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Family Volunteer Vacations – Dominican Republic and Nicaragua


Outreach360 is a leader in safe, affordable, life-changing family volunteer vacations. Since 1994, nearly 20,000 volunteers have joined Outreach360 in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. This is a family volunteer vacation where you and your children meet real needs in the communities where you are serving. Each member of your family will make a real difference.

Our vision is a transformed world in which every child is able to pursue a college degree or to be gainfully employed upon reaching adulthood, enabling them to live a life of choice. We are fulfilling this vision through our world-class service-learning program, including a strong family volunteer vacation component. 

Our focus is on education, primarily English education.  English is a highly sought after skill in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, because people know that speaking English opens up significant work and educational opportunities.  Unfortunately, in the economically disadvantaged rural areas where Outreach360 works, very few English teaching resources are available. So each of our volunteers, regardless of their age, can make a real difference.

During the school year, your family will be helping to teach English at an Outreach360 Learning Center, in a local school, or in a local neighborhood. During school breaks over the holidays and during the summer, your family can choose to be involved in a Dare to Dream English Immersion Learning Camp or at an English Immersion Sports Camp – baseball, softball, or soccer.

At an English Immersion Learning Camp, your family can share your interest in science, math, reading, recreation, art, music, drama, dance, health, technology, and more to generate fun interactive activities for our students – all in English!  This provides an introduction to English for some of our students, and allows our more advanced English students to expand their vocabulary and practice the English they already know.

At an English Immersion Sports Camp, your family can share your interest in baseball, softball, or soccer to teach not only ball skills, but also important life and character skills.

And it’s all fun!  For our students, each week of camp is like a week at Disneyworld!

Cultural Education

We are committed that your family have a significant learning experience, in addition to your service experience.  Presentations from our staff, conversations with locals, and excursions to local landmarks, you will learn about the local culture. And our students will learn about you!  Your family will:

  • Learn about and respect a culture different than our own
  • See that children can lead lives without the material things we have, and still be very happy
  • Develop a deeper appreciation for the opportunities we have at home



“Get ready for the experience of a lifetime! This was one of the most gratifying trips I have been on and would do it again in a heartbeat! It was also an incredibly eye-opening experience for my son as well. We loved working with the children and the cultural trips were well thought out.”
Ingrid Varenbrink, Alaska

“We went as a family and every single member of our family loved the experience. It is a lot of work, but the payoffs are big! The highlights were definitely the children! It’s the wonderful children we teach and their eagerness to learn, their kindness and their enthusiasm that make the trip so special.”
Sara Baigorri, Florida


“This is a great program. It is very well organized, and you are given all the help and instruction you need. The people are very supportive, and since your eating and sleeping arrangements are taken care of it is easy. I would go back in a minute.”
Janette Warner, Rhode Island



The health and safety of our volunteers is our number one priority! Since 1994, our more than 19,000 volunteers have enjoyed a safe experience with Outreach360. Our experienced leadership team, professional and reliable program, and industry leading insurance has always ensured volunteer security, allowing families peace of mind while they focus on serving.


Volunteers join Outreach360 during many different times of the year.  A list of the different volunteer weeks available is located here.