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"My trip was such a life-changing experience. it was all amazing, so it is difficult to pick out highlights. Working with the kids, of course, was so rewarding and fun. The food was delicious and the staff was incredible. I really enjoyed going to the black pottery cooperative as well. "
Isabelle Christie, First Parish Congregational Church
"Outreach360 is a great service program. I liked planning the lessons and then watching the kids preform the exercises we made. I loved meeting the kids. They taught me so much in just the four days I met them. I also loved the food the staff made in the volunteer center."
Abby Condon, First Parish Congregational Church
"I had so many highlights on my trip, being able to be immersed in a new culture was so amazing and beautiful. I loved getting to work with the kids and getting to create such a strong bond with each of them. As well as learning so much from the kids that I didn't expect to. And last but not least the food was absolutely amazing!!!"
Samantha Crowley, First Parish Congregational Church
"Do it!!! The children, touring the community and climbing the mountain were all incredible highlights of my trip."
Pamela Dietz, First Parish Congregational Church
"I loved working with the students and the Outreach360 leaders did an amazing job with a lot of knowledge of the culture. "
Lillian Harvey, First Parish Congregational Church
"It is definitely a program to look into if you want a balance of service and exploration. The highlights of my experience were definitely meeting all the kids and exploring Jinotega. The kids were brilliant, and I loved how much freedom the program gives you. "
Johanna Hattan, First Parish Congregational Church
"It is an amazing experience that is unlike any other. You come in with the goal of changing a few lives for the better but leave so deeply changed yourself."
Natalie Hattan, First Parish Congregational Church
"The best part of the trip were moments spent with the children/young adults of Nicaragua! Everyone should do it!"
Thomas Hattan, First Parish Congregational Church
"The organization is incredibly well run - from the housing to the learning center activities. I Loved working with the children. This was the highlight, although I also loved going to the ceramics cooperative. And, the food was absolutely delicious. "
Victoria Kahan, First Parish Congregational Church
"You should Join! The highlight will be working with the children!"
Cory Langenbach, First Parish Congregational Church
"The Outreach360 experience is a great mix of service, culture and experiencing the Jinotega community. I would highly recommend taking advantage of this experience. Outreach360 takes good care of its volunteers and is doing great work with the children and community!"
Brenda Michaelsen, First Parish Congregational Church
"Highlights were overall program organization, mix of educational activities along with cultural and historical education. I think the website and videos are a great introduction and really help orient and prepare folks for the experience"
Matthew Belcher, First Parish Congregational Church
"The highlight was the kids!! The staff was amazing. Well organized, professional and personable. The whole experience was really outstanding!!l"
Katherine Bock, First Parish Congregational Church
"The highlight was Working with the kids - they are really clever and eager to learn. Also, you have a great structure that provided education to our group on culture and history of Nicaragua. It is a great program and well run"
William Colby-George, First Parish Congregational Church
"I had an amazing experience. I definitely felt safe in the Outreach 360 environment, and it was extremely organized. I would love to visit again. "
Emma Glessner, First Parish Congregational Church
"The staff was awesome. I was impressed with how well the trip was organized, and enjoyed the mix of camp with the children, local tours, and cultural/history discussions and movies. The staff did a great job of connecting us with Outreach 360 and Nicaragua."
Darren Hamre, First Parish Congregational Church
"The food was excellent. I really enjoyed experiencing the culture and getting to explore the town. The hike was probably my favorite thing we did. Its a great program that is very well organized and run. If you enjoy teaching or working with kids, it is a perfect fit."
Morgan Hamre, First Parish Congregational Church
""Go for it!" This organization knows what it is doing and how to provide a quality and meaningful experience for all of its volunteers. This would be an trip of a lifetime that they will never forget. Thank you so so much for making this an incredibly memorable trip for me. "
Meredith Hawkins, First Parish Congregational Church
"It is a great organization working for a great cause. The memories that can be made here will last a lifetime."
Connor Lainey, First Parish Congregational Church
"If you are looking for an organization that is well run and organized with the opportunity to teach children who are eager to learn and meet new friends then Outreach 360 is the way to go. "
Brenda Michaelsen, First Parish Congregational Church
"The program was very well organized and everything went really well. I enjoyed learning about Nicaraguan culture and history very much. Also, hiking Pena de la Cruz was awesome. Everyday we knew what we were doing and I liked that!"
Eavan O\'Neill, First Parish Congregational Church
" Do it, it's an incredible experience I would never regret doing. "
Michelle Robichaud, First Parish Congregational Church
"Outreach 360 has their "ducks in a row"- the food is excellent (you will not go hungry), the security guard, information given and staff create a safe and fun environment to serve in, and the overall experience is truly unforgettable. I highly recommend outreach 360 for your missions "
Brianna Bloodworth, Christ's Church of the Valley
"Too many highlights to mention in writing, because it would take forever:1.The kids. Meeting the children of Monte Cristi was certainly a highlight. We loved meeting them, talking with them, teaching, playing, and singing songs. What a great experience! 2. The hospitality of the Outreach360 Team. I can't say enough about how accommodating the Outreach360 team was for our group! Their instructions were clear. They were patient as we adjusted to our new surroundings and our teaching assignments. They were attentive to the 'needs' of our group, and were concerned about how we were doing. They were an encouragement to us. They offered great insight to our group about the Dominican people & culture. 3. Our Boat Excursion. Definitely an awesome experience_I highly recommend this for other groups! A HUGE THANKS for pulling this off and making it happen! 4. Our group. My final highlight was watching how our group 'bonded' throughout the experience. We weren't all from the same church or campus, and had people in almost every life phase, yet we grew closer together as the week progressed. Many have called the trip 'unforgettable', 'the best mission trip I've ever been on', etc. For me, I'll never forget THIS team and the relationships we made. All in all, through the memories we made and the friendships we forged, it made for a completely priceless experience. "
Dennis Bloodworth, Christ's Church of the Valley
"So many amazing highlights: *Working with the kids was so inspiring. *Going to the island to hike to the Lighthouse & swim *The market and bridge was unforgettable *The early morning hike and swim *The Salt Flat tour and town tour *The Ice cream shop *The amazing Volunteer Leaders- Apryl, Amanda, Blair and of course Tomas! "DO IT!" Outreach 360 was very organized, we had amazing food and our "extra" activities made the tough (sticky) weather worth it."
Mindy Coronado, Christ's Church of the Valley
"The highlight was seeing positive results in the English learning experience with the kids. Join up. The experience with underprivileged kids seeing them grow and become more literate in English and other social skills is awesome. "
Sally Davis, Christ's Church of the Valley
"Highlights were working with the kids and seeing how bright they are and imagining the wonderful opportunities they can have. It's so worth it. You think you're going to impact others, but really they leave a lasting impact on you"
Hannah deLeon, Christ's Church of the Valley
"Wonderful balance of working with local community and having time to explore a new country. I would totally promote it! Our group had a fantastic experience. "
Theodore Demos, Christ's Church of the Valley
"Highlights were first the children, singing and coaching them with English in the recreational area. Translating the church service, connecting and building relationships with the locals and my group.The beach, island, hiking, Dajabon, dancing class,everything was a great experience in Monte Cristi. Go for it! It is a well structured organization that will keep you safe in the mission field. You will teach children English, learn about a new culture and will have some great experiences. The food is awesome! "
Guillermo Divito, Christ's Church of the Valley
"Highlights include: * The staff friendliness, helpfulness and sharing cultural education with us. * The program's vision and mission statements. System working great. * The interaction with the students/children!! What a blessing! * The food * The cultural experiences, field trips * The beach/oceanHighly recommend! A well established/run program that will result in an incredible experience. You will want to return and/or serve at the Nicaragua site."
Susan Fabian, Christ's Church of the Valley
"Highlights were working with the kids, obviously. Seeing the greater vision of what you guys are doing and knowing that we were a part of something bigger than ourselves. The constant communication through teaching tips, cultural talks, etc. really kept us connected to the program throughout. Benefits of Outreach360 - great experience, very life on life with the kids and leaders, cost effective because it's close to the US. It is an experience that is mutually beneficial for the trip participants and the children in the community."
Gary Gillespie, Christ's Church of the Valley
"The staff was great! Loved the cultural experience. The beach was great.! Do it! Great opportunity to serve others."
Rochel Heimann, Christ's Church of the Valley
"Working with the kids, the boat outing was great, the food was great, and the staff was really awesome. There was a great energy and the songs were a good way to get us pumped up. "
Krista Jones, Christ's Church of the Valley
"The biggest highlight for me was the relationships built with our CCV team. I appreciated the diversity of events included during the week such as the dancing lesson, cultural night and short trips through out the week. Apryl did an excellent job leading us and keeping us organized. I appreciated the structure combined with free time every day. Be prepared to work hard, maintain a high energy level and understand this mission is not about evangelizing but about serving; serving each other and serving the poverty inflicted children of Monte Cristi. "
KIRSTEN MASHNI, Christ's Church of the Valley
"It was truly an amazing trip! The highlights were meeting the staff and watching the students interact with them!! Truly amazed by the gift they show week in and week out. This was one of the most amazing and rewarding trips I have been on! I was going thinking I was going to invest in them when kids were investing in me. Blessed."
Kerry Kay Zwiener, Christ's Church of the Valley
"It was all amazing! I loved the amazing hosting staff and working with all of the kids. It is very well organized, and I was surprised how you guys can accommodate that many people. It is the best experience I have ever had. It taught me what I have shouldnt be taking for granted. I realized how lucky we are to live in the USA."
Cody Gajnos, First Church of Nashua
"Highlights were experiencing a new culture, teaching little kids, and exploring different parts of Nicaragua. Outreach360 is a very safe and reliable organization to participate in. Everything was amazing. Food and water is safe, conditions are safe, and the experience one has will never be forgotten!"
Kurt Iske, First Church of Nashua
"The highlight was Just being able to really be thrown into the culture. We got to learn about the history and culture of Nicaragua, we even got to learn Latin dance! The most amazing thing though was being able to see how excited all of the children were to see you, and their desire for learning was evident."
Victoria Lott, First Church of Nashua
"Do it this was our 13 time with Outreach 360 and I'd go another 13 times. You are so well organized, professional, great staff who know there roles. Emily and Kristenia as well. We feel safe, well cared for, our trip is meaningful , we made a difference and were very well appreciated. Thank you for such a great experience.I can't say enough about how well we enjoyed this trip. Each time gets better and better. "
Lyn Micklovich, First Church of Nashua
"Highlights were the food and the teaching! Outreach360 was very organized. The trip was amazing! "
Brian Oberti, First Church of Nashua
"I enjoyed working with the enthusiastic students, cultural day, and the Nicaraguan food. I am so impressed with the program. The staff is wonderful and you are making a difference."
Janet Oberti, First Church of Nashua
"This is an excellent opportunity for personal growth and cultural learning as you share your skills to work with children in Nicaragua."
Jessica Price, First Church of Nashua
"If someone I knew told me they wanted to join Outreach360, I would tell them that it is an opportunity through which they can change, not only their life, but the lives of the children they will be teaching and mentoring, and thereby the community as a whole. I would tell them that they will gain first-hand knowledge of what life in the developing world is. It is an experience I wish I had the been able to participate in when I was of a younger age (high school) and a tremendous loss to anyone who does not take advantage of the chance to participate in an Outreach360 program, if they can."
Jordan Price, First Church of Nashua
"Absolutely do it. Without a doubt one if the best decisions you will ever make, so inspiring and life changing!"
Hannah Shuman , First Church of Nashua
"The whole experience was exceptional: the outreach staff was well organized, enthusiastic, gracious, and appropriately directive, the accommodations surpassed our expectations, the historical/cultural education (nightly by staff along with documentaries and quizzes) was a valuable addition as well as the well conceived field trips (Pe̱a de la Cruz hike, pottery cooperative, coffee plantation, local church service etc.) and time in the community was also important. Our chefs were outstanding, the children amazing. I have already recommended this to others and anticipate returning if possible."
Heather Tallman Ruhm, First Church of Nashua
"It is a wonderful organization. Educating the children for the future. Giving them a chance to make changes in their community. Not taking care of them, but providing them the means to take care of themselves and their community."
D. Patricia Bridgman, Church of the Word
"Highlights included watching the kids faces completely light up when they saw us walk by or show up at camp. I also really just loved how much energy that they had. They were so willing to get up and learn new dances and songs, and just so eager to learn in general. Absolutely, go do it. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and it will most definitely change yours. The kids are wonderful, the Outreach 360 staff and volunteers are amazing, and you will honestly have the time of your life."
Hannah Fakoury, Church of the Word
"While Outreach 360 is not a Christian organization, it offers a wonderful experience for church people who want to honor Christ through service to others. You do not really preach to anyone. But even better, you get to share the love of God through hands on service. I was thoroughly impressed with how well prepared Outreach360 was. Everything works like clockwork... from the terrific meals three times a day, to the work scheduling and down time. Anyone going to an Outreach 360 base has nothing to fear in a foreign country. All the support is in place for a meaningful and positive service experience. Thanks!"
Peter Fakoury, Church of the Word
"Working at the camp and getting to know some of the local kids was absolutely one of my favorite things about my trip. I also liked getting to know the other volunteers at our site."
Dylan Ramirez, Church of the Word
"It is a wonderful program and the experience is great."
Karen Ramirez, Church of the Word