You are invited to create an Outreach360 Friends and Family Team!

Sign up for an Outreach360 service trip, and invite your friends and family to join you!  For each volunteer who joins you (excluding volunteers receiving a child scholarship), Outreach360 will credit a $100 Friends and Family Scholarship toward your minimum program donation and airfare. This fun volunteer program will allow you to combine your passion for making a difference with an international service experience in the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua.

Outreach360 is a leading international service-learning organization whose mission is to enhance the education of underserved children in Latin America through our world-class service learning program.  Our vision is a world where every person lives a life of choice. Over 22,000 volunteers have joined Outreach360 in Latin America since 1994.

To become a Friends and Family Group Leader, you will:

1 Register to join Outreach360 in the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua as a volunteer for one week or longer.  You will “Create a Team/Family” and be the Group Leader. Decide on which country you will be volunteering in, and the number of volunteers you are planning to cause to join you.

2 If you have not participated on an Outreach360 trip, register for an Outreach360 Online Introductory webinar offered each Sunday night at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Let us know if you can not join us during that time and we can schedule a presentation for you at a different time.

3 All Friends and Family Group Leaders – Register for a Friends and Family Group Leader Webinar offered each Sunday night at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time. If you cannot attend, please contact us to schedule a webinar at a different time. You must attend this webinar within two Sundays of registering for the trip.

4 Invite friends and family to attend an Outreach360 Introduction, facilitated by an Outreach360 Leader. The Outreach360 Introduction will be provided in a webinar format; your guests can be invited to one physical location or just sign-in on the web. This introduction must be completed at least 60 days prior to the trip.

5 The friends and family registrations, minimum program donations, and airline ticket purchases must be complete at least 30 days prior to the trip.

Some additional reasons to be an Outreach360 Friends and Family Group Leader:

  • It’s fun and social.  You’ll have an opportunity to reach out to family and friends, inviting them to participate in this experience. It’s a great experience to share! And even if people decide not to join, they will be honored that you would invite them to join you.
  • You’re the expert.  We don’t know your friends and family, you do. You’ll be much more effective in getting people involved than we would. And we’ll support you in your efforts!
  • Leadership development. This is a great leadership experience, either as an individual or as a family.
  • Serving in Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic. You’ll be joining us in Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic, seeing exactly the difference you are making through your efforts.
  • Future Outreach360 Involvement. If you have an interest in being an Outreach360 OLÉ leader or full-time staff someday, this experience will help you to get to know Outreach360 better, and for us to get to know you better.
  • Earn Credit Toward Your Trip.  By involving additional volunteers from your personal network, you will be able to earn credit toward your minimum program donation and airfare.

Friends and Family Group Leader Details

Who is eligible?

Volunteers age 18 and above who register to create a volunteer team to join Outreach360 in the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua for one week or longer. Volunteers who attend a school that has an organized team joining Outreach360 during the week you are volunteering are not eligible to participate. (You would need to register for a different week of the year in order to participate as a Friends and Family Group Leader.)

What is the Purpose of the Friends and Family Program?

The purpose of the Friends and Family Program is to fulfill the purpose of Outreach360 – to Release the Hero Within.  The more volunteers who join us in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, the more of an impact we can have.  As a Friends and Family Group Leader, you will be inviting friends and family to volunteer with you in the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua. Volunteering with Outreach360 Releases the Hero Within each volunteer!

How Can I Earn Scholarship Credit toward my Trip?

The minimum program donation for a one week trip with Outreach360 is $900 plus airfare. For every volunteer who joins you, you will be credited $100 toward your minimum  program donation – the Friends and Family Group Leader Scholarship Credit. Example – if six people join your team, you will receive a $600 Friends and Family Group Leader Scholarship Credit, reducing your minimum program donation by that amount.   This scholarship credit will replace the normal Team Leader Scholarship – you will not be eligible to receive both the Friends and Family Scholarship Credit and the Team Leader Scholarship. Children receiving a Child Scholarship will not generate credit to the Friends and Family Group Leader Scholarship Credit. If you have sufficient scholarship credit to pay for all or a portion of your flight cost, that cost will be reimbursed to you after your trip and after we receive a copy of your airline receipt.

All volunteers who register with a $100 deposit for a volunteer trip prior to the early sign-up scholarship will receive a $100 Early Sign-up Scholarship Credit. And any team with 10 or more non-child volunteers will also receive a $100/person Group Scholarship Credit.