Your Best Preparation

Thank you for your interest in Outreach360 and for your commitment to making a change in the world. Our program is much more than a volunteer trip; it’s about transforming lives, including the lives of the children you will be working with, people who you will involve in your fund-raising and in your own life.

The only way to fully prepare for this experience is to understand the needs that you will be addressing in the communities where we work, to understand the geographical and cultural aspects of where you will be working, and to understand the structure of our program. Each section of our Volunteer Guide provides you with all of the information you need to be fully prepared for this adventure of a lifetime. The responsibility to be fully prepared for this experience is on you, the volunteer. You must read each section of the Volunteer Guide for the country in which you will be volunteering, noting that each guide although similar in structure, is not the same.

Please choose a Volunteer Guide below to prepare for transforming the world and yourself!

Outreach360 Pre-Trip Curriculum:

Outreach360 Volunteer Information Guides: