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"If someone I knew told me he/she was thinking about joining Outreach360 and wanted my opinion, I would tell him/her it was a great idea. I love the Outreach360 principles, and I like what the organization stands for. My favorite principles were Poco a Poco, and Jump Right In. I liked the way the staff encouraged us to be creative with our lesson plans, and I also liked the little debriefs we had at the end of the morning and at the end of the afternoon, since they were meant to reflect on the day. Finally, I would tell them that it was a great learning experience for me, and that if I had the chance, I would definitely do it again. "
Madison Fillmore
"One of the best things that I experienced with Outreach360 is how well of a job is done helping and sponsoring the kids. The staff continues to encourage the volunteers to do the best we can do and to never give up. The Outreach360 principles really stood out to me and helped me through the week. "
Brooklyn Weckx
""jump right in" and do it! The experience is worth having. Everything was well organized, the staff is passionate about their work and very supportive of the volunteers. It was nice to have the orientation, teaching, and free time as well as meals, transportation, and cultural activities all taken care of. I felt that we also learned so much about the Dominican Republic and Outreach360 while we were there! I've not been home a week and miss it so much and hope to return some day! "
Jessica Weckx
"I really can't think of anything that would have made the trip any more valuable or rewarding. Working with the students and volunteers at Outreach360 is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done!"
Fiona Rivard
"You would not regret going on an Outreach360 trip. There are so many highlights! Working with the campers, volunteering w other families, getting to know the staff, all the cultural activities, seeing my daughter in a whole new light, checking out of the Internet pace, healthy delicious meals."
Veronica Nyhan Jones
"I've already been recommending an Outreach360 trip to interested folks. The best part about the trip is learning about another culture and connecting with the children."
Janese Bechtol
"This trip makes you much more grateful and you meet a ton of great people. "
Janae Schnur
"The highlights were working with the energetic staff, having flexibility of lesson planning with the support of recently graduated elementary education majors, consistent scheduling of activities (no surprises are a good thing), plenty of potable water and food. Thanks for a great trip!"
Jeffrey Schnur
"Do it! Outreach is very professional and respectful of the community in which they serve. It's an organization making a real difference, offering a needed service which will open doors for Nicaraguan children yet doesn't take jobs from locals. I respect what Outreach is doing and how they're doing it."
"Outreach360 is a well-organized program that provides you with hands-on experience teaching children right in the community where they live. The country is beautiful, the people in the community are warm and inviting, and it is overall a safe environment. You will leave the program with so much more than you came with."
Renee Videlefsky
"This was an outstanding the trip! The people were great and so were the activities. I loved teaching the amazing and appreciative children, and learning about the culture and history of Nicaragua. "
Sophia Videlefsky
"Do it! There is nothing you will regret, other than, passing up the opportunity!"
Christine Grouhel
"This was a powerful educational experience for me as a Canadian. I embarked on this experience to share a world perspective with my children who joined me. This goal was certainly achieved. More importantly though was the education I received... Watching young people strive for education despite the poverty or circumstances of their home and country... Inspiring! "
Christian Tobias Bourdeau
"If you'd like to gain perspective and learn a whole lot about yourself and the world around you, take an Outreach360 trip. The highlight for me was interacting with the kids on a day-to-day basis. I had moments with all of them that are going to stick in my heart forever. The sense of community in Jinotega was amazing to experience, seeing people smiling and loving each other despite the poverty they're living in. Go on this trip and you'll have zero regrets!"
Noe Bourdeau
"An Outreach360 trip is a rewarding experience, one that everyone who is able to should strive to do."
Don Masters
"It was really great to see how well the Outreach360 staff and volunteers work together. I also appreciated the enthusiasm for the program, and eagerness and acceptance by the local Dominicans. "
Melissa Masters
"You won't regret going on an Outreach360 trip; it's an experience that has changed my life!"
Liam Parsons
"An Outreach360 trip is an excellent choice for a family or organization. Participants of all ages and purpose can easily find a home in the important work of Outreach360. I have already recommended it upon my arrival home. My own daughter hopes to return on her own once she is a bit older. Thanks to all for a wonderful week! "
Lisa Blank
"My entire experience was a highlight. I loved working in the camps with the children who were so enthusiastic to be there. I also enjoyed going to Dajabon, which was an experience we would never have done outside of Outreach360. "
Alessandra Allen
"The highlight was seeing how Outreach360 has grown as an organization. Last time I was volunteering in 2013, we were only running camps in Salomon Jorge, but this time we were teaching in JFK and the learning center. To me this signifies not only the growth of Outreach360, but of the increased bond between the organization and the community as well. "
Samuel Bradley
"Get ready for the experience of a lifetime! This was one of the most gratifying trips I have been on and would do it again in a heartbeat! It was also an incredibly eye-opening experience for my son as well. We loved working with the children and the cultural trips were well thought out. "
Ingrid Varenbrink
"Outreach360 is very organized and can definitely be trusted. I loved being able to play with the kids during break time and during the weekend camp. I also loved having culture day and learning about the Dominican Republic through the movies and educational talks. "
Karlie Johnson
"I wouldn't want to volunteer with anyone else but Outreach360. My highlight was great working with the high school students who wanted to dive into the English language and learn. "
Jacob Lestina
"This experience is indescribable and so unique. I enjoyed the rush of teaching the kids. Even though the culture is different, kids are kids and learned so much more than I anticipated from spending time with them!"
Emma Fantaccione
"You won't regret going on an Outreach360 trip - it will be one of the best experiences of your life. Just working with the kids one on one and seeing all of their improvements throughout the week is the biggest highlight. Whether it was the day where they finally warmed up to you and actually let you help them or it was the day where they just all of a sudden got what they were doing, it was so rewarding to know that you had made an impact!"
Sabrina Giacona
"The highlights of my experience was sharing it with my daughter and meeting and working with the children in the local school. Experiencing the culture and the children really puts your life in perspective. "
Kerri Berryman
"It is a hard, amazing, and rewarding experience. Forming some really amazing relationships is the best part. You will also get a chance to learn more about the culture and go on a number of excursions through the community. "
Amy Cambou
"Outreach360 is a great organization. It was great to work with the kids and seeing their genuine smiles and good attitudes. We had the opportunity to learn more about Outreach360, Monte Cristi, and the Dominican Republic in general. "
Courtney Chase
"I can't think of a better way to really get to know a culture and community. We were educated by the leaders, we were educated by the students, we were educated by our fellow volunteers. It was just a great experience, and we all left really loving the Dominican Republic and the people there. "
Becky Riley
"Going on an Outreach360 trip will be the best week of your life! I loved working with the kids at JFK, the cultural activities, the other people in the group, the Outreach360 staff and the food! "
Mara Riley
"This trip is a must do! Our family learned so much from the wonderful children we worked with. There was a very strong community feeling around our site and the staff were great to work with!"
Alfonso Baigorri
"We went as a family and every single member of our family loved the experience. It is a lot of work, but the payoffs are big! The highlights were definitely the children! It's the wonderful children we teach and their eagerness to learn, their kindness and their enthusiasm that make the trip so special."
Sara Baigorri
"We've now been to both Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic and all I can say is GO!! Everything planned by Outreach360 was executed easily and perfectly from the airport pick up to the teaching schedule to the accommodations. Traveling to the DR with my two young children couldn't have been easier. We enjoyed meeting other volunteers, working with the kids and seeing a new country/city. If you enjoy teaching and like working with young kids its a great way to spend your time and energy. "
Jennifer Berz
"I liked the learning experience and teaching the kids English. I also enjoyed playing and getting to know the kids after school at the park. Another highlight of this trip was getting to know about the history of the Dominican Republic. I hope to do this trip again or something like it in the future."
Noah Berz
"Outreach provides a very balanced experience, supporting volunteers with cultural context and constant encouragement as they plunge right into the classroom. As an Outreach teacher in Monte Cristi, a traveler is welcomed by the organization and the community alike and is quickly made to feel like a active participant in the workings of the neighborhood. "
Caroline C. Bouton
"I had never traveled outside of the country before my trip to the Dominican Republic to volunteer with Outreach---so that was a great start! I really ended up enjoying myself. I think that the experience of interacting with people of all ages, the addition of a language barrier, and observing the community and relative poverty that exists within the Dominican Republic and wider world, was important. It was a huge learning experience, but 100% worth it. I would encourage anyone to do it!"
Caroline S. Bouton
"The highlight of my experience was being able to work in JFK with the students. I found it incredibly rewarding to watch the progress they made over the course of just 4 days and enjoyed having to opportunity to both teach to the whole class and to bond with individual students. "
Emma Bouton
"It was great connecting with students and other volunteers, experiencing culture of another country, trip to Dajabon, salt flats tour, being there for Carnaval, being pushed out of comfort zones, and sharing experience with my son!"
Constance A Collins
"The main highlights for Samantha and I was participating in the teaching team at the learning centre and working with the many talented and eagre children. It gave me great joy to watch my daughter embrace this role and watch the other youth leader volunteers take her under their wings and support her throughout this journey. It was lovely to see and learn about another culture, their values and way of life. We also loved the culture day - participating in the pottery making broadened our appreciation of how hard these women work and how talented they are in the making of the black pottery. Being a coffee lover, I thoroughly appreciated the tour and learnings from the coffee plantation and the pride in the sense of community created for the staff of Salve Negra. This is a safe, and very rewarding opportunity to learn about another culture, to learn about yourself and to be a part of something bigger in making a difference to children."
Allison Boughner
"The satisfaction you feel are very rewarding and long lasting."
Myhang Bach
"Highlights: Meeting all the loving, fun children and getting to teach. Meeting other families in service. Learning about the Dominican culture. Being a part of something meaningful. Making friends with Mercedes the "juice lady." sharing these experiences with my daughter...."
Gabi Zolla
"Some highlights for me include teaching the children at camp, and really getting to know them, and also learning about the culture of Dominicans in general."
Ruthie Zolla
"I enjoyed working directly in the community and having the opportunity to interact with the children and community members. Margo was an excellent team leader and managed our experience very well. I also enjoyed working with Coco, Alma, and Bryson again, their commitment is inspiring."
Chris Goffnett
"Meeting all of the children and volunteers is definitely great. I also love the hike up the mountain in Jinotega!! Teaching the children is probably the best part. I would say to definitely join because it is a great life- changing experience! "
Scout Nelson
"Highlights were connecting with the children, townspeople, and the other volunteers, seeing the market in Dajabon, being there with the Board members and Tom. This last highlight made us feel really good about the organization. It's an amazing experience, rewarding and difficult both. We were impressed with how smoothly things went on the ground. The staff (Apryl and Sarah) is organized, professional and knowledgeable. I belief in the Outreach 360 mission and saw first-hand how well it works."
Rachel Hall
"We loved teaching the children, we loved the combined culture, re: movie, trips and talks. We loved the food. We loved the staff. Go!"
April Betti
"I enjoyed working with the Caminos volunteers, who were so friendly and welcoming. They were always willing to lend a helping hand with anything I needed. I also loved all the educational, cultural experiences that were provided. I feel like I learned so much about the Dominican Republic. Going to the Dajabon market was a real eye opener, and gave me a different understanding about humanitarian aid. Also, the food was amazing the whole week. Outreach 360 runs like a well-oiled machine. You make it so easy for volunteers to jump right in and get to work. "
Kristen Simpkins
"Highlights were working with the kids, and the educational talks. Do it!! It is a great experience. Not only is it fun, but it's very educational."
Gina Bogden
"There are too many highlights to list. Working with the children was certainly near the top of the list as was interacting with the program leadership and other volunteers. Overall, we enjoyed a great experience! Absolutely do it!"
Brad Miller
"Highlights were exposure to the culture... Interacting with the children who were so eager to learn. It's a great experience- you will be supported by a strong program team, and immersed in the culture as much as you choose to be."
janel wellborn