow, quit thinking about what lasting impact you are having; just enjoy the present moment.
  5. Communicate Love – It is not necessary to know Spanish to be involved with the kids and to make a difference. We’ve had many volunteers who spoke no Spanish make a huge difference with the kids and had a great time; we’ve had other volunteers fluent in Spanish get frustrated because of the unique Dominican or Nicaraguan words and expressions. The experience is totally what you make of it. No matter how much Spanish we know, we always wish we knew more. What you know is what you know, so make the best of it. Don’t let your lack of Spanish be an excuse to not get involved.
  6. Poco a Poco (Little by Little) – You can’t change the world in a week. But, you can make a world of a difference in one or more of these kids lives. Don’t be frustrated by the slow progress; great things happen little by little. Your contributions this week, along with those volunteers who came before you, and those volunteers who will come after you, are making a huge difference.
  7. Jump Right In – You’ve got a short period of time here. Don’t spend a day or two getting to know what is going on. Jump right in, be assertive, do what you came here to do. If you wait till you get it all figured out, your time will be over.
  8. Serve, Don’t Help – There is a subtle difference between serving and helping. We’re here to serve, not to help. These are not poor, sick, helpless people who need our help. We’re here to serve. We share our strengths and blessings with them, and they share their blessings with us. It’s a two-way street.
  9. Be Flexible/Creative – Living and working here requires flexibility and creativity. Practice it, enjoy it! You have all the skills you need to be effective and productive at the Learning Center.
  10. You Are Responsible – The experience you have here is up to you and you need to take responsibility for your experience. Do not look to the team leader to make the experience for you. Use the team leader as a resource. Communicate with the team leader. They will support and facilitate your work. But you are ultimately responsible