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Middle School Teams


Every day of the year Outreach360 serves underprivileged children burdened by the limitations of poverty through our dynamic education programs made possible by our creative and enthusiastic volunteers.  We believe that every child should have the opportunity to live a life of choice and that by harvesting the power of human potential, together we can make a difference.  But, lasting change doesn’t happen overnight!  It happens when passionate volunteers come together and work to create a better future for all.  At Outreach360, we create a safe, affordable, and exciting way for middle school students to be a part of making a difference in the world and giving children a life of choice.


“The highlight of my experience with Outreach360 was being able to se another country and be able to improve the kids’ life.  The Dominican Republic was a lot better than I thought it was and the kids I taught were awesome.  Definitely join Outreach360.  It is an awesome experience to serve others and improve their life.  I learned many things.” – Kai Buendia, St. Ursula Villa

“Great program to bring middle and high school aged students. Safe. Yet still into the community at hand. Not overly stressful. Food and sanitation a non-issue. The logistics of day-to-day necessities are well hammered out. Leaders were dedicated and inspirational. Very good program for an exposure to service outreach in a foreign country.” – Christina Tobias, St. Croix Country Day School



Outreach360 strives to serve children living in the poorest of neighborhoods by providing opportunities that empower them to transform their own lives.  Drawing strength from the experience, diversity, talents and resources of our volunteers we promote innovative education as a solution to the challenges of poverty and a sustainable path to a life of choice.  As a middle school team, you will fill this critical role in education, providing engaging and meaningful learning activities for children at Outreach360 Learning Centers or in local neighborhoods.  However, changing the world is a two way street!  Not only will your middle school students be working to transform the lives of local children, but in the process they too will experience change.  At Outreach360 we believe that volunteering in authentic experiential service programs is the best way to develop global awareness and that the magic of cultural exchange promotes active world citizenship.


The health and safety of our volunteers is our number one priority!  Since 1994, our more than 18,000 volunteers have enjoyed a safe experience with Outreach360.  Our professional and reliable program has always ensured volunteer security, allowing our volunteers to focus on serving.  With  our experienced leadership team, trusted emergency procedures, and industry leading Foreign Global Liability Insurance, schools and parents can rest assured that their students are safe and healthy.


Volunteers join Outreach360 during many different times of the year.  A list of the different volunteer weeks available is located here.