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Volunteer Profile: Steller Secondary School

Volunteer Profile:  Steller Secondary School

Steller Secondary School is an alternative school located in Anchorage, Alaska. It is based on the philosophy that students have the right to control their own education.  A group of students ranging from 7th to 12th graders and two instructors, spent two weeks with our program in Nicaragua. Here are some thoughts from a few of the students about their experience.

What are the Outreach360 facilities like?

The Outreach360 volunteer house is located close to the edge of the shopping center of Jinotega. It’s a large house with a main dining area/common space, and rooms with bunk beds. There are lots of showers, and they have hot water! Some of the food is different from what we’re used to eating, but it’s good!     – Molly Rardin, 8th grader

How was the safety of your trip?

When I first knew I was coming on this trip my mom was very concerned about my safety, (like most mothers do) she came up with all these crazy ideas on what terrible things could happen to me. Although I appeared very comfortable with the idea of traveling to Nicaragua, I just wanted to seem like a courageous adolescent in front of my mom. I was actually terrified. When I first arrived in the country everything was intimidating, until I arrived at the outreach 360 building. Everyone there did an amazing job at making me feel like I belonged here. I was very surprised on how safe the city was; never did I feel out of place. Although I couldn’t even say a complete sentence in Spanish, I had a blast exploring the markets, small shops and restaurants.   – Nathan, 8th grader

What are the kids at the learning camp like?

Each and every kid at camp is unique and special, with so many kids you have pretty much every kind of personality you could think of! They are great kids, though, and really want to learn. Be ready for everything!  – Raia Stamm, 10th grader at Polaris High School, part of the Steller group

What has been the most rewarding part of the trip?

The most rewarding part of this trip has been seeing the kids learn and understand what we have been teaching them. It is such an exceptional feeling when you see the kids knowing the answers. And then their smiles make you feel so good! So a combination of the two makes for a pretty phenomenal reward on the trip.  – Maya Daniels, 10th grader


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