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"IT'S AMAZING! Such an inspiring experience that is both a beautiful and moving experience."
Tayler Herdemian
"The highlights of the trip were seeing some of our students shine as they interacted with the local children. The enthusiasm of the Outreach360 staff for the kids and their teaching was also inspiring. Also, the cultural activities were very informative and a lot of fun. "
Robert Heuber
"The kids were the biggest bonus of this trip. But aside from that, I really, really enjoyed the cultural day with the beach and the banana plantation. It's was an amazing experience that could really touch lives in the Dominican. "
Samantha Nesselroade
"I cannot pinpoint just one highlight, as each day was incredible. As a teacher by profession, of course teaching the kids (who I fell in love with!) is a highlight - but even more than that... The kids' delight and enthusiasm for learning, their warmth and eagerness... It was all just so wonderful!! Also, I think it is important to mention that we felt completely welcome in the community. People in Jinotega are warm and friendly and welcoming."
Celeste Amos
"I would definitely recommend an Outreach360 trip to anyone! It may seem like a big commitment but it is definitely worth it in the end. Being able to interact and work with kids that have no background in softball was such a pleasure and an obvious highlight!"
Natasha Sherrod
"It's a great experience!"
Hannah Provencher
"If you are thinking about going on an Outreach360 trip, purchase your plane ticket now! There's no reason to think about it, it's an experience of a lifetime!"
Andrew Hurst
"Watching a young softball camper start on day one with no confidence and a slight fear to seeing her with a huge smile and a boatload of confidence on the last day made the whole trip worth it. I had many other highlights as well: including getting to know all of the volunteers and campers and seeing the culture of the Dominican Republic through Outreach360 coordinated trips. Everyone should do it! "
Bailey Connor
"This was an experience of a lifetime for me! I created so many memories with the children we worked with and I can't wait to return!"
Karen Lowe
"There were so many highlights during my week in Monte Cristi. From hearing a student in the camp say her very first words in English to reading with the kids and singing songs - I really enjoyed my time there. The greatest highlight for me, though, was getting to serve alongside people who share the same exact passion for service, education, and travel that I do. I would tell anyone to go on an Outreach360 trip it in a heartbeat. My only advice would be to stay longer than one week!"
Gabriela Godinez
"This is an experience that you could never get at home in the states. Helping the children and seeing them have a smile on their face when they caught a ball or hit the ball was an obvious highlight."
McKenzie Kilpatrick
"Outreach 360 is a well managed organization that intentionally cares for volunteers as well as children who are educated in the learning centers. Participating as a volunteer is a positive way to engage with the children of Jinotega. The long-term effects of these children learning English will be positive for each child and the community in which they live."
Catherine Tomsheck
"The program was well organized from the moment we arrived. Everyone is very friendly and I instantly felt welcomed. It is clear the kids really benefit from the programs and I felt like I was able to make an impact even though I was only there for 2 weeks. Overall, the staff and children were great! "
Megan Fenkell
"Outreach360 is an outstanding organization that has been in the field long enough that they are able to guide your service experiences to have the fullest impact. You really will learn just as much as you will teach. I brought home many of the Outreach360 principles that I will apply to my every day life. Everything has been considered to make your stay comfortable so that you can focus on the kids. You also get rewarded for your efforts by getting to spend a day visiting the many beautiful places the community has to offer. I am already planning my next service trip!"
Kelley Leniczek
"After a year absence from the program, it's absolutely amazing how much the Outreach360 Learning Center students have improved! Their English, their character, their curiosity -- absolutely astounding! Outreach360 is a tremendously powerful opportunity for you to share your skills and education with the children of Jinotega, and also walk away with a better understanding of yourself, and heart for the Nicaraguan people. They are organized, safe, value-giving, and overall, really fun!"
Krystina Irvin
"Teaching science to the children at the learning center was a definite highlight!"
Daniel Malone
"I love the values of this organization. Education is so important and is a long term source. I liked how well-organized but relaxed the environment was. I hope to return in the future. The kids are absolutely worth it. Don't miss out on this opportunity to meet other amazing volunteers and the incredible children we teach. "
Prentice Clark
"This is an experience you will never forget. It will open your heart and your eyes to other cultures and experiences."
Julia Edwards
"This is a life changing experience. Outreach360 offers a safe, enjoyable volunteer opportunity. The principle "serve don't help" is an important one that makes you look at life differently."
Laura Dennison
"DO IT! You will love working with the children in the learning center!"
Virginia Gordon
"Outreach360 is a great experience in both the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. It is a wonderful trip to take with your friends, your family or fellow students. You give of yourself but get as much or more in return. Outreach360 takes care of your accommodations and food so that all you need to concentrate on is sharing with the students and enjoying Nicaragua. Some cultural experiences are also a part of your trip so that you not only get to know your students, you get to know the country and its people as well."
Michele Morris
"Serving with Outreach360 was one of the best decisions I have ever made and it was truly life-changing. The students were incredible and it was a great experience for me as a pre-service teacher! I loved teaching in the Learning Center and getting to know all of the students. I also loved getting to know the other long term volunteers-we all became so close and I know I made friendships that will last a lifetime. I also loved the different culture days that were planned during my stay. These really helped me to understand the culture more, which helped with my understanding of student needs and helped me be a better teacher at the Learning Center. "
Sloane Morrow
"GO NOW! Outreach360 is an amazing organization that takes wonderful care of it's volunteers. The have an amazing relationship with the community and I felt completely safe volunteer in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic. It was a good balance of free time, service and planned activities. By far, the kids were my favorite and most impactful part of the trip. They were so excited to learn and meet us and they inspired me in ways I never thought possible."
Erin Buse
"Outreach360 is a great organization! They Don't give hand outs to the people, instead they work with children to help them become self-sufficient. The kids learn English and Spanish literacy as a tool to help them succeed in life and to get better jobs. Outreach360 also has a safe housing facility and the children at the learning center are so eager to learn. It was amazing to see the children improve in only one week with them."
Sefora Coca
"Volunteering with Outreach360 was a great experience and definitely worth doing. You learn so much about yourself, and you learn about what a great impact you can have on the kids in the program. For me, the best part was meeting all the kids at the learning center, and learning a lot about the culture and the country of Nicaragua. "
Tarika Pather
"My experience with Outreach360 was so incredible, it is hard to choose highlights - the whole trip was a highlight! I mostly enjoyed collaboratively lesson planning with other volunteers and seeing the kids grow throughout the week and become more and more involved with the lessons. Also, the trip to the Dajabon Haitian market was and eye-opening and emotional experience. It is empowering to see the difference you can make in a child's life in a short amount of time, and there are no words to explain the difference the children will make in yours!"
Julie Keener
"You will have the most amazing experience and will appreciate your life back home even more. I loved how appreciative the kids were, and how motivated they were to learn. I really enjoyed the culture day and history day, it helped get the feel of Nicaragua. The leaders were really nice and welcoming, and they made me feel comfortable. I think everyone should do something like outreach360. "
Matthew Herman
"This was a life-changing experience that was enlightening, rewarding, and really fun. Teaching the kids was the best part. Specifically, I liked reading time and getting to know them one-on-one or in small groups. Anyone can and should go and make a difference!"
Teresa Rokos
"Since I had the opportunity to volunteer for four weeks, I had that much more time to fall in love with the entire experience! This trip open your eyes to the amazing things that are happening in this world thanks to people that have a heart to serve others! Volunteer have the opportunity to be a part of it! The kids are nothing short of amazing. If you're on the fence about whether or not to go, just know that the adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you. All you have to say is yes!"
Kaelin Hazen
"This is an experience of a lifetime. The highlights for me were working in the schools, and with the students. The whole experience was incredibly rewarding. "
Kiara Hildebrand
"Come with an open mind...learning about the culture helps the volunteer understand the full situation of the students - not just at school."
Patricia Rockett
"It was an absolutely amazing experience - not to be missed - life changing and awe-inspiring - do it!"
Maura Abate
"My entire experience was a highlight! The opportunity to get to know the students was one I'll never forget. Getting to know each of their personalities so well, and in turn, they got to know me so well. I loved getting to know the locals and the culture, and finding new ways of communication when there was a language barrier. There is no better program! It is organized, focused, and planned in a sustainable way where you KNOW that what you are doing is really changing a child's life."
Corina Byram
"Outreach360 is different. Outreach360 believes in sustainable and consistent service. This organization is of service to the students all year long, not just one week or a couple days like other NGOs. Outreach360 is a known partner within the communities within the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Your service with Outreach360 continues the on-going mission. Once you complete your service you will long to return because you will know that your contribution is a piece of the bigger picture."
Mycah Wilson
"I would strongly encourage you to commit to Outreach360's mission and volunteer with this organization because of its dedication to serving people by preparing them with the tools to improve their quality of life. "
Gabriela Godinez
"The teamwork and caring nature of the long-term volunteers leave one with a renewed sense of hope."
Daniel Teijido
"It was an eye opening experience that I think everyone should do sometime in their life. The children are amazing and made my week that much better."
Tori Freeman
"You just need to do it, and jump right in!"
Lyndsay Verburgh
"Highlights were visiting the Dajabon market, meeting Tom the founder and the leaders, learning about the Haitian and Dominican relations, visiting the Mangroves, working with some amazing kids It's an eye opening experience. One of the most challenging things I've ever participated in but it was without a doubt the most powerful experience of my life. I set out to teach but ended up being taught. "
Maria Zuniga
"I'm highly impressed with the efficiency and thoroughness of the organization, and would recommend it for seasoned travelers as well as inexperienced ones."
Kathleen Sullivan
"The team leaders were absolutely wonderful. They were extremely passionate about their work, and they did an excellent job of integrating the volunteers into the experience as well. Working directly with the children was one of my favorite parts; it was extremely refreshing and very fulfilling, and I really enjoyed seeing them grow and improve in certain areas, even in just the short time frame during which I was there. I also really appreciated having the opportunity to teach and take on an important leadership role in the lives of these kids. I enjoyed the way the program worked and, looking back on my experience, I can see just how much I value and respect Outreach360's values and morals. The work that Outreach360 does in local communities and schools is extremely enriching and purposeful, and interacting with these children in an environment such as this is incredibly rewarding and life changing."
Katherine Collins
"My highlights were getting to meet everyone, the trip to we Moro and of course teaching the kids. It is an experience of a lifetime and expect getting more back from the trip than what you were able to give. "
Noah Kaib
"I loved my time with the kids! I was fortunate to be there for a field trip to the university and zoo in Managua. It was so well organized and such a great experience for the kids. Now when the "teachers" talk about studying hard and going to the university, they actually know what that means. The leaders are amazing - totally dedicated to the program and pass that on to the volunteers. The program has a great balance between the volunteer work/experience and an opportunity to learn about local history and culture. Loved it! Will definitely go back! Do it! I have been to the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua and had a great experience both times."
Julie Adams
"Do it!"
Rene Grogan
"It is a great organization where you get a quality volunteer experience in a cultural Dominican town. You meet great people from around the world and have a week or two of memories that you will never forget. "
Johan Manse
"Though my favorite part of the trip was working with the kids, referencing the experience as a whole I greatly appreciated the efforts to educate the volunteers on the culture of the country. The movies and the culture day events made me feel like I gained a much greater understanding of the country and the area of Monte Cristi. Outreach360 is an amazing organization that not only cares deeply for the children they work with but also for the greater community and culture. The leaders are deeply caring people whose support empowered me to exceed my own potential in teaching and to serve the people in a way that showed them respect and treated them as equals."
Nathan Pitzer
"Highlights were meeting new folks, working with the DR children, and learning about their culture/history. Do it!"
Victoria Walker
"If you're able to do it- DO IT!"
Blair Pigg
"I loved building connections with not only the kids, but the team leaders and volunteers as well. Even though I was only in Monte Cristi for a week, I know the relationship I built will continue to have an impact on my life and surrounding lives. "
Jocelyn Keen
"Highlights were teaching the kids, learning about the Dominican Republic's culture and history, and trying traditional Dominican foods. I would tell them that it is a great organization. They really know what they're doing and genuinely care about their volunteers and their students. They've given their all to these kids and it really pays off. It was a great experience and I highly recommend it. It's a great way to travel, immerse yourself in a language, and give back."
MacKenZie Rumage